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Observgo décembre 2020

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Alexandru - Performance Measurement and Monitoring. Christina - U.S. GAO - Taxpayer Service: IRS Could Improve the Taxpayer Experience by Using Better Service Performance Measures. What GAO Found The Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) mission and strategic plan state expectations for IRS to improve the taxpayer experience and services it provides.

Christina - U.S. GAO - Taxpayer Service: IRS Could Improve the Taxpayer Experience by Using Better Service Performance Measures

However, IRS and its divisions that manage programs serving the largest taxpayer groups—the Wage and Investment (W&I) and the Small Business/Self-Employed (SB/SE) divisions—did not have performance goals to specify the desired improvements. For example, W&I aligned its service programs to IRS's strategic objectives for taxpayer services that state broad types of management activities such as monitoring the taxpayer experience and addressing issues. However, it did not have performance goals that specify outcomes to improve the taxpayer experience, such as reducing taxpayer wait times for telephone assistance. Because IRS and these two divisions do not have performance goals for improving the taxpayer experience, IRS does not have related performance measures. Brève - Creating the government of the future. Learn how governments can use the building blocks of change to design a more anticipatory, prepared, and resilient future.

Brève - Creating the government of the future

An inflection point This IS a big moment in the evolution of government. The year 2020 will be remembered for many things—the COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic downturn, social and political unrest, and a contentious US presidential election, to name a few. But the future may also look back at 2020 as a year when governments at all levels reached an inflection point—when driving forces remaking our world prompted long-awaited changes to the way government serves its citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated—in some cases, by years—the advance of the future of government. Brève - Embracing Innovation
 in Government Global Trends 2020. Pierre - Guide pour un gouvernement ouvert et le Coronavirus. David - How can Citizens’ Assemblies open up parliament? The Agora political party, which you represent in the Brussels Regional Parliament, is not conventional, advocating for a permanent change to complement electoral democracy with deliberative democracy through the ongoing use of Citizens’ Assemblies.

David - How can Citizens’ Assemblies open up parliament?

Why and how did you replace the ‘usual’ way of working for your role as a Member of Parliament (MP)? In the long-term, we would like to permanently change the way democracy works in the Brussels-Capital region. Brève - participation budget Ville de Montréal. Brève - Why young people tune out government COVID-19 messaging. Across Canada, COVID-19 infection rates are climbing amid the coronavirus’s second wave.

Je suis d'accord avec toi, Mélodie, l'accent sur la communication-dialogue avec les jeunes est un élément nouveau qui mérite d'être souligné. – observgo

Since a short flattening of the curve in the summer, transmission has continued to rise, particularly among young people who have been scolded by politicians like Ontario Premier Doug Ford for having parties and other get-togethers without appropriate distancing.

Brève - Why young people tune out government COVID-19 messaging

But the various reprimands by political leaders are falling on deaf ears. COVID-19 rates among those 20 to 29 years old are the highest of any age group in the country. Patrick - Cracking the code: Rulemaking for humans and machines. Brève- The Covid-19 crisis: A catalyst for government transformation? This OECD COVID-19 policy brief, a product of the Open and Innovative Government Division (OIG) of the Public Governance Directorate of the OECD, examines how and to what extent the crisis has served as a catalyst for government transformation.

Brève- The Covid-19 crisis: A catalyst for government transformation?

It draws these observations and analysis from over 400 cases and initiatives captured in the OECD’s COVID-19 Innovative Responses Tracker, and will support the discussions of the “Government after Shock” event and the 2020 Public Governance Committee week. In this sense, it will contribute to shaping the broader conversation on how governments must rethink the way they govern to deliver continuous value to our economies and societies. Brève - New EU rules: digitalisation to improve access to justice. On 23 November, Parliament adopted two proposals aimed at modernising justice systems in the EU, which will help to decrease delays, increase legal certainty and make access to justice cheaper and easier.

Brève - New EU rules: digitalisation to improve access to justice

New regulations will implement several digital solutions for cross-border taking of evidence and service of documents with the aim of making cooperation between national courts in different EU countries more efficient. Endorsing distance communication technologies will lower costs and help evidence to be taken quicker. For example, to hear a person in a cross-border proceeding, videoconferencing can be used instead of requiring a physical presence. A decentralised IT system that brings together national systems will be established so that documents can be exchanged electronically in a faster and more secure way.

The new rules include additional provisions to protect data and privacy when documents are transmitted and evidence is being taken. Mélodie - Ending homelessness in Australia: a redesigned homelessness service system. Description The homelessness service system in Australia comprises national intergovernmental agreements around homelessness services, state and territory strategies, and over 1,500 Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) that provide a range of services to support clients who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Mélodie - Ending homelessness in Australia: a redesigned homelessness service system

Australian governments fund a range of SHS to support people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. These services are delivered by non-government organisations including agencies specialising in delivering services to specific target groups (such as people escaping domestic violence), as well as those that provide more generic services to people facing housing crises. Mélodie - U.S. GAO - Retirement Security: Other Countries' Experiences with Caregiver Policies. What GAO Found For over a decade, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom (UK) have developed and implemented national approaches—including strategies, laws, and policies—to support family caregivers, according to experts GAO interviewed.

