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Houdini Python GUI

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Return selected sop in Python. Hey everyone, I'm trying to return a sop that the user selects.

Return selected sop in Python

I can do it just fine with: HOM question: Querying current selected point. HDK: The .ui Script Language. .ui Script Overview .ui Script is a simple text-based script which Houdini parses to build user interfaces.

HDK: The .ui Script Language

Its basic syntax looks like: value := <int|float|string> ; menuvalue = [SELECT_MENU|STRING_MENU] { "item1" "item2" } [gadgetname =] [containertype] { [attributes] [gadgets] } gadgetname = type attributes ; Values and gadgets can have names assigned to then, which must be unique in the script (and if an AP_Interface parses more than one script, unique in all scripts parsed).