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Play the Rings of a Tree Trunk Like a Record

Play the Rings of a Tree Trunk Like a Record

Keinemusik The Radioactive Orchestra What is the Radioactive Orchestra? The Radioactive Orchestra is a “scientific musical translator” based on our current knowledge of the structure of atomic nuclei in nuclear physics. Using the Radioactive Orchestra, you can make melodies that are based on the nuclear energy levels and gamma radiation observed in experiments at accelerator laboratories around the world. Detailed information from thousands of different nuclei across the “chart of the nuclides” is available in the Radioactive Orchestra database. Some of this radiation is found due to natural radioactivity, which is present in the environment and in our bodies. But most of it can only be found in the extreme environments created artificially in nuclear reaction experiments or nuclear reactors, in the interior of stars, or in other violent astrophysical processes like supernova explosions. Why did we create the Radioactive Orchestra? Our goal is to inspire. How does it work? Credits TRO is based on an idea by Prof. Get in touch

Audiotool Scratching - DJ Techniques Thanks for your help :D Baby Edit The cut scratch is also known as a release, chop or stab (sometimes even 'sampling' when done at a basic level), and involves both hands. The record is released (the scratching hand lets the motor take control) whilst the fader is open to let the sound out the speakers, and then the fader is closed whilst the record is rewound back to the start of the sample. If this scratch is to be performed fast rhythmically, the scratching hand must gently push the sound forward to let it catch up to speed quickly (especially true with very slippy slipmats). Tear A tear is a more complex version of the baby scratch; the fader is always open but the record movement is altered so that on either the forwards or backwards movement has a short stop in it where the record comes to rest very briefly. Chirp A chirp is a fast scratch that if done right and fast enough can sound like a bird chirping. Uzi Transform Flare Twiddle Crab Eight-finger crab Tweak Laser Phaser Hydroplane Others

SimplyNoise - The Best Free White Noise Generator on the Internet. Create Music Beats - The online music factory - Jam, remix, chor JamStudio for 2021! Download the Windows App or Mac App to keep using JamStudio! DO IT NOW! This app will work after Flash is removed from browsers in 2021! Windows AppMac App Thanks for using JamStudio. After downloading the app, copy it to your desktop and run it. The online music factory - Jam, remix, arrange chords and loops - Free online band, free online mixer, desktop arranger, music arranger, music arrangement, music creator, online producing, band arrangement, garage band composer, sony acid...

Susan Lawly latest news! Any comments or suggestions regarding any aspect of the Susan Lawly webpages are very welcome. Please visit for all the latest Cut Hands news updates. Also check out the new official Susan Lawly forum where you can read and contribute to the very latest updates, news, and chat! UPDATES diary / pricelist NEWS UPDATESPlease visit for all the latest Cut Hands news updates. CUT HANDS : BLACK MAMBA 12" ON BLACKEST EVER BLACKImmninent release of Black Mamba, the title track from the forthcoming new Cut Hands album, on Blackest Ever Black. CUT HANDS AFRO NOISE I JAPANESE EPWe have acquired a few extra copies of the special Japanese import Afro Noise I EP, includes 3 tracks not included on Afro Noise I CD album. pricelist CUT HANDS SECOND ALBUMThe second Cut Hands album Black Mamba has been provisionally scheduled for release this September. SPIN MAGAZINEWilliam Bennett is featured in an article in the forthcoming issue of Spin magazine. UPDATES diary

crazy spacemen music for flying past the stars Buy the Hype: Why Electronic Dance Music Really Could Be the New Rock - Jonathan Bogart The emergence of EDM—the youth-music movement of the moment—resembles the arrivals of jazz, rock, and hip-hop in a few key ways, from its backlash to its lineage to its mass appeal. Deadmau5 performs in Ottawa in February. (Reuters) "Excuse me," said the teenage girl approaching the circulation desk at the public library. Normally that would have been my cue to go to the catalog and show her how to look it up herself, but as an occasional music writer, I happened to know the answer off the top of my head. "We don't have Skrillex. "Okay, how about Dead Mouse?" There I did have to check the catalog; we had had some Deadmau5 albums in, but they were all checked out. "No, that's OK." That was almost two years ago. EDM could be thumbnailed as being to hip-hop what rock was to jazz: not a total overthrow, but a paring down of ideas that had been present from the beginning. Like anything new or perceived to be new in popular music, the rhetoric around EDM has quickly gotten overheated. Exactly.