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Significant Earthquakes Database

Removing An Axis Or Both Axes From A Matplotlib Plot. Sometimes, the frame around a matplotlib plot can detract from the information you are trying to convey.

Removing An Axis Or Both Axes From A Matplotlib Plot

How do you remove the frame, ticks, or axes from a matplotlib plot? Matplotlib plot without a y axis The full example is available on github. First, we construct a figure and an axes object: The Axes object is a container that holds the axes, the ticks, the labels, the plot, the legend, etc. What is the python3 equivalent of "python -m SimpleHTTPServer"

Debugging Python Code on the Raspberry Pi with Wing IDE - Wingware Python IDE. May 06, 2015 Wing IDE is an integrated development environment that can be used to develop and debug Python code running on the Raspberry Pi.

Debugging Python Code on the Raspberry Pi with Wing IDE - Wingware Python IDE

Wing provides auto-completion, call tips, a powerful debugger, and many other features that help you write, navigate, and understand Python code. Introduction The Raspberry Pi is not really capable of running Wing IDE itself, but you can set up Wing IDE on a computer connected to the Raspberry Pi to work on and debug Python code remotely. To do this, you will first need (1) a network connection between the Raspberry Pi and the computer where Wing IDE will be running, and (2) a way to share files between the two computers. The easiest way to connect the Raspberry Pi to your network is with ethernet, or see the instructions at the end of Using Wing IDE with Raspberry Pi for configuring a wifi connection. For file sharing, use Samba, or simply transfer a copy of your files to the Raspberry Pi using scp or rsync. Installing and Configuring the Debugger. Pythonic Perambulations.

HowTo/Sorting. Original version by Andrew Dalke with a major update by Raymond Hettinger Python lists have a built-in sort() method that modifies the list in-place and a sorted() built-in function that builds a new sorted list from an iterable.


There are many ways to use them to sort data and there doesn't appear to be a single, central place in the various manuals describing them, so I'll do so here. Sorting Basics A simple ascending sort is very easy -- just call the sorted() function. Array computing and curve plotting. Visualizing a function f(x) is done by drawing the curve y=f(x) in an xy coordinate system.

Array computing and curve plotting

When we use a computer to do this task, we say that we plot the curve. Technically, we plot a curve by drawing straight lines between n points on the curve. Real-World Signals and Systems Case: Analog Filter Design with a Twist. You’re given the task of designing an analog (continuous-time) filter to meet the amplitude response specifications shown.

Real-World Signals and Systems Case: Analog Filter Design with a Twist

You also need to find the filter step response, determine the value of the peak overshoot, and time where the peak overshoot occurs. The objective of the filter design is for the frequency response magnitude in dB (20log10|H(f)|) to pass through the unshaded region of the figure as frequency increases. The design requirements reduce to the passband and stopband critical frequencies fp and fs Hz and the passband and stopband attenuation levels Ap and As dB.

Additionally, the response characteristic is to be Butterworth, which means that the filter magnitude response and system function take this form: Here, N is the filter order, fc is the passband 3 dB cutoff frequency of the filter, and the poles, located on a semicircle is the left-half s-plane, are given by. December 2014. Python talk. Folien. Programmieren I 2015 - Python 3. Die Vorlesung findet jeden Mittwoch um 10:00 bis 11:30 Uhr im Raum 2-109 Bitte bringen Sie Ihr Notebook oder Tablet (falls vorhanden) mit in die Vorlesung.

Programmieren I 2015 - Python 3

Die Übungen finden in den Computerräumen des Rechenzentrums statt. Natürlich können Sie auch gerne ihr eigenes Notebook verwenden. Für die Übungen verwenden wir in den ersten Wochen nur den Browser (Chrome, FireFox, IE11 oder Edge). Danach steigen wir auf die PyCharm Educational Entwicklungsumgebung um. Vorlesungen Liste der einzelnen Vorlesungen, die bereits existieren. Vorlesung Kapitel 20 Einführung in NumPy und Matplotlib - Programmieren 1 - WS15/16. Python. Numerisches Python: Matrix-Arithmetik in NumPy. Im vorigen Kapitel unserer Einführung in NumPy zeigten wir, wie man Arrays erzeugen und ändern kann.

Numerisches Python: Matrix-Arithmetik in NumPy

Esci386 lesson19 misc. Numerical Python: Introduction into the Matplotlib Module of Python. Animated 3D plot - matplotlib plotting examples and tutorial. Motorblog » Die FFT mit Python einfach erklärt. Dieser Beitrag wurde aus dem IPython Notebook konvertiert, ich bitte um etwas Nachsicht bezüglich der Formatierung.

Motorblog » Die FFT mit Python einfach erklärt

Was macht der FFT Algorithmus? If you want to know how the FFT Algorithm works, Jake Vanderplas explained it extremely well in his blog: Here is, how it is applied and how the axis are scaled to real physical values. Removing An Axis Or Both Axes From A Matplotlib Plot. 1.1. Scientific computing with tools and workflow — Scipy lecture notes. Interactive work to test and understand algorithms: In this section, we describe an interactive workflow with IPython that is handy to explore and understand algorithms.

1.1. Scientific computing with tools and workflow — Scipy lecture notes

Python is a general-purpose language. As such, there is not one blessed environment to work in, and not only one way of using it. Although this makes it harder for beginners to find their way, it makes it possible for Python to be used to write programs, in web servers, or embedded devices. Command line interaction. PythonScientific simple. 5. Plotting Charts with Matplotlib - IPython Notebook Tutorial. Python 4: Mit Listen und Arrays arbeiten. Spyder Bis jetzt hast du (I)Python direkt in der Shell gestartet und dein Skripte in einem beliebigen Editor geschrieben. Das ist die einfachste und flexibelste Möglichkeit mit Python zu arbeiten. Oft ist es aber praktischer mit einer IDE (Integrated Development Environment) zu arbeiten.

Ich empfehle dir Spyder3. Das abgebildete Fenster von Spyder hat drei Bereiche. Python With Spyder 2: Basic Arithmetic and Variable Assignment.