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Chinese entrepreneur growing grip on Africa’s SMEs. By Arison Tamfu Wang Ying is a very demanding and famous businesswoman at Congo Market, a local market in Cameroon’s commercial capital, Douala.

Chinese entrepreneur growing grip on Africa’s SMEs

She deals in household utensils and assorted ladies and men’s wear and shoes. “I have been selling here for fifteen years and I really enjoy it because the demand is high,” said Wang who is fondly referred to by traders in the market as Miss China. Wang left China for Cameroon in 1999 and here she discovered a world of opportunities for business. Why Chinese Investors are Winning in Africa Over American Investors - Atlanta Blackstar. China building military base in Zimbabwe raises alarm in US. A United States panel on Africa has been told of China building a military base in eastern Zimbabwe, raising alarm in Washington which is increasingly worried about Beijing's growing influence in Africa.

China building military base in Zimbabwe raises alarm in US

The issue came up for discussion last week during a hearing on Zimbabwe by the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations. California Congresswoman Karen Bass sought clarification on the issue from U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Dr. Africa is central to China's reforms - Biz Wire - September 11,2013 - BONTV China. Mckinsey: Chinese Investment Into African Manufacturing, Agriculture & E-Commerce.

Infrastructure investments in the East-West Africa corridor: China’s master plan faces challenges. Beginning in the early 2000s, China has taken a strong initiative to become an integral partner in Africa’s development.

Infrastructure investments in the East-West Africa corridor: China’s master plan faces challenges

Infrastructure investments and increasing levels of diplomacy have brought Asia’s powerhouse closer to Africa with the intent to cut out Western influence altogether. One major development that has taken the continent by storm since 2012 is the East-West corridor from Kenya’s Lamu port to Cameroon’s Douala port, aptly named The Great Equatorial Land Bridge. The development of this initiative involves the construction of a transcontinental rail, road and oil transportation network which is to cut the time needed for the movement of goods from not only East to West Africa, but also from South and North America to Asia.

This CAI paper discusses the challenges which China faces in the completion of this project in various states. The discussion reveals that the construction of the network will bring evolution to the region’s transportation and integration network. The Mass Immigration Of Chinese People Into Africa Is Almost Entirely Driven By Money. China to urge firms to sell bonds overseas to fund new Silk Road to Europe: Xinhua. China is getting ready to surge troops into Africa. Chinese activities in Africa have expanded massively during the last decade.

China is getting ready to surge troops into Africa

To be sure, most of this has been purely economic — such as bartering access to natural resources in exchange for loans. But these money-making activities have grown so much in recent years, China is realizing it can't keep relying on African governments to protect them — and the thousands of Chinese nationals who've moved to the continent. Over 2000 Chinese companies investing in Africa - Council - Ghana Business News. The Chinese interest in Africa is not waning, as more than 2000 Chinese companies are on record to be investing in various sectors in African countries.

Over 2000 Chinese companies investing in Africa - Council - Ghana Business News

According to information from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, more than 2,000 Chinese companies are investing in Africa in sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, finance, logistics and construction. You know all about China-Africa dealings, but here are 10 astonishing facts about the US-Africa trade. GOVERNMENT websites can be boring, but once in a while they do manage to shake themselves from sleep-inducing torpor to give up some surprising facts.

You know all about China-Africa dealings, but here are 10 astonishing facts about the US-Africa trade

Data from the Maritime Administration division of the US Department of Transportation reveals some unexpected trade information about the US and Africa, including which countries are punching above their weight, those languishing in the doldrums, and others that have seen a rise and dramatic fall in fortunes. We gleaned ten staggering facts on the US’s waterborne trade with Africa: 1.

Five years ago, waterborne cargo imports by the US from Nigeria were worth more than those from South Korea, Russia, the UK or Canada. In 2010, Nigeria was the United States’ seventh biggest source of imports by value, at $30.4-billion, the majority of it being crude oil whose value was boosted by high global oil prices.

China's planned new economic 'assault base' into Africa seen as extremely ambitious. SHANGHAI Zendai Property Limited’s plan to develop a suburb northeast of Johannesburg into the “New York of Africa” is “extremely ambitious,” according to AECI Ltd., the chemicals company that sold the land last year.

