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THSearch: Thai-enable herbal search engine Herbal information is a special type of information dealing with medicinal herbs. Several problems may be occurred when we use general-purpose search engines as a tool for finding herbal information on Internet. Firstly, they often give too many results and some results unrelated to the query. Secondly, several documents should be retrieved but not retrieve them due to limitation of technical terms especially those Web documents were written in Thai.

Herbal Formulas - The history of the relationship between products from living plants and healing medications goes back to the very beginnings of medicine itself, from 3700 B.C. Egypt , followed by the Chinese and later the Greeks and Romans. Evidence from some of the earliest sources--the Atharvaveda from India (written in about 1200 BC ), the Petrie collection from Kahun in Egypt (from about 1880 BC ), and the Avesta from Persia (compiled in about the 6th century AD )--shows that early medicine was based mainly on religion and magic but also included a growing use of herbs and mineral products. Chinese medicine has also continued many traditional practices. Indian medical systems, among them the ancient science of Ayurveda, have always been aware of the medicinal value of plants. Folk healers are unlicensed but not necessarily untrained. Herbal medicines were used with magical practices, sometimes alone.

Herbal Remedies | Natural Healing Herbs Featured Buzz | Be Well Buzz Natural Health Herbal Medicine Spirit Healing Susun Weed Complementary Integrative Health Resources for Women & Men Resources: Herbs | General Herb Information Bouquet Garni Herbs and Herbalism Informative site on herbs and herbalism in South Africa, covering both medicinal and culinary uses. eFeatherstone Guidelines to pain relief using alternative remedies for skin disorders including eczema, arthritis. Drug free therapy with herbs and emu oil. The Herb Index An online guide for herbs and supplements, includes scientific names and contra-indications. Herb Net Collection of resources for herbalists, including a calendar of events. The Herb Network A membership organization founded in 1995 by Kathleen O'Mara for people interested in herbs. Herbal Hall Home of The Professional Herbalists Discussion List and Online Herbal Library. Herbal Musings Site includes herbal news, a library of herbal articles and a bookstore. The Herbal Nexus Herbs, their uses, folklore, some medical info, photos, and a bookstore. Herbal Pills Directory of a few popular herbal remedies. HerbCraft Herbal Network Links to information, growers and suppliers.

Disease Database - Think about it. Your health is the most important asset you have right now. Without it, you could not take care of your family, work, or educate your children . The body is constantly under attack: from contaminated food, air and water; stress ; UV rays; free radicals; parasites and millions of hostile bacteria. Every person in the world wishes to be perfectly healthy, but ailments cannot be avoided in life. At, we want you to be aware and knowledgeable so you can prevent the disease before it starts or treat it in the early stages with natural remmedies. You can either start browsing the database with the directory below or you can use our powerful search engine to find the exact information you are looking for. NOTE: You should not substitute herbs for any prescribed medications you are taking under a physician's care. Please use the directory below or on the left-side navigation bar to browse the 300+ diseases and ailments we have listed!

Marijuana | Health Benefits of Marijuana | Marijuana Plant Marijuana is one of the most controversial plants, marijuana has properties, which can be applied in medical purposes, but at the same time it is a plant that is appreciated because of its narcotic, sedative and euphoric properties as well. Description of Marijuana plant Believed to have originated in the area of the Himalayan mountains, cannabis has spread throughout all of India, China, Northern Africa, after which it reached Europe and North America, where it was extensively grown during the second world war. Marijuana (pronounced "marihuana") is the Spanish name of the dried leaves and flowering of the neck weed (Cannabis sativa). Properties and benefits of Marijuana Cannabis contains a number of elements generically named, cannabinoids. The main properties of marijuana studied in medicine are: analgesic and sedative (a reason why it was used during surgeries), anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive and laxative. Treatments Warning

Homeopathic Healing Sylvia Chatroux, a medical doctor in Ashland, Oregon, recently treated a patient complaining of a high fever, chills, nausea and diarrhea. Most conventional doctors would have prescribed pharmaceutical drugs to lower the fever and stop the diarrhea and nausea. But Chatroux gave her patient homeopathic arsenicum, a specially prepared and highly diluted form of arsenic. The patient quickly recovered. In its pure form, arsenic is a poison that, in healthy individuals, causes symptoms similar to the distress Chatroux’s patient was experiencing. How Homeopathy Works Unlike allopathic medicine, which focuses on controlling the symptoms of a disease, homeopathy views symptoms as the body’s attempt to restore balance. “Homeopathic medicines work with, rather than against, a person’s natural defenses,” says Dana Ullman, author of The Consumer’s Guide to Homeopathy (Tarcher/Putnam, 1996). This basic principle of homeopathy, the Law of Similars, refers to his observation that “like cures like.”

Healing Benefits of Plums Healing Benefits of Plums image © nata_vkusidey – Plums are stone-fruits, meaning their flesh is formed around a stone-like pit. #1: Rich in anti-oxidants Our body is constantly bombarded by free radicals and impurities from food and the environment that destroy our organ system’s natural equilibrium. #2: Targets the endocrine and gastrointestinal systems In a study published in 2013, plums were revealed to have significant amounts of sorbitol, quinic acid, chlorgenic acids, vitamin K, boron, copper, and potassium. #3: Reduces risk for cardiovascular disease In a clinical study done in 2010, the intake of prune juice was able to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure. #4: Improvement of brain health Research in 2009 and 2015 studied the benefits of plum juice in improving cognitive deficits. #5: Anti-microbial effects #6: Fights auto-immune disease Linked to the potent anti-microbial ability of plums is its ability to prevent autoimmune disease. References