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Over-Graph sur Twitter : "L'astuce #Twitter du jour : rédigez un tweet et appuyez sur ctrl + cmd + espace pour avoir les #emojis □ Twitter fait le bonheur des start-ups de traitement de données. XEnvoyer cet article par e-mail Twitter fait le bonheur des start-ups de traitement de données Nouveau ! Pas le temps de lire cet article ? Classez le dans vos favoris en cliquant sur l’étoile. Fermer L'article du jour du Financial Times Syndicated articles from Financial Times Big data Hannah Kuchler, FT – Les idées, attentes et commentaires des 230 millions d’utilisateurs actifs de Twitter sont une mine d’or pour les spécialistes qui savent traiter de telles données. Il y a deux semaines, Apple a acheté Topsy Labs, certainement pour utiliser les analyses du « Firehose » [littéralement "tuyau d'incendie"] de Twitter – chaque tweet envoyé – afin de cibler ses publicités, les recommandations d’ iTunes, ou les réponses de Siri, l’assistant virtuel de l’i-phone.

Le lendemain, DataSift, la plate-forme de données sociales basée à Reading et San Francisco qui fournit des données à 1 000 sociétés, dont [...] Tweets Provide New Way to Gauge TV Audiences. The Golden Tweets AKA Most Popular Tweets Of 2012. Twitter have revealed the most popular tweets of the year 2012 on the social media site, or ‘Golden Tweets’ as they’re called. ‘Golden Tweets’ are tweets that generated the most Retweets for the year, and that caught attention around the world. Here are the top two Tweets that generated the most Retweets for the year, plus honorable mentions for a few other Tweets that caught attention around the world. 1. President Obama comments on his reelection: 810,000+ retweets 300,000+ favorites Before he took the stage to affirm his election victory, President Obama marked his win via Twitter.

Within hours, this Tweet simultaneously became the most retweeted of 2012 — and the most retweeted ever, sent by people in more than 200 countries around the world. Four more years.…— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) november 7, 2012 2. RIP Avalanna. i love you— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) september 26, 2012 3. Fuck it NFL.. 4. 5. 公式ブログが無いのでこちらで報告させて頂きます。 Second écran, Twitter… et la télé devint sociale.

Expectations from LeWeb 2009. Jeffrey Mann Research VP 14 years at Gartner 26 years IT industry Jeffrey Mann is a research vice president for collaboration and social software at Gartner Research. Mr. Mann focuses on social software, team workspaces, the collaboration market and knowledge management. Read Full Bio Coverage Areas: by Jeffrey Mann | December 9, 2009 | 1 Comment I am sitting in the audience, waiting for the LeWeb conference in Paris to start. Backstage, waiting to speak at conferences. I decided earlier this year that this would be an interesting venue to explore. I am especially interested in what is coming out of Europe, where I live. Jack Dorsey Talks About Square at LeWeb: Wants Dongle to be Avai.

At the annual LeWeb conference in Paris today, Loic Le Meur interviewed Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey about Square, the mobile payment system he launched in limited beta in November. While the demo didn't quite work as expected - the Square dongle wasn't able to read Loic's credit card at first - we did learn a few more details about Square. Among other thing, Dorsey plans to launch an API in the future that will allow Square to connect to other financial systems and bookkeeping software. In addition, Dorsey announced that he plans to make the payment dongle available for free. According to Dorsey, finance is one of two industries that is ready for a disruption. The other industry is healthcare, though Dorsey doesn't expect that we will see any major technological disruptions in this business within the next two years. According to Dorsey, one of the original ideas for Square was to use the iPhone camera to take a picture of a credit card and then use OCR software to read the data.

Foursquare de by jack dorsey (twitter founder) @LeWeb on Flickr. Le Web Kicks Things Off With Jack Dorsey. It’s about 9:45 am Paris time here at the sixth annual Le Web conference. Kicking things off is Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, who just launched his new startup, a mobile payment platform and service called Square, talking with Le Web’s Loic Le Meur. There are 2,300 registered attendees at the event, the most ever, and it looks like most of them have jammed themselves into the main floor to see Dorsey talk.

The audience is eating this up. A large screen next to the stage is showing real time tweets related to the talk, and a new one is popping up every second or faster. Dorsey is kicking things off talking about his initial vision for Twitter (our first post). Dorsey says he’s been surprised by the velocity of growth, and the ways that users have changed it – retweets, @mentions, hashtags, etc., were all invented by users. Jack’s now giving the audience one of the first live demo’s of his new startup, Square (see here for a video of our demo). The service is in limited beta, says Dorsey.