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Intra-Africa Trade IX

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Cartographie de la présence des grandes entreprises marocaines en Afrique. Les échanges commerciaux entre le Maroc et les autres pays africains ont enregistré une nette progression au cours de la dernière décennie.

Cartographie de la présence des grandes entreprises marocaines en Afrique

En 2014, ils ont totalisé près de 15,8 milliards de dirhams, contre 6 milliards en 2004, soit un rythme moyen de croissance annuelle de 10% selon les derniers chiffres. Le marché africain est aujourd'hui devenu un objectif primordial pour les grandes entreprises marocaines. Pourtant, si les investissements marocains en Afrique portent sur plusieurs secteurs, le cercle des investisseurs reste quant à lui plus restreint.

Les banques marocaines sont déjà implantées dans une bonne partie du continent. Et elles s'y portent bien. Quant au groupe Banque populaire (BCP), il continue de progresser et a maintenant pignon sur rue dans 12 pays africains. Premier opérateur à avoir sauté le pas, le groupe Saham est aujourd'hui le 8e assureur en Afrique. Attijari commence également à développer sa branche assurance sur le continent. Lire aussi : Investissement. Ethiopia to export power to South Sudan, Somaliland. Ethiopia, Sudan agree on free trade zone. Tanzania to buy 400 megawatts of power from Ethiopia. The Development Potential of Cross-Border Infrastructure in Africa: A Job Creation Perspective.

How can Africa leverage the potential of cross-border infrastructure to address critical economic bottlenecks, boost regional integration and intra-African trade, and create employment for the continent’s growing population?

The Development Potential of Cross-Border Infrastructure in Africa: A Job Creation Perspective

Cross-border infrastructure (CBI) is a key prerequisite for the regional integration of landlocked economies and the facilitation of trade in goods and services. In the energy sector, hydroelectric plants can support stable regional electricity trading markets that distribute affordable electricity via cross-border transmission lines. In the transport sector, cross-border road and rail infrastructure is necessary to build regional economic development corridors. Hence, CBI is an effective solution to address some of the most critical bottlenecks to regional integration and economic transformation in Africa. Three dimensions of job creation. Maroc-Éthiopie : Un mégaprojet industriel sur les rails. LA TRANSSAHARIENNE ALGER-LAGOS SERA ACHEVEE AVANT LA FIN 2017 : Aller au Nigeria en voiture, c’est possible.


LA TRANSSAHARIENNE ALGER-LAGOS SERA ACHEVEE AVANT LA FIN 2017 : Aller au Nigeria en voiture, c’est possible

Sellal avait, aussi, annoncé que "la pose en territoire algérien du câble de fibre de verre relié au réseau international pour alimenter et désenclaver cette vaste zone du continent en matière de TIC tout au long de l’axe Alger-Lagos a été achevé". Le projet de la route transsaharienne Alger-Lagos est née dans les années 1960 à l'initiative de la Commission économique des Nations Unies pour l'Afrique (CEA) afin de désenclaver les zones déshéritées et de promouvoir les échanges entre le nord et le sud du Sahara. Egypt expects Africa's largest free trade deal talks to complete early 2018. Tunisia prepares to join Africa’s biggest trading bloc. Tunisia is expected to become the 20th member of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) during the body’s next summit scheduled to take place in October.

Tunisia prepares to join Africa’s biggest trading bloc

Prime Minister Yousef Chahed said they are preparing to conclude the negotiations which officially began last year. COMESA’s Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya informed the Tunisian Prime Minister that the adhesion to the organization’s treaty will require Tunisia “to simultaneously join COMESA financial, technical, semi-autonomous and autonomous institutions.” The organization is the continent’s largest trading bloc and has continued to progress since its establishment in 1994. It already boasts a market of more than 490 million people and Tunisia will help it go above the half billion people mark. COMESA’s purpose is to support sustainable economic growth and prosperity through regional integration. Written by: Jaber Ali on March 7, 2017. Maroc-Ghana : deux fonds souverains pour un partenariat stratégique. Road linking Ethiopia and South Sudan to be constructed. Two major roads linking Ethiopia and South Sudan are set to be constructed following the signing of an agreement by the two countries.

Road linking Ethiopia and South Sudan to be constructed

Also read:Opec bolsters road construction in Ethiopia Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and South Sudanese President Salva Kiir last week signed several bilateral agreements that include the immediate commencement of construction of two major road links. They agreed that the construction will commence with immediate effect, to start the construction of the Gamebella – Pagak – Palouge and Dima – Raad – Boma – Bor roads. “When they get the peace back and the economy gets stronger, they will pay us back,” said Mr Hailemariam, indicating that Ethiopia would finance the construction of the roads within South Sudan. They said once the project is over the two countries’ trade agreement will be on the rise and that will see the locals improve their lives.

African Corridor Alliance established to stimulate development. Staff Reporter Windhoek-Transport is a significant sector in that it reduces transactional costs in enhancing trade.

African Corridor Alliance established to stimulate development

To facilitate infrastructure development, governments promote the expansion and improvement of development corridors. Corridors are the focal point for regional development initiatives. Transport corridors have been around for centuries, but it is only in the last few decades that they have been recognized for what they are and, more importantly, what they can become as well as the value they can add to economic growth. Rwanda, Mali airspace agreement to boost trade. Trade and tourism between Rwanda and Mali could flourish following a new bilateral Airspace Service Agreement signed yesterday in Kigali.

Rwanda, Mali airspace agreement to boost trade

Both countries agreed to open their airspace allowing their national carriers to operate without restrictions. According to the agreement, all air service operations will be conducted under the fifth freedom arrangement, which means an airline has the right to carry passengers from one country to another and from that country to a third country. Media houses were present to cover the event. Sam Ngendahimana. Les délégués africains discutent sur les éléments techniques de l’Accord sur la ZLEC. How African countries are working together to light up the continent.

Njoki Ngethe could barely hear the cry of her newly born baby as she was gasping for air in the operating theatre.

How African countries are working together to light up the continent

The doctors and nurses put in every effort to resuscitate her but failed. The doctors had argued that she had eaten before the surgery which caused complications. However, the unspoken element of the unfortunate event was that the incident was escalated by a power outage coupled with the unavailability of a functioning generator in the hospital. Mrs Ngethe had lost 1.2 litres of blood after the outage. Ngethe’s loss in 2008 amongst many other tragic incidents fully describe the anguish of a dark continent. The ravaging effect of blackouts and electricity outages in Africa has led to the pressing desire for improved electricity, being initiated in all discussion platforms. Last week, the East Africa Power Pool (EAPP) announced that its proposed power grid project that would run from Cairo to Cape Town, South Africa would commence in April this year. Comments. L’Afrique: Destination phare des exportations marocaines. Benin hit by Nigeria's car import ban. Surveying his sprawling car dealership on the fringes of Benin’s commercial hub Cotonou, Kassem Hijazi alternates between chainsmoking Marlboro cigarettes and puffing on a hookah.

Benin hit by Nigeria's car import ban

He and his colleagues don’t have much else to do. There hasn’t been a single customer since December, when neighbouring Nigeria banned car imports by land as part of a wave of protectionist policies that are strangling Benin’s economy. “We spend our days smoking, it’s our life now,” Hijazi sighs, sitting in a gazebo beside his stock of thousands of cars steadily accumulating the dry winter dust. This afternoon, Hijazi — who, like the vast majority of car dealers in Benin, is Lebanese — called in his Beninese accountant to help close up shop. Uganda gets $151m loan for expressway to Rwanda. The African Development Bank (AfDB) has agreed to loan Uganda $151m to build an expressway to Rwanda.

Uganda gets $151m loan for expressway to Rwanda

The loans will help finance the construction of a 23.7-km, four-lane, Busega-Mpigi express highway on a new alignment with four grade-separated interchanges. Deal being signed on 29th December 2016 (AfDB) Uganda’s Minister of Finance Planning and Economic Development, Matia Kasaija, signed the deal with AfDB’s regional director general Gabriel Negatu on 29 December 2016. Matia Kasaija noted the strategic importance of the road in improving the transport services in central Uganda and its contribution to regional integration. He urged the executing agency to ensure timely implementation and pledged Government’s commitment to meet the counterpart obligations as well as ensuring compliance with safeguard requirements.

The highway project will cost $192m, with AfDB lending $151m. Mauritius plans state-of-the-art “cyber-city” in Ghana. Mauritius, a stable and relatively wealthy African island nation, has announced plans to fund a “cyber-city” in Ghana to attract investment and “high-calibre professionals” to the country. The idea was announced by Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, Mauritius’ minister for foreign affairs, during a visit to Ghana last week. He said the project would be sited in Dawa, on the western outskirts of Accra, assuming it was approved by Ghana’s President Akufo-Addo (pictured), who won last month’s general election. In the country to attend the inauguration of the president-elect, Lutchmeenaraidoo said the development would have “innovation towers, conference centres, finance towers, an ICT plaza and serviced plots for regional headquarters for ICT companies”.

