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THSearch: Thai-enable herbal search engine Herbal information is a special type of information dealing with medicinal herbs. Several problems may be occurred when we use general-purpose search engines as a tool for finding herbal information on Internet. Firstly, they often give too many results and some results unrelated to the query. Secondly, several documents should be retrieved but not retrieve them due to limitation of technical terms especially those Web documents were written in Thai.

Herbal Formulas - The history of the relationship between products from living plants and healing medications goes back to the very beginnings of medicine itself, from 3700 B.C. Egypt , followed by the Chinese and later the Greeks and Romans. Evidence from some of the earliest sources--the Atharvaveda from India (written in about 1200 BC ), the Petrie collection from Kahun in Egypt (from about 1880 BC ), and the Avesta from Persia (compiled in about the 6th century AD )--shows that early medicine was based mainly on religion and magic but also included a growing use of herbs and mineral products. Chinese medicine has also continued many traditional practices. Indian medical systems, among them the ancient science of Ayurveda, have always been aware of the medicinal value of plants. Folk healers are unlicensed but not necessarily untrained. Herbal medicines were used with magical practices, sometimes alone.

Resources: Herbs | General Herb Information Bouquet Garni Herbs and Herbalism Informative site on herbs and herbalism in South Africa, covering both medicinal and culinary uses. eFeatherstone Guidelines to pain relief using alternative remedies for skin disorders including eczema, arthritis. Drug free therapy with herbs and emu oil. The Herb Index An online guide for herbs and supplements, includes scientific names and contra-indications. Herb Net Collection of resources for herbalists, including a calendar of events. The Herb Network A membership organization founded in 1995 by Kathleen O'Mara for people interested in herbs. Herbal Hall Home of The Professional Herbalists Discussion List and Online Herbal Library. Herbal Musings Site includes herbal news, a library of herbal articles and a bookstore. The Herbal Nexus Herbs, their uses, folklore, some medical info, photos, and a bookstore. Herbal Pills Directory of a few popular herbal remedies. HerbCraft Herbal Network Links to information, growers and suppliers.

Disease Database - Think about it. Your health is the most important asset you have right now. Without it, you could not take care of your family, work, or educate your children . The body is constantly under attack: from contaminated food, air and water; stress ; UV rays; free radicals; parasites and millions of hostile bacteria. Every person in the world wishes to be perfectly healthy, but ailments cannot be avoided in life. At, we want you to be aware and knowledgeable so you can prevent the disease before it starts or treat it in the early stages with natural remmedies. You can either start browsing the database with the directory below or you can use our powerful search engine to find the exact information you are looking for. NOTE: You should not substitute herbs for any prescribed medications you are taking under a physician's care. Please use the directory below or on the left-side navigation bar to browse the 300+ diseases and ailments we have listed!

encyclopedia of spices Spice Advice – how to make the most of spices, which spices to use with particular foods, when to add them, grinding, storage and more. Herbs and Spices Fight Disease — Most of us look at spices as a way to perk up the plate but are you aware of their potential to fight disease? Look here for some recent findings. All about Vanilla – and then some… history, curing, varieties, vanilla extract, essence, powder – even vanilla salt. How to cook with vanilla. including top 10 vanilla recipes! Cooking with Thyme – Getting the most of thyme in your cooking – including varieties of thyme, preparation, infusions, fresh vs. dried and many suggested uses for cooking with thyme.

Herbal & Medicinal Resources - In this section you will find various resources to be come familiar with herbs and alternative medicine in general. Herbalism has its own language and culture. Many new ways of preparing herbs are being released everyday. We have complied for you all the ways herbs are preapred for medicinal properties with the RDA recommended dosages so you can perfect your own herbal formulas. Also, we have complied a list of the best news sources online on herbalism. Don't know what a certain term means... then feel free to check our botanical and medical glossaries. You can either start browsing the resources with the links below or you can use our powerful search engine to find the exact information you are looking for. NOTE: You should not substitute herbs for any prescribed medications you are taking under a physician's care. Preparation of Herbs For Medicinal UsesHerbal and Alternative Medicine NewsRDA Recommended Nutrients and Dosages Botanical Terms Glossary Medical Terms Glossary

Tibetan Medicinal Herbs Overview overview directory web resources books Tibetan medicine is celebrated as a source of sustainable and affordable healing preparations that are effective without lasting negative side effects. Along with the need to provide training for a new generation of physicians and herbal pharmacists, and to translate the Tibetan medical so that students can begin their training without first having to learn to read Classical Tibetan, the main obstacle to wider use of Tibetan medicine is the limited supply of many herbs used in compounding the medications, some of which are already endangered by excessive non-professional harvesting. His Holiness The Dalai Lama has warned that the health of the billions of people in the world cannot be sustained by medicines made with rare and endangered Himalayan plants. Three different approaches to this scarcity of medicines are being explored. The third is to evaluate the medicinal qualities of plants in other areas. top of page

Chinese Tonic Herbs (NaturalNews) Many of us are somewhat familiar with Chinese pathological and systematic healing herbal formulas such as "Yin Qiao" for flu and colds. These are tremendous healing formulas and they hold within them centuries of knowledge of the thousands of herbs, the 5 elements, and the 12 meridians of the body. These types of formulas, in a nutshell are the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Herbal Doctor's tools for healing illness. There are over 8,000 logged and fully understood (In their energy factors) herbs used in thousands of formulas and their is also the fact that many formulas are created on the spot after a diagnoses of the patient. However there is also a small grouping of herbs called The Superior Herbs. The Superior Class of herbs are called 'The Rulers'. Remember these symptoms just mentioned are commonly treated by doctors with the most deadly of all pharmaceuticals. Jing "The Superior Treasure" existed before the body existed. Chi Shen

Healing herbs reference database Spices Help to Boost Metabolism Spices have shown antioxidant properties in vitro, and they have high hydrophilic oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) values, a rating of antioxidant activity. Sheila West, from Penn State University (Pennsylvania, USA), and colleagues enrolled six healthy but overweight men (body mass index 25 to 27 kg/m2), ages 30 to 65 years, in a crossover trial. First the men ate a control meal consisting of coconut chicken, a white rice dish, cheese bread, and a dessert biscuit. After at least a week, the men ate a second, spicy meal, in which the chicken was transformed into chicken curry via 14 grams of a high-antioxidant spice blend including turmeric, cinnamon, rosemary, oregano, garlic powder, and paprika, with a side of Italian herb bread and a cinnamon biscuit. Ann C. Skulas-Ray, Penny M. Health Headlines MORE » Thylakoids may help to decrease feelings of hunger. Engineering of HIV patients’ T cells may lead to functional curative HIV/AIDS therapies.