China's planned new economic 'assault base' into Africa seen as extremely ambitious

Shanghai Zendai bought the 1,600-hectare (3,954-acre) plot for 1.06 billion rand ($91 million) from AECI last year and announced plans to build a financial centre and 35,000 houses to rival Johannesburg’s current business hub of Sandton. “The problem is a lot of it is agricultural land,” Mark Dytor, chief executive officer of the South African chemicals and explosives manufacturer, said by phone Tuesday. “You have to open it up, you have to put in roads, sewage lines, water et cetera.

Of course, you have to do that and fund it yourself.” Industry transfer to Africa good for all[1] Updated: 2015-01-20 08:03 By Justin Yifu Lin(China Daily) The core of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, the creation of a Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, is infrastructure construction.

Industry transfer to Africa good for all[1]

China should also include Africa in the initiative and encourage the transfer of its labor-intensive industries to Africa. This strategy would provide developing countries with a development boost and benefit China as well. Chinese enterprises must improve their quality, and the government can set up a foreign development cooperation department to coordinate the works of relevant ministries. China Inc. Moves Factory Floor to Africa. CAPE TOWN, South Africa—Each sparkly green television motherboard that rolls off the Hisense Co. factory line here moves China a tiny step toward a new global manufacturing base.

China Inc. Moves Factory Floor to Africa

The line's eight South African technicians monitor the assembly process by computer and have incentives to work quickly. In less than a year of operation, they are producing at the same clip of 70 seconds per board as their Chinese counterparts. China Considers Building Namibia Naval Base, Namibian Reports. China has proposed building a base for its Navy in the Namibian port of Walvis Bay and a delegation will visit the African country to discuss the project, the Namibian newspaper reported, citing a letter from Namibia’s ambassador to China to the country’s foreign ministry. The Dec. 22 letter from Ambassador Ringo Abed to Selma Ashipala-Musavyi, the permanent secretary in Namibia’s foreign affairs ministry, said Abed had met Geng Yansheng, China’s defense ministry spokesman, the newspaper said.

Here’s how Chinese investors are rebooting their approach to Africa. This post originally appeared at Brookings. Chinese companies are adopting new approaches to investing in Africa. These changes, if they become widespread, will boost the positive impact of China on Africa’s development agenda and improve how Chinese companies are perceived on the continent. Conversations in China last month suggest a growing perception that the country’s model of extending low-interest commercial loans to African governments for large infrastructure projects—loans that are used to finance the purchase of Chinese labor, goods and services and are in turn repaid through the transfer of oil, minerals or other natural resources—is not sustainable.

When it comes to Africa, China's inroads are just getting started. Far and away, China has grown into the largest trading partner with the Africa, the world's poorest continent. As the Economist reports, China and Africa exchange $160 billion in goods each year, and over the past decade, more than a million Chinese, mostly laborers and merchants, have moved there.

Melissa T. Cook, founder and managing director of African Sunrise Partners LLC, was in China last September for a conference on infrastructure and she took advantage of the opportunity to catch up with some of the companies that she knew. La Chine a investi 160 millions de dollars au Maroc cette année. A l’occasion du Forum d’affaires maroco-chinois qui se tient à Pékin, la présidente de la Confédération générale des entreprises du Maroc (CGEM), Meriem Bensaleh Chaqroun a plaidé, vendredi, pour un « Made by China in Morroco ». Home. Mwanza city centre is a busy, bustling, rapidly developing place as can be seen. (File photo) A Team of Chinese investors and the authorities in Mwanza, Tanzania's second largest city after Dar es Salaam, have signed memorandum of understanding for investments in eight major areas. The areas include tourism and agriculture, authorities said on Monday.

