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5 Tips To Choose Stocks For Day Trading. Day trading is one of the specific trading strategies in which the investor trades multiple times during the entire daytime.

5 Tips To Choose Stocks For Day Trading

But, it is a highly risky strategy that needs a constant check from falling into any trap. An Easy To Follow Guide To Open A Demat Account. With the increasing trend of online share trading in India, the requirement of Demat account has also grown.

An Easy To Follow Guide To Open A Demat Account

My Value Trade @ My Value Trade On Cheapest Brokerage in India - MyValueTrade. Since 1985, we, at MyValueTrade are engaged in rendering world-class online trading services.

Cheapest Brokerage in India - MyValueTrade

With a wide array of trading services and with an eminent position in the brokerage industry, we offer the cheapest brokerage in India. We also offer one of the most efficient and comprehensive brokerage calculator in India that facilitateseasy and quick calculation of tax, STT and brokerage on trades done across various exchanges. We leverage the most advanced technologies available and offer the most exhaustive set of services by understanding the requisites of our customers. We create and render multiple platforms to enhance the trading experience. By offering unlimited trading with a fixed brokerage amount we offer our clients and customers superior advantage over the other retail broking houses across the country. 15 Basic Stock Trading Terms Every Investor should know. As a beginner in online stock trading in India, you might not need a lot of money and time, but you need to understand some technical terms.

15 Basic Stock Trading Terms Every Investor should know

Though access to the internet has made it much easier to check the glossary and get detailed information about any term, you cannot visit the glossary for the basic terms. To succeed in the highly volatile market, you should have proper knowledge of the basic terms. If you know the terminology, you can prevent yourself from making wrong choices when engaged in online stock trading in India. Have a look at 15 basic stock market trading terms to ensure more informed and profitable investment. Demat Account to Invest in Mutual Funds - My Value Trade. How important it is to have a Demat Account to invest in mutual funds?

Demat Account to Invest in Mutual Funds - My Value Trade

Mutual funds make an important part of any profitable investment portfolio. Some investors have good knowledge of these while many don’t even have the basic understanding of mutual funds. These people have many questions about mutual funds. Online Stock Trading India. Open Demat Account, Open Account for Online Stock Trading India – MyValueTrade. Online Trading Services, Online Stock Trading India - MyValueTrade. Master Capital Services Ltd.

Online Trading Services, Online Stock Trading India - MyValueTrade

Member NSE,SEBI Registration No. INB/F/E 230643634 | Member BSE SEBI Registration No. INB/F 010643634 | CIN: U67190MH1994PLC147882 Registered Office Address: C-1, Jeevan Jyot Building, 18/20, Cawasjee Patel Street, Fort, Mumbai - 400001 | Telephone No: +91-84678-84678 Master Commodity Services Ltd Member MCX, NCDEX, FMC :- MCX :- MCX/TCM/CORP/O472 Member ID :- 12440 |FMC :- NCDEX :- NCDEX/TCM/CORP/0138 Member ID :- 00092 | CIN: U67120PB1991PLC011574 Registered Office Address: SCO 19, Master Chambers, Feroze Gandhi Market, Ludhiana 141001 |Telephone No: +91-84678-84678. MyValueTrade - Open Demat Account. Brokerage Calculator in India - MyValueTrade. Open Demat Account with Professionals. Best Online Trading Services. Demat Account - Benefits And Features. Online Stock Trading India. Best Investment Options for 2016 - MyValueTrade.

Every year leading stock and investment gurus make different anticipations about market movement.

Best Investment Options for 2016 - MyValueTrade

Sometimes these work well while at times the market performs completely opposite. The same thing happened in 2015 where the stock pundits expected share market to grow by 15%, but the Sensex showed the different trend with 6% decline. Actually, this is not surprising; the share market graph never shows a straight move. And this is the reason; investors prefer to invest in different ventures to create a strong portfolio. So, what should the investors do in 2016 to build a profitable portfolio? Direct Mutual Funds On direct mutual funds, investors have to pay lower charges, which in turn affect their returns. Online Commodity Trading with MyValueTrade. IndianTrading Calendar Q12016 for India: Important Dates for Traders. It’s been a choppy and volatile January for 2016 so far with Sensex down 6% in the month, which translates into a whopping 54% annualized.

IndianTrading Calendar Q12016 for India: Important Dates for Traders

While it’s been largely driven by the world economy and China in particular, we cannot take our eyes of our own backyard. There are a lot of important indicative economic indicators to watch out for in the next 2 months for the first quarter of 2016. Watch out for them and add them to your calendars, especially the ones that will be announced during market hours.

SEE MORE: What type of Active Trader are you? Is Holding Day Trades Overnight Really Profitable? In normal day trading transactions, the traders have to exit the position before the market closes.

Is Holding Day Trades Overnight Really Profitable?

The only option, traders engaged in online stock trading have is to place multiple orders for leverage, liquidity and risk aversion. One leverage the traders get here is to hold their orders overnight in the anticipation of market improvement. This is one of the most common practices by intra day traders. They consider it a safe option to avert risk. A History of Discount Brokers by My Value Trade. The concept of the stock market is centuries old, but it rarely touched the lives of ordinary people.

A History of Discount Brokers by My Value Trade

When it did, it was usually because of a market collapse that resulted in general misery and hardships all around. As late as 1980’s, less than 5% of the U.S population invested in stock options trading. The arrival of personal computers, predictably, began to change things. In 1982, North American Holding Corp. began selling Naico-Net, effectively the first online stock trading terminal in history, and trader subscription base quickly rose to 5000. But internet penetration was still too low, and brokerage rates were still too high for it to be really accessible to the masses. It came from an unlikely source- the market crash of 1987. To prevent this from happening ever again, SEC ordered the creation of the Small Order Execution System (SEOS), the system that allows you and I to trade now. MORE: Why You Should Invest when You’re Young. Save upto 90% on Online Share Trading in India - MyValueTrade.

Master Capital Services Ltd. Member NSE,SEBI Registration No. INB/F/E 230643634 | Member BSE SEBI Registration No. My Value Trade Unconcerned with Rivals Offering Zero Brokerage. Business Wire India The stock-brokerage industry has been experiencing change for several years. Discount Broking firms who charge a much lower brokerage fees than their full-service counterparts, have turned the business model of the industry on its head while steadily increasing their market share.

Many of the full service players, such as IIFL, ICICI Direct and Sharekhan, have been forced to take note & are either strengthening their services or planning to follow suit. On the 1st of December, the industry received an even bigger jolt when Zerodha announced they would be charging no brokerage for some of their services. Many executives, however, breathed a sigh of relief when they found out that it only applied to delivery brokerage. Sajeev Sasidharan, spokesman at MyValueTrade, another discount broker, dismissed the move as a marketing strategy designed only to create news but change little for customers. “That’s the standard across discount brokers,” said Sajeev. Here's proof you pay too much brokerage - MyValueTrade. Investment is a game of fine margins. The slightest swing in prices can drastically change fortunes, especially while day trading with high frequencies. In such a situation, the amount of brokerage one pays can be at best, a significant outlay, and at worst, a real game-changer when it comes to profit.

What are the 10 Major Factors that impact the Stock Price Variation? 10 major factors that impact the stock price variation You might jump into the stock market and kick start trading by investing in shares on the basis of intuitions, suggestions from the friends and history of a particular stock; but these can’t help you in long run. To become a professional investor and to get assured returns in this highly volatile market, you need to understand the whole algorithm behind the stock price variations. Save up To 90% on Brokerage with My Value Trade’s Cheapest Brokerage Charge. Open free Demat Account with My Value Trade. Online Stock Trading in India.