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Directory. Fairfax. Spymaster. Plugin 2. Plugin 3. Plugin 4. Add Twitter gadget on Gmail « @rmz weBLOG. The Twitter Tag Project - Follow Friday! Sqworl: A Lightbox for Shared Links - ReadWriteWeb. Here at ReadWriteWeb, we're big fans of URL shorteners (although not all URL shorteners mind you).

Sqworl: A Lightbox for Shared Links - ReadWriteWeb

We use them for microblogging sites where we have to conserve characters, tracking how many people are clicking through links we share, and keeping groups of links organized. That's why we like Sqworl, a URL shortener that acts like a lightbox for links we're sharing. If you've ever had the opportunity to gather collections of stock images - or looked at a Flickr set - you know the benefits of a lightbox. By collecting a series of disparate images under a single URL, you can easily show someone else exactly what you want them to see. Why not use that same technique when sharing URLs?

Twitter Avatars In Comments Wordpress Plugin « Smashing Magazin. Advertisement Over the last months, Twitter has become extremely popular across the Web, with more blogs, magazines and companies using it to communicate with their audiences and customers.

Twitter Avatars In Comments Wordpress Plugin « Smashing Magazin

Even we started Twittering a couple of months ago and have over 3,650 followers now. Please feel free to join us and follow Smashing Magazine on Twitter as well. Although we aren’t sure if Twitter will actually revolutionize blogs (as other blogs claim), Twitter is definitely changing the way website owners communicate with their visitors, and we, designers, need to be aware of that and use appropriate tools to meet the expectations of our clients. Twittar WordPress Plugin. cTwittLike - See twitter like someone else. TwitterMass - Massively Grow Your Twitter Network. How We Use Twitter for Journalism - ReadWriteWeb. How useful can communication limited to 140 characters be for serious journalism?

How We Use Twitter for Journalism - ReadWriteWeb

10 Twitter tools to effectively manage your followers - Daily SE. Your Twitter Karma. Top 8 most useful practical Twitter tools for the twitter profes. Since Twitter becomes a trend settler and a unique perspective to a micro blogging system.

Top 8 most useful practical Twitter tools for the twitter profes

You should use it in a right way to boost up your productivity and connections around the world. Twitter has numerous web, desktop and hand-held device applications. Now with this wide range of Twitter related tools you might get into a real hard time to find the right applications. Specially when all the popular sites posted so many Twitter tools to use. The real life fact is you can’t and you wont be able to use all these tools in one shot.

. #1 TweetDeck – The Ultimate twitter desktop application Previously I’ve written about the best adobe air desktop clients designed for twitter. TweetDeck : Multiple column based topic monitoring Search twitter and monitor the search topics or even hashtags (No need to use twitter search website, real time saver) Upload and insert the url of a photo via twitpic (Eliminate usage of twitpic website usage) Many url shortening services already integrated What it does? Twitter Tips - TwiTip. Six types of Tweets if you Twitter everyday « These Digital Time. I have so many people asking me how to write Tweets.

Six types of Tweets if you Twitter everyday « These Digital Time

So I have provided a list of generic types using real Tweets by some of the social and new media people I follow. Companies / Technology - Twitter uses 140 characters to change w. Home. The outstanding source of microblogging information. Schedule Future-Dated Twitter Tweets » Monitter: A Different Take on Twitter Search - ReadWriteWeb. Monitter is a browser based Twitter search engine that is a bit reminiscent of TweetDeck, the popular desktop Twitter client.

Monitter: A Different Take on Twitter Search - ReadWriteWeb

One of Tweetdeck's most interesting features is that it can display a number of Twitter searches in parallel to each other, which is a great way of keeping track of a certain topic as it makes its way through Twitter. Monitter takes a similar approach and displays three constantly updated keyword searches parallel to each other in your browser. Monitter is being developed by Alex Holt and has been online since July 27th. Three Keywords - Three Languages In its current state, Monitter is restricted to always displaying three keyword searches in three separate columns.

One of the really cool features of Monitter is that you can filer tweets by language. As the folks over at Web Worker Daily point out, Monitter also works great in a site specific browser like Fluid on the Mac or Bubbles on the PC. Widget Competition Verdict. Crazy Idea? Go Media Offers Design Help via Twitter. Go Media is trying something new here.

Crazy Idea? Go Media Offers Design Help via Twitter

Utterz - Mobile Multimedia Discussions. Edmodo: microblogging for the classroom. Posted by José Picardo on September 2, 2008 I have been looking forward to the lauch of Edmodo since I first found out about it earlier this year.

Edmodo: microblogging for the classroom

Edmodo is now coming to the end of its private beta trials and is giving itself the last final touches before it goes live, ready to be exploited by students, teachers and lecturers. TweetDeck. (alpha) Combine the Best Features of Twitter, Plurk, and Brightkite for. This is a guest post from Samir Balwani of Internet Marketing blog Left the . It feels like every day there’s a new post about Plurk, Twitter, or some new micro-blogging platform . They’re always heralded as the next big social media hit , the best on the web, or something killer. The truth is, they’re not. Most of these platforms are too young to be killing anything, and are generally unfinished. Twitter has major problems with uptimes, Plurk is missing some major features, and Brightkite is having issues with Verizon. My biggest problem with all these platforms is that they’re based on the same general idea, to update people on your location, latest thoughts, or what you’re doing.

That’s why I’m announcing Plutter Kite, the official roadmap for the best micro-blogging platform. Plurk: Karma – an awesome feature that keeps people engaged, and gives users a goal. Threaded Comments – one of the largest feature missing out on Twitter was the ability to actually respond to someone. Tweetmeme.