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What is a Real Estate Buyer's Agent and Should You Use One. If you are in the market to purchase property or a house, then you basically have two options; to go with a listing agent or a buyer’s agent.

What is a Real Estate Buyer's Agent and Should You Use One

You can also do things on your own if you prefer, but the preferred method is to use a real estate buyer’s agent to help you purchase a home. For now, we are looking at the world of real estate agents, specifically buyer’s agents. Technically speaking, both types are labeled as real estate agents, but there are subtle and sometimes not so subtle differences between the two. Most real estate agents are actually listing agents. A listing agent is there to represent the person selling the house. A buyer’s agent, on the other hand, is there to help the person buying the house. However, as with most things the “devil is in the details” which means you should proceed with caution before deciding which agent to do business with. Pros & Cons of Listing and Buyers Agents What if the cheaper house has major structural issues?

What Do Millennials Want in a Home. What Millennial Homebuyers Want in a Home Because technology plays a crucial part in their purchasing process, marketing to and working with millennial homebuyers requires a different approach than the one used with older buyers.

What Do Millennials Want in a Home

Given their limited budgets, flexible work schedules and tech-heavy lifestyles, millennial buyers are looking for homes that offer security, independence and value. Sheriff Sale Auctions: What You Need To Know. Unfortunately, it is not quite that easy as you will be bidding with other interested consumers (and firms) on the foreclosed properties.

Sheriff Sale Auctions: What You Need To Know

You will also need to have a down payment, proof of funds, and be willing to close within a set time period. The specific sheriff sale details are typically handled at the county level so know the required information before bidding. Bathroom Remodeling Tips That Appeal to Home Buyers by Anita Clark Realtor - Anita Clark Realtor - Exposure. As a real estate agent, a key part of being good at your job is knowing what sells.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips That Appeal to Home Buyers by Anita Clark Realtor - Anita Clark Realtor - Exposure

Clients come to you for advice not only on market conditions and comps in the area, but also with questions about home staging, lenders, and even bathroom remodeling tips to name but a few of the topics they want answers to. If they are considering a bathroom renovation, they typically want to know how to get the biggest return on investment when it is time to sell. Which remodels will appeal most to buyers? Winter Decor Changes For Your Home. Whether you’re looking at new houses to buy or you’re getting ready to show your house to sell, investing in some basic improvements can make all the difference.

Winter Decor Changes For Your Home

In fact, during the colder weather, a few winter décor changes to your home can make a huge difference. The aesthetic of your home matters to you and your guests who want to feel welcome, and to potential buyers who want to picture themselves in your space. Making some décor updates to your home’s décor can set the tone you’re looking for and send a welcoming message to all who enter your space. Winter is a great time to make those improvements inside, given the less than favorable weather outside. Here are some of the best winter décor changes you can make to your home this season. Solutions For Small Spaces. Are you looking for solutions for small spaces?

Solutions For Small Spaces

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or simply wanting to make some home improvement upgrades around your existing house, small spaces can be somewhat unattractive to the untrained eye. However, once you learn a few tricks and tips on how to make your small space work for you, you’ll love your tiny space more than you ever imagined possible! Here are a few solutions for small spaces that can enhance your space and save yourself the stress of feeling cluttered. Start with Color. Investing in Energy and Air Quality Upgrades. Improve your Home's Value by Investing in Energy and Air Quality Upgrades Are you planning on listing your home in the near future?

Investing in Energy and Air Quality Upgrades

If so, you’ve probably already given some thought to making home upgrades to boost the value of your property, such as installing new countertops and cabinets in the kitchen, adding fresh landscaping to the front yard, or laying tile throughout the home. However, there are two other projects you should think about tackling before listing: improving your home’s energy-efficiency and indoor air quality. Finding the Right Decorating Style for Your Home. Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting things in the world.

Finding the Right Decorating Style for Your Home

This is a new beginning in your life and a chance to introduce a massive change you’ve always wanted. However, moving into a new home also means taking care of a number of things and having to make tons of major decisions. Finding the right decorating style for your new home is one of these things, and the problem is that not just any style will do. Finding the right home design style can be rather hard, especially if you’re a layperson with no knowledge or previous experience. Of course, you can always hire an interior decorator and let them make all these decisions for you, and that’s an option lots of new homeowners choose. Discover different styles. Top 10 Home Design Styles. The interior design world is ever-changing, but there are a few classic home design styles and elements that never go out of vogue.

Top 10 Home Design Styles

Whether you are remodeling your existing home or buying a new property, having knowledge of design styles and their trending revivals can help you make the most of your space – and your style. Here’s a list of the top home design styles (and what makes them unique!) To look for when buying your next home. Contemporary: Minimalist With Natural Light These homes, often with asymmetrical exteriors, are usually made of mixed, natural materials.

Minimalist in style, many Contemporary homes have larger panels of glass windows (some even offer spectacular views), which allows for great natural light and energy efficiency. Minimalist style with ample natural light – along with interior plants and greenery – is trending and easy to achieve in your home. Modern: The Color Pop Modern style shares many qualities with its close sister, Contemporary design. 7 Best Loan Options for Your Home Improvement Projects. How To Create The Perfect Backyard Oasis. Warning Signs When Buying A Home. What You Need to Know About Termites and Selling Your Home. We may not think of them the same way that we do about floods, tornados, or earthquakes, but termites are a natural disaster.