Halifa Hida, Mwanza city director, said among the major investments the city signed with the Chinese investors were construction of satellite cities in Luchelele and Igoma suburbs in a bid to improve wildlife and cultural tourist attractions on Saanane Island and the Serengeti National Park. "The Chinese investors who visited the city were impressed by abundant investment opportunities found in the region," said Hida. 3 Egyptian conditions for developmental projects to be implemented by China. By Shaimaa Elise President Abdel Fattah Al -Sisi has placed special focus during his visit to China to talk about infrastructure projects, according to Egyptian-Chinese Business Council (ECBC) member Sherif Al-Gably. Al-Gably added that particular emphasis was placed on the pursuit of Egypt for investments in infrastructure, energy, railways and ports development. He added that a range of Chinese and Egyptian companies participated in a meeting on Tuesday.

“Al-Sisi put the most important Egyptian conditions and criteria in the projects to be implemented by China in Egypt, which is represented in three conditions: implantation at a reasonable cost, the least possible time and the best quality,” added Al-Gably. Al-Gably declared that the number of agreements will be decided on Wednesday, but could be over 20 investment agreement to serve development projects in Egypt. Sudan: Over 90 Million Dollars From China to Sudan Within a Week. Khartoum — Chinese government offered Sudan 250 million yuan (40 million dollar) of which 150 million is a grant while the remainder is an interest-free loan, according to an agreement, signed Sunday, at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy. Badr Eddin Mahmoud, the Minister of Finance and National Economy, said the agreement reflects the firm relations linking Sudan and China, and stands as model to be copied for the South-South Cooperation.

The minister explained that the coming period would focus on minerals, mainly oil and gold, exploration, inviting China to further increase its investment in these fields in the Sudan. How China And France Plan To Cash In Together In Africa. BEIJING — Britain, France and Germany have recently been extending olive branches to China, but France has at least one major advantage over its neighbors: It's particularly well poised to cooperate with China on investment in Africa, with historical advantages to serve as a springboard for the Asian power's ambitions on the continent.

In step with the growth of Africa. Four Shaolin Temple Graduates Establish Martial Arts Center in Lome, Togo - YIBADA News. Four unnamed graduates from China's fabled Shaolin Temple have established a martial arts center at an undisclosed location in Lome, the capital and largest city of the Togolese Republic in West Africa, according to a report from the Global Times. Dubbed as the "Chinese Martial Arts Center of Togo," or the acronym "CCAMT" for the French equivalent, the center was formally inaugurated on Thursday, Nov. 17, with Angele Amouzou-Djake, the Togolese Minister of Sport and Leisure, and Huo Yuntian, the deputy head of mission at the Chinese Embassy in Togo, in attendance. China delivers patrol vessel to Nigeria. Infrastructure investments in the East-West Africa corridor: China’s master plan faces challenges. Moody's : "L'Afrique subsaharienne est vulnérable au ralentissement de la croissance chinoise" La Chine est le premier partenaire commercial de l'Afrique, devant les États-Unis. © Thomas Lekfeldt/Moment Agencevu Les pays d'Afrique subsaharienne ont bénéficié de l'accroissement des liens commerciaux avec la Chine.

Selon l'agence de notation Moody's, ils se retrouvent par conséquent plus exposés au ralentissement de la croissance chinoise. Le renforcement des liens entre la Chine et l'Afrique subsaharienne n'est pas sans risques pour les économies du sous-continent. C'est en substance ce que vient rappeler l'agence de notation Moody's dans une note publiée ce mardi 25 novembre. Dans sa note, Moody's aborde un autre versant d’une relation plus bilatérale qu’on ne l’imagine : la vulnérabilité du continent aux soubresauts de la croissance Chinoise. Africa continues to shine for investors from China. China completes sea trials for Nigerian OPV. China has completed sea trials of a 95 m offshore patrol vessel (OPV) on order for the Nigerian Navy (NN), a Chinese state-run media outlet reported on 29 October. The vessel, with pennant number F 91, is the first of two P-18N OPVs acquired by the NN in March 2012 to bolster its maritime surveillance, patrolling, search-and-rescue (SAR), and counter-piracy capabilities.

China’s Congo Plan : Three. In 1888, the Scottish explorer and evangelist Henry Drummond published a book he titled, simply, “Tropical Africa.” In it he described the ivory trade that came to replace the slave trade as the primary reason for Europe’s colonial drive into what he called “the dark continent. " No direct funding till you step down China tells Mugabe.

CHINA has dropped a bombshell on top of President Robert Mugabe’s roof by openly telling him to reliquish power, as a precondition for their funding of Zimbabwe’s economic recovery. The News Leader has obtained details and exclusively reveals that the demand and push by China, has been behind several processes in the recent months. Chinese Money In Africa Directed Away From Oil, Toward Other Sectors. China Swaps Gusto for Rigor as It Learns From Africa. China's Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa: Howard W. French: 9780307956989: Books. Into Africa: China’s Wild Rush. China Pours $12 Billion More Into Africa With Hopes Of Building A High-Speed Rail. Le PM chinois propose les jets régionaux de fabrication chinoise aux compagnies africaines. Li pledges larger credit line, high-speed rail technology to Africa. China boosts Africa aid by $12bn.

Chinese Trade with Africa Hits Record High. Chinese businessmen to invest $300 billion in Nigeria. China eyes Tanzania’s gas resources, offers energy and other deals. State group Sinopec aims to invest US$20 billion in Africa. Nigeria, China trade volume hits $6.2bn in six months. Les Chinois en Afrique - Carte interactive. Guest Post: China-Africa Development Fund in South Africa. La chine en Afrique, la sorcellerie sur le continent africain et le succès nigérien Nollywood​ 中国开拓新市场 将开启与非洲合作的新思路. La chine s'offre le Ghana et en fait un tigre d'Afrique. La Chine va lancer deux fonds dotés de 2 milliards $ pour l’émergence industrielle de l’Afrique. Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in Africa: Myths and Realities. Chinese manufacturers channel investments into Africa. Chinese Investments in Special Economic Zones in Africa: Progress, Challenges and Lessons Learned - Africa_China_SEZs_Final.pdf. Chinese Industrial Zones in Africa 2011.png. China-Africa Trade Volume Outgrowing US-Africa Trade Volume.

Africa Investment-China brings goods and roads, now Africa wants jobs. China plans multimillion Ethiopia investment. CHINESE INVESTORS ARE EYEING ON AFRICA. The China-Africa Convergence: Can America Catch Up? Rwanda: China Grants Kigali Tax Free Access. ‫منطقة استثمار صينية في مصر تستهدف جذب ملياري دولار‬‎ Nigeria signs MoU with China on skills, technology transfer. Investment in Ethiopia, Chinese companies are amongst the major investors in Ethiopia.

China’s investments in Algeria: More than $1.5 billion in one decade. La Chine renouvelle son soutien à l'Afrique. ETHIOPIE : L'ATELIER DE LA CHINE. Main basse sur l'Afrique. Quelles villes africaines ont le plus fort potentiel de croissance pour les 5 prochaines années ? For Affluent Chinese, Africa’s Growing Appeal - China Real Time Report. New Chinese President Xi aims to paint Africa red — RT Op-Edge. 600yp coin proves China, Africa trade links - Story - Environment/Sci. Chine-afrique.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 630 pixels) - Scaled (96. Afrique, l'ambition chinoise. La Chine s'installe en Afrique ( REPORTAGE COMPLET ) H-edinger_china-and-african-regional-integration_april-2012.pdf (application/pdf Object) China Daily newspaper prints first Africa edition. Chinese investment in Nigeria reaches $10bn.

African-Shenzhen-China-s-special-economic-zones-in-Africa.pdf (application/pdf Object) Esser-underground-overground-nov11.pdf (application/pdf Object) China_in_Africa-210411.pdf (application/pdf Object) Chinese minerals trading house sets up in Joburg. Les échanges entre l’Afrique et la Chine ont atteint 166,3 milliards de dollars en 2011. Saia_sop_ 117_wu_20120618.pdf (application/pdf Object) China is biggest foreign investor in Angola in 1st semester. China Announces New $20bn Loan For Africa. China to deepen service sector cooperation with Africa. China brings jobs to Ethiopia but at what cost? 6 millions d’emplois à transférer de la Chine vers l’Afrique.

Début des délocalisations massives de la Chine vers l’Afrique. Brautigam-Chinese-Investment-in.pdf (application/pdf Object) China investing in Africa - part 1.