Share of Exports to other African Countries [1995-2008 Data] by Country. Share of Exports to other African Countries [1995-2008 Data] by Country. Le Soleil - Contrat de 20 MW : Le Sénégal vend de l’électricité au Mali. Energie du Mali (Edm Sa) a sollicité et obtenu de Senelec une cession de 20 MW pour combler son déficit de production d’énergie. La signature de ce contrat, qui positionne le Sénégal comme vendeur d’énergie, a eu lieu, hier, au siège de Senelec. 27e Forum France-Afrique « Un sommet qui bénéficie aux firmes multinationales françaises et oublie les peuples africains. La transsaharienne Alger-Lagos sera achevée en 2017, annonce Abdemalek Sellal. Western Cape wine companies to expand to Mozambique - Cape Business News.

Three Western Cape wine companies are on a mission to increase the volumes of the South African wine exports to Mozambique. Thandi Wines, La Rid Mal and Bayede Marketing are part of the 25 businesses that will be showcasing their products and services at the the Maputo International Trade Fair, commonly known as FACIM, which is currently taking place (from 29 August - 4 September 2016.)

FACIM is a popular international multi-sectoral trade fair held annually to showcase Mozambique as an attractive destination for trade and investment.Last year the trade fair attracted 680 foreign companies from 31 countries. The participation of the companies in the exhibition is funded by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) through its Export Marketing and Investment Assistance Scheme. Egypt, Djibouti should enhance economic cooperation: President Sisi. Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and his Djiboutian counterpart Ismail Omar Guelleh stressed the importance of enhancing economic and trade cooperation at a Monday press conference in Cairo that preceded the signing of memorandums of understanding between the two countries El-Sisi said that his meeting with Guelleh saw fruitful talks on ways of boosting the special ties between the two countries. El-Sisi also said that the two leaders agreed on increasing Egyptian companies’ activities in different fields in Djibouti, including energy, construction and medicine, as well as boosting cooperation and an exchange of experience between Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority and the Port of Djibouti.

Egypt and Djibouti have signed seven memorandums of understanding in the fields of exports and imports, agriculture, technical education, trade cooperation, international cooperation, health and maritime ports. Djibouti also hosts US, French and Japanese military bases. Theconversation. Africa is moving towards crystallising an ambitious integration agenda of establishing a continental free trade area by October. This comes against a backdrop of an apparent trend away from mega-regional trade agreements in both Europe and the US. African leaders appear to be undaunted by this. Their commitment to a continental-wide free trade area was firmed up in Addis Ababa in November 2016. Ministers and negotiators from the 54 members of the African Union (AU) held their fourth round of negotiations for establishing the free trade area. There is a huge amount to be gained from a free trade area for Africa.

If well designed and implemented, a free trade area for the continent could change this. Nigeria Willing to Partner with Morocco in Renewable Energies- Nigerian Paper. Nigeria is poised to partner with Morocco to boost its energy security through developing solar energy, said Nigerian Today paper. “Nigeria is pursuing international partnership with Morocco to create collaborative platform for increased deployment of solar energy technologies to enhance security and sustainable development,” said the Nigerian paper. Today quotes Nigeria’s environment minister, Amina Mohammed as saying that her country is willing to encourage the promotion of renewable energy solutions. The partnership with Morocco which hosts the world’s largest solar plant, will help Nigeria promote “investment in solar power projects in several rural villages to improve education, water supply, health, agriculture, commerce, security and all these would offer opportunities to women.”

East Africa: Uganda, Egypt Strike Deal On River Nile. Photo: Stephen Otage/Daily Monitor Relations. The President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, (centre left), accompanied President Museveni, (centre right), on his arrival at State House in Entebbe. Tanzania to Import Electricity from Ethiopia by 2019. Tanzanian power utility disclosed that it anticipates to start importing electricity from Ethiopia by 2019. Commenting on the matter, Tanzania Electricity Supply Co., Managing Director Felichesmi Mramba, said before contractors start work on a final link to Kenya, transmission line which links the central town of Iringa to Shinyanga, in the North of Tanzania, would be completed. He added the connection to Kenya would be completed by 2018. Maroc : Les IDE filent vers le Sud.

On savait que le Maroc misait beaucoup sur l’Afrique subsaharienne, le rapport sur « Les relations entre le Maroc et l’Afrique subsaharienne » nous en donne la mesure, avec des indications chiffrées cette fois. Le document a été présenté récemment à Marrakech par le Conseiller économique en Chef du Premier ministre du Sénégal. “Tunisia Trading” expanding internationally, especially in Africa (Mounir Mouakher) Le Soleil - Projets d’infrastructures pour l’intégration de l’Afrique : 340 milliards de dollars nécessaires d’ici à 2040. Algérie : Le forum africain est un succès. Algerian pushes for intra-African trade. Africa: Trade in Africa Larger Than Official Statistics Show - Experts. Les conditions d'une intégration économique.