What You Need to Know About Termites and Selling Your Home

At $30 billion in annual property damage, they are third only to hurricanes and cyclones in the money they cost homeowners. More than 600,000 American homes are damaged each year by termites, costing those homeowners—on average—$3,000 in repair and treatment costs. For these reasons, termites are an important factor in the U.S. real estate market. Many states, lenders, and mortgage companies require sellers to disclose known termite issues, and experienced Realtors will always recommend that the buyer pays for a professional termite inspection. Termites can cause a sale to fall through or change the value of the home. Key Things Every Living Room Should Have. Key Decor Items Every Home Needs Propy Blog %

Sure, you probably know the basics that make every room in a home complete. Essential Mudroom Tips You Need To Know. The Internet of Things is Changing the Way We Use Our Homes. ...Things, devices, and computers are also able to access and send information over the internet. Industries across the board have to re-evaluate their strategies due to this new technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) has also caused many new inventions to be birthed. These inventions are changing the way we live in our homes and it’s only the start. Let’s look at some interesting stats and figures that details the rise of the IoT and smart homes. What is the Internet of Things? IoT is a vast network that stretches wherever the internet reaches. Anitaclarkrealtor.exposure. Tips for Finding an Energy Efficient Home – Palinterest. It is surprisingly simple to find energy efficient homes these days as many homeowners are adding green energy to their homes for both efficiency and aesthetics.

Whether you show up in person or start your search online (most consumers start this way), finding a home that contains green technologies is a smart move. Not only will it be more energy efficient, but it could also sell for a higher price when the time comes to put it on the market. Home Loan Advice For Young Couples. Tips to Create the Perfect Playroom. Living Room Decorating Tips. Home Office Decorating Ideas. How to Become a Homeowner: First Time Home Buyer Guide. 11 Reasons to Invest in a Tiny Beach House. Whether you’re in the market for a weekend beach house or somewhere to live full time, you’ve likely come across a number of tiny houses during your search. They’re the hottest trend in the housing market these days and are far roomier than you would think.

In fact, you might say that they’re the modern day beach bungalow. Here’s 11 reasons why investing in a tiny beach house is a great idea. 1. Tips for Purchasing a Home in a Gated Community. 10 Tips When Looking To Purchase A Home In The Fall. Failed Home Inspection! What's A Home Buyer To Do? Buyer's Agent Advice. You have spent months searching for the perfect home…. that cute house with the perfect yard…. now its time for the home inspection. Hopes were high, but you end up with a failed home inspection. Well not really, home inspections are not pass or fail. But, in your eyes that perfect home has failed the inspection. A home inspection is a visual inspection of a homes systems, including electrical, plumbing, heating, etc…., along with soundness of the structure and the safety of the home for it’s occupants.

The inspection gives you an overview of the condition of the property while pointing out items that may need immediate repair or repair in the very short terms as well a some long term maintenance. Why hiring a licensed, bonded and insured contractor is important. Need a new roof, a plumber in a hurry or that peeling exterior paint needs to be repainted? Many a homeowner will ask friends for a referral or be wooed by a "special discount" mailer and hire a contractor willy-nilly without ever checking them out fully. '"Joyce next door just loved Bob the Builder. That's good enough for me and my home! " Or you get 3 quotes for those crawl space repairs. Two of them are $4,000 but the 3rd one is only $2,500. Besides obviously that big fat dollar number on the quote (you did get a quote didn't you?) Sure, Bob the Builder seems like a nice guy and even has his own TV series...but is he licensed, bonded and insured?

What does licensed bonded and insured mean, and why are they important? In this case, we will be focusing on contractors and service providers that you might end up hiring during your course of owning your home. Let's start with the licensing requirements. Without a license, the company cannot legally perform the work. Get Your Home Ready for Sale - Fall Gardening Tips. The Home I’m Buying Didn’t Appraise, Now What? What Is An Escrow Holdback When Buying Or Selling A Home. Should I Use A Realtor To Buy A House? Home Buying Tips - Bill Gassett. Why Does This House Have So Many Days on Market? Ultimate She Shed Guide. As a woman, the stress and frustration from work and family life can occasionally be quite overwhelming.

Sometimes you just want to escape and have some alone time where you can relax. This kind of escape can be almost impossible at home, especially with the kids and the husband needing your undivided attention. What Are The Benefits of a VA Loan. Green Energy Technologies Guide for Smarties Part 4. Choosing The Right Type Of Fence For Your Home. Home Buying Tips For Single Parents. Green Power Energy Guide for Smarties Part 3 - Contribute Much to Homeowners. What Are The PROs And CONs Of Multifamily Homes? Green-Energy Guide for Smarties - Part 2 - Tools that are not expensive. How to Win a Bidding War When Buying a House. What to Know About Homeowners Associations (HOA) □ Green Energy Guide for Smart Homeowners in Phoenix AZ ― Part 1. Owning A Vacation Home by Anita Clark Realtor - Anita Clark Realtor - Exposure. Summer Cleaning Tips and Advice. Real Estate Contingencies Explained - Most Common Contingencies. How to Decide If a Condo Is Right for You. Research How to Find Down Payment Assistance Programs - JD PDX Real Estate.

Learn How to Find the Best Investment Property in 5 Steps. How Can Buying a Vacation Home be a Great Investment. Tips For Hiring The Best Contractor For Your Home Projects. Get Pre-approved Early- Save Time Money and Aggravation- Tewksbury REALTOR. What Home Buyers Need To Know About Listing Photos. Thinking On Buying A Home After Foreclosure? Here's What To Do - Ask A Walker - Helping Homeowners in Northern Virginia. Tips to Accessorize Your Outdoor Space. July Gardening Checklist. 5 Ways to Save Money for a Downpayment on a Home. Complete Guide To Buying A Vacation Home. □ Millennial Homebuyer Homebuyer Wish-List: Top 5 Wants for Millennials.

13 Tips to Negotiating Home Inspection Repairs. How to Save for a Down Payment on a Home. In-Law Suite- What You Need to Know Tewksbury MA REALTOR® Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home? Increase Home Value with Solar Energy. 8 Essential Tips to Update Your Kitchen.