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Medicinal herbs and plants

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Antiviral Herbs. By Gabe Garms Are you familiar with any antiviral herbs?

Antiviral Herbs

You’ve probably heard the terms antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial before and may be confused as to what each really means. Both viruses and bacteria are microbes so the term antimicrobial means both antiviral and antibacterial. The difference between a bacteria and a virus is that a bacteria can live on its own while a virus requires a host, typically a human cell. While bacteria can be destroyed without doing damage to cells, viruses are a bit trickier since destroying the host isn't usually ideal. 17 REMARKABLE BENEFITS OF YERBA BUENA. Yerba Buena The term Yerba buena might sound strange to you but the good things you stand to gain from it are just phenomenal.


It might interest you to know that yerba buena is a herb that has offered and continues to offer remarkable promising supports to humanity. Foraging Western Red Cedar, and Its Benefits & Uses — Home Healing Harvest Homestead. I have so grown to love walking in the forests of Northern Idaho.

Foraging Western Red Cedar, and Its Benefits & Uses — Home Healing Harvest Homestead

We moved here quite recently, and I am in awe of all of the species of plants here to forage. Yerba buena (Mentha arvensis) Herbal Medicine, Health Benefits, Side effects, Warning. Yerba buena is largely used in traditional herbal medicine for various conditions.

Yerba buena (Mentha arvensis) Herbal Medicine, Health Benefits, Side effects, Warning

Yerba buena is also known for its medicinal properties. Yerba buena is used as herbal medicine for the treatment of many ailments which has been traditionally used since ancient times. Studies have shown that Yerba buena contains pulegone, menthol, menthene, menthenone and limonene. Common Health benefits from Yerba buena are as follows: Digestive disorder. DIY: How to Make Your Own Tinctures from Herbs at Home. Many people who take an active role in their own health and well being also tend towards naturally-sourced nutritional supplements and remedies for minor ailments, such as taking a cup of chamomile tea to alleviate insomnia, or a peppermint infusion to soothe an upset stomach.

DIY: How to Make Your Own Tinctures from Herbs at Home

In addition to serving as drinkable herbal delights, tinctures can be effective remedies for a variety of health issues, from anemia to PMS, and can also boost your immune system. Many herbs and flowers are now ready to be harvested, so read on to learn more about medicinal tinctures, and how you can make your own at home. What is a Tincture? A tincture is a type of herbal preparation in which the alkaloids, glycosides, minerals, and essential oils of a plant are extracted into a solvent.


Lavender. Shiso. Oregano: Health benefits, uses, and side effects. 4 Reasons To Go & Find Purple Dead-Nettle. 13 Impressive Benefits of Mint. Mint: Medicinal Uses. Mints are so well known that they hardly require description.

Mint: Medicinal Uses

We encounter their essential oils daily as flavoring for everything from toothpaste and chewing gums to alcoholic beverages and herbal teas. In minute, nearly undetectable quantities, they also enhance the flavor of many packaged foods. Old Ways Herbal, Juliette Abigail Carr. This article is part of the series “Basic Recipes for Kitchen Witches,” which is in response to students’ requests for me to post recipes online.

Old Ways Herbal, Juliette Abigail Carr

The goal of these articles is to give you the how-to-ness, the essential mechanics of creation, as a basis for your own future creativity. You can let your little light shine all on your own from there. First, Some Basics Marc: solid matter in a tincture; the plants. Allergy Sufferers Get Ahead with Purple Dead-nettle. Lamium purpureum © 2016 Thea Summer Deer It is Spring and a carpet of Purple Dead-Nettle is covering my garden.

Allergy Sufferers Get Ahead with Purple Dead-nettle

Even though I had put the vegetable garden to bed, tucking it in with straw, this “weed” decidedly took over. These Dead heads not only look like a weed, they smell like one too! Unlike the followers of a particular psychedelic rock band there is nothing distinctive about this plant that would indicate it might be edible, useful or medicinal. While I was never a Dead Head I do march to the beat of a slightly different drummer, and just because I harvest, juice and infuse what most people think of as useless weeds it doesn’t mean I’m tripping or that I smell bad, but it does mean that I’m ahead of allergy season. Introduced from Europe and listed as an invasive species in some parts of North America it can frequently be found growing alongside Henbit Dead-nettle, Lamium amplexicaule. Never before has one weed so thoroughly taken over my garden. 10 California Poppy Health Benefits -

Do you have anxiety?

10 California Poppy Health Benefits -

There’s a pharmaceutical drug for that. Are you depressed? Go visit your doctor for the latest prescription. DIY California Poppy Tincture. Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. Creasy greens Creasy greens (Barbarea verna, Brassicaceae), also known as wintercress, is a common weed in the Southeast and the pacific Northwest.

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

Its close relative, Barbarea vulgaris, has a more widespread distribution, occurring throughout most of temperate North America. Here in the southern Appalachians, they grow side by side and I seriously doubt that many people pay attention to which species they are picking for food. Foraging for Purple Dead Nettle. I can almost guarantee that you’ve seen purple dead nettle growing at one time or another. Food as medicine. Homemade Antifungal Powder for Stinky Feet + Toenail Fungus - Dr. Axe. Fungus on your feet, between the toes and in the toenails isn’t fun to deal with, plus it makes for stinky feet! Usually the first response to grab some cheap over-the-counter treatment but these are full of chemicals and are often ineffective. Fortunately, this homemade antifungal powder can work as a stinky feet, athlete’s foot and toenail fungus treatment. Also, if you often have cold feet or your feet get uncomfortable from dampness when out on a hike or doing anything outdoors, this antifungal powder may do the trick.

Making this antifungal powder only take a few minutes. I will walk through the steps to make it right at home. First, let’s get together the ingredients for a small batch which will provide several applications for you. You will need: In a small bowl, let’s combine the bentonite clay and cayenne powder. Cayenne powder is beneficial due to its warming properties providing the sensation of heat. Do-It-Yourself Hydrosols - Making and Using Flower Waters for Community Health and Self-Care. Herbal Hydrosols (aka Flower Water) The process of distilling volatile oils out of herbs and flower in order to make essential oils creates hydrosols, or flower water.

The Friday Tipple: Calendula Cure-All. Healing ‘Boo-Boo’ Salve, a.k.a Homemade Natural Neosporin. Healing with Calendula.