Présenter les mesures concrètes adoptées dans les trois pays examinés, en lien avec les trois types d'intervention: flexibilité de l'emploi; soutien au revenu; crédit pour les pensions. Parler aussi des défis qui ont dû être relevés lors de la mise en place de ces mesures et finir en questionnant la pertinence d'appliquer ces mesures au Qc. – observgo

Specifically, experts noted that these efforts could help caregivers maintain workforce attachment, supplement lost income, and save for retirement.

Mélodie - U.S. GAO - Retirement Security: Other Countries' Experiences with Caregiver Policies

Olivier - Télétravail.

Je propose d'axer la capsule sur les éléments suivants: les constats les plus importants; les facteurs ayant permis un ajustement (adaptation) réussi au télétravail (p. 26 et 27); qqs recommandations concrètes de la 1ere (télétravail comme véritable mode d'organisation du travail) et de la 2eme catégories (adapter les technos et les espaces de travail) de recommandations - je ne pense pas qu'on a assez d'espace pour parler des recommandations sur le plan juridique. Dire que c'est une étude comparative et qu'au Qc l'adaptation au télétravail s'est mieux faite en comparaison avec les autres pays examinés, mais ne pas détailler les résultats comparatifs. L'important, selon moi, c'est les facteurs influant sur l'ajustement au télétravail. Bien sûr, tout ce que je propose est à discuter. – observgo

Brève - Literature Review Cover Note. 1.

Brève - Literature Review Cover Note

Public Service Leadership Rapid Literature Reviews The National Leadership Centre (NLC) supports the country’s most senior public service leaders to develop the skills, knowledge, and networks they need to address the challenges the country faces. To do so, the NLC delivers a flagship leadership development programme, supports a network of leaders to connect, and conducts research to build the evidence base regarding public service leadership. The NLC has commissioned three literature reviews with the aim to build the evidence base regarding Organisational Effectiveness and Collaboration, Systems Leadership, and Effective Leadership Qualities, to inform future NLC activities. Brève - Digital economy: scoreboard shows women in Europe are less likely to work or be skilled in ICT. The Commission has published the 2020 Women in Digital Scoreboard.

Brève - Digital economy: scoreboard shows women in Europe are less likely to work or be skilled in ICT

Women have spearheaded innovation essential to the advancement of digital technology – from computer algorithms to programming. Yet, they are still less likely to have specialist digital skills and work in this field compared to men. Only when looking at the basic digital skills, the gender gap has narrowed, from 10.5% in 2015 to 7.7% in 2019. David - Green budgeting.

Comme il y a une variété de mesures fiscales présentées, je propose de centrer la capsule sur le green budgeting, les initiatives et les mesures fiscales associées, et de présenter, en guise d'illustration, le cas de la France (Box 1, page 5). – observgo

Matthieu - Circular Economy: Member States delaying the inevitable targets. Brève - Guide Pratique de la Smart City - Tome 4 : La mobilité de demain. Ce 16 septembre 2020, à l’occasion de la Semaine de la Mobilité européenne, le Smart City Institute vous dévoile son dernier Guide Pratique de la Smart City, dédié cette année à la mobilité durable et intelligente. En Wallonie comme ailleurs, la mobilité s’impose comme un enjeu clé pour les villes et communes, tant d’un point de vue sociétal, économique, environnemental ou encore santé. Dans une récente enquête, les communes wallonnes l’ont par ailleurs affirmé : l’accessibilité, la mobilité et le transport constituent l’axe Smart City #1 pouvant effectivement contribuer à leur attractivité et leur dynamisme (Baromètre Smart City 2019).

Une question se pose alors : comment garantir aux citoyens une mobilité à la fois durable, efficiente, respectueuse de l’environnement et de la santé, et ce, en tirant parti des nouvelles innovations disponibles ? Smart Mobility – Une multitude de solutions La collection. Government unveils path to sustainable farming from 2021. Plans to deliver a better, fairer farming system in England have been set out by government today. They will transform the way we support farmers, in the most significant change to farming and land management in 50 years. The roadmap outlines changes that will come into force over a period of seven years to help farmers adapt and plan for the future.

Outside the EU and no longer bound by the EU’s bureaucratic Common Agricultural Policy, the plans set out how government plans to introduce a new system that is tailored in the interests of English farmers, centred on support that rewards farmers and land managers for sustainable farming practices. The changes will be designed to ensure that by 2028, farmers in England can sustainably produce healthy food profitably without subsidy, whilst taking steps to improve the environment, improve animal health and welfare and reduce carbon emissions. The key changes include: