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Real Estate Investment for Dummies and Pro

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Frank Wallem shares professional tips, relevant industry news, reliable references, expert opinions about real estate - investment, development, acquisition and marketing.

Preparations that you need to consider when selling your house - Frank Wallem. No matter how many times you’ve sold a house, there are things you need to think about before listing your home for sale.

Preparations that you need to consider when selling your house - Frank Wallem

Many first time sellers might think that it’s just a literal buy-and-sell process when in fact, even just the preparation takes a lot more than that. A realtor who would say that selling houses is a fun-filled job is actually not being honest. Selling houses is a tiresome and demanding undertaking. These sentiment can, however, be minimized with proper preparations and a well-constructed process. Energy Efficient Mortgage Homeowner Guide. THE ENERGY EFFICIENT MORTGAGE means comfort and savings.

Energy Efficient Mortgage Homeowner Guide

When you are buying, selling, refinancing, or remodeling your home, you can increase your comfort and actually save money by using the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). It is easy to use, federally recognized, and can be applied to most home mortgages. EEMs provide the borrower with special benefits when purchasing a home that is energy efficient, or can be made efficient through the installation of energy-saving improvements. Homeowners with lower utility bills have more money in their pocket each month. They can afford to allocate a larger portion of their income to housing expenses. On finding your dream house. House hunting is a very exciting endeavor, especially if you are a first-timer.

On finding your dream house

Of course, you have your own ideal house in mind and because it is your first time to buy your own property and you have the resources, you are obviously ready to search everywhere just to find your dream home. This may hurt you, but buying a house is not another fairy tale story. It has its own complexities, and it does not mean that having enough money or resources is enough to purchase the property you’ve been eyeing for so long.

There are various details to look into, and certain trends to study, before purchasing a property. You need to be more practical than ideal. New-build Homes Why Go For It. Smart Cities for Sustainable Development and Real Estate Strength. Opinion and analysis by Frank Wallem Globalization and the continuous pursuit for higher development and the maximization of human knowledge, material resources, as well as social and economic excellence have been inducing a dynamic state of growth in many societies.

Smart Cities for Sustainable Development and Real Estate Strength

Today, advanced societies provide myriad opportunities for personal and larger development, life conveniences, technological advantages, and efficiently integrated communication. We are living in an era where three major factors are becoming major necessities to equip us in conforming to dynamism. These three major factors are information, communication, and technology. Europe’s Real Estate Market. The Eurozone financial crisis has been adversely affecting economies in the European region, including the commercial property business in the area.

Europe’s Real Estate Market

In 2012, a report from the PropertyWire Web site stated that the status of European commercial real estate was barely improving and according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors or the RICS, majority of European markets involved in the real property business have recorded “falling activity” and less investments in the said period. However, the RICS also reported that a slight improvement was found during the last quarter of the year.

It was reported that much of the decline in the real estate market could be attributed to the sovereign debt crisis in the region. How has the real estate industry been coping with the crisis since then? What You Should Know about Successful Real Estate Investments. Perhaps, the umbrella advice that would help real estate investors become successful businessmen is this mantra by Scott McGillivray that goes “Real estate investing is get rich slow, not get rich quick”.

What You Should Know about Successful Real Estate Investments

Delving into real estate investment with this mantra as your principle has implications both on the type of business model that you want to adopt and your work ethics as an investor. Knowing this, attaining success in real estate investment becomes a steady challenge. Working on your ethics Successful real estate investors share a common characteristic: they are good, thorough planners. They carefully craft plans and have a knack in intelligent speculation, focusing on the bigger picture. Developing a wide social network is also important if you want to be successful in this business not only in the immediate future but also beyond that, too. Understanding your business model Knowing your market. Reviewing your tax. Assessing profitability. Considering added value. Flip a house and get rich - the basics. By Frank Wallem Renovating run-down properties and turning them into quite a surprising marvel through your own efforts has been the ‘in’ thing for some time now to those who love to make investments and income out of properties.

Flip a house and get rich - the basics

This is the so-called ‘house flipping’ – the process of buying abandoned properties such as houses at a huge discount, then rehabilitating it for reselling. The Profit-Making House Flipping Business from house-flipping has been making a lot of profit today. According to the data released by RealtyTrac, in the first three months of this year, home flippers gathered a 30% gross return on their investment. Bolder and Smarter: New Selling Strategies for European Property Investors. By Frank Wallem The real estate investors’ response to the ongoing European financial crisis is also evolving, as they accommodate the changing economic environment in the region.

Bolder and Smarter: New Selling Strategies for European Property Investors

They are coming up with new strategies that will help them reinvigorate the real estate business. These strategies tackle the possible economic limitations in the real estate market, but also demonstrate the clear signs of recovery in Europe’s economy by being able to take on the risks and challenges in the business. 5 Strategies for Pricing a Home to Sell. Once you know your home’s value and have a price range in mind, it’s time nail down the final “list” price.

5 Strategies for Pricing a Home to Sell

Here are five pricing strategies for sellers. Is a $499 iPad a bargain compared to one that costs $500? Not exactly. But retailers have long priced products just below a round number because, psychologically, $499 feels more like a deal than $500, even if the difference is only $1. “No Money Down” Investment Options for Budding Property Investors - Frank Wallem. If you are a budding real estate investor just getting started in the business and needs to build confidence and knowledge before fully pushing through with the business, there are a number of ways by which you can start investing while minimizing the risk of financial loss.

“No Money Down” Investment Options for Budding Property Investors - Frank Wallem

There are investment strategies do not require downpayments, thanks to the abundance of motivated sellers in the business.