Algérie - La route Transsaharienne, un vecteur d'échanges africains Nord-Sud. Forum d’affaires algéro-africain, Alger (Algérie), 3 au 5 décembre 2016. East Africa: Dar es Salaam Port Increases Rwanda, Domestic Cargo. AU pushes up intra-African trade. Le Maroc, acteur majeur dans les investissements intra-africains. Madagascar au sein du marché commun de l’Afrique australe et orientale.

Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo get fibre optic connectivity. Champion Intra-Africa Exporters of Top Agro-Commodities[2014 Data] by Country. Kenya : Kenya to focus on Africa to boost exports - The Standard. Création d’un Conseil d’affaires algéro-éthiopien en début 2017. Bank Al-Maghrib s’allie à la Banque centrale des États de l’Afrique de l’Ouest pour un meilleur contrôle.

Untitled. Cameroon-Côte d'Ivoire financial markets boost ties. Le Maroc renforce son partenariat agricole avec le Sénégal. Kenya's Largest Bank To Enter Southern Africa Via Botswana Stock Exchange. Visa Openness & Intra-Africa Trade [2016 Date] by Country. L’Algérie et la Tunisie créent un pôle d’exportation commun. La Tunisie et l’Algérie redécouvrent les pistes peu explorées du partenariat dans l’agriculture - Maghreb Emergent. L'Algérie et le Mali décident de la mise en place d'un conseil d'affaires conjoint - Maghreb Emergent. Le Maroc a quadruplé son commerce avec l’Afrique en dix ans. Sénégal-Mauritanie: lancement d’une ligne d’interconnexion électrique de 225 KV. Tanzania, Congo sign deal for joint petroleum exploration in Lake Tanganyika - Kenya : Kenyan firm buys Tanzanian drugs manufacturer - The Standard. Maroc: Managem prend une participation dans un projet aurifère en Guinée. Only 3 Egyptian construction companies investing in Africa: EFCBC member.

Africa Makes Progress On Trade and Economic Integration. Nigeria, Niger Republic launch $2b trade corridor. Le Maroc investit 100 millions de dirhams en Côte d'Ivoire. Le marocain Attijariwafa bank va ouvrir une filiale au Tchad. Côte d'Ivoire: Le Société Libyenne LPTIC devient le 4è opérateur de téléphonie mobile. Share of Exports to other African Countries [1995-2008 Data] by Country. Logistique : Le marocain SJL ouvre son capital aux sud-africains, 500 MDH d’investissement.

Ghabour Farms plan to expand its exports to African market in 2017. L'Afrique francophone doit intensifier sa coopération transfrontalière. L’ingénierie marocaine renforce sa présence en Afrique. Un projet d’interconnexion de l'Algérie, le Mali, le Niger et du Tchad par la fibre optique annoncé > Protocols to fast track Africa's integration. Africa's infrastructural projects impeded by slow integration.

A.U seeks initiatives to boost intra-Africa trade. Intra-African Trade to Play Larger Role in Local GDP Contributions. Explicit cookie consent. Coastweek - The most from the coast. SA tyre giant sets up shop in Bulawayo. Un Schengen africain se met en marche – Intra-African broadband terrestrial infrastructure. Intra-African trade could rival Asia. Intra-African trade costs highest of all developing regions. Visa Free by 2018? Africa's Open Visa Policy. Tanzanian Tycoon Said Salim Bakhresa To Invest $30 Million In Zimbabwean Flour Mill - Pan African Visions. Moroccan group Intelcia buys Clienteos to extend to Cameroon. Energie : Le marocain Nareva annonce un méga accord africain. Visa Openness & Intra-Africa Trade [2016 Date] by Country.

ABDESLAM BOUCHOUAREB : Le forum économique Algérie-Afrique du 19 au 21 novembre à Alger. Férid Tounsi: «Avec SITIC Africa, nous voulons créer un réseau tuniso-africain des TIC» Malian entrepreneurs eye to invest in agriculture in Malanje. AU Summit to proclaim Continental Free Trade Area. Africa: Continental Free-Trade Negotiations to Conclude By 2017. Newsweek. Algeria to open Algerian-Cameroonian trade office in Douala. L’Ivoirien Kone Dossongui crée Atlantic Cocoa Plantations au Cameroun. Le groupe algérien Saidal s’attaque au marché camerounais. Africa: Nepad Launches New Drive to Promote Intra-Africa Trade.