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Your Twitter Karma

Your Twitter Karma

a geekier, faster way to bulk add quality followers An Interview with Internet Policy Visionary Susan Crawford Susan Crawford is most often described as an “Internet policy visionary”, and you’d be hard-pressed to argue that title. Her CV includes the title of professor for Harvard’s Kennedy School, a visiting professor at Harvard Law, former professor at the University of Michigan Law School and a board member for ICANN among many other positions. But her true passion lies in trying to fix how we see the Internet.

twistori Как зарабатывать в твиттере с Twite 12 600 рублей каждый месяц: раскрываю все секреты Доброго времени суток! Сегодня будет урок, который очень давно хотел написать. Я буду рассказывать про то, как можно заработать в Твиттере с помощью 12 600 рублей и более, используя несколько аккаунтов.

Video: An introduction to yoga - Stress Management - Article - More Than Medication Think it takes years of practising yoga before you see any results? Not so says yoga teacher and trainer Annick Robinson. Follow her moves and make yoga your go-to stress-busting habit. "The word yoga comes from "to yoke"”, meaning to unite," explains Annick Robinson, fitness and yoga teacher and trainer. “So while some may think that yoga is designed to make you more flexible, it is actually meant to make you more balanced: It makes you stronger where you are weak; more supple where you are stiff. Yoga helps you connect your mind, your body and your spirit." Know and show what you got - TwentyFeet - TwentyFeet Wiki The performance post for twitter is a cool way to recap your last week for your followers and friends. It's for free. You can do that with your "forever free" twitter account . It contains the changes in your key twitter metrics.

Politics - Mar 30, 2012 - Etch A Sketch launches ad campaign March 30, 2012John Seewer And Mae Anderson The 104-year old company that makes Etch A Sketch is launching new political-themed ads, after the toy made headlines when an aide for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney compared it with Romney's fall election strategy. Rivals said the comparison with a toy that's fun because of the way it erases when shaken implied that Romney would do the same _ and flip-flop on issues once the general election campaign starts. The toy instantly became a buzzword. "I have not written my public policy pronouncements on an Etch A Sketch," Republican rival Rick Santorum said while campaigning in Wisconsin, for example. "They are written on my heart."

60+ Twitter Tools On Web Twitter is my favorite microblogging service, i’ve made a list of Twitter tools on web . Thank’s to all developers who has developed all these tools, they are cool and very nice.. . Not all of these tools good for your business or blog, my favorite is Twitterfeed , i dont need WordPress plugins anymore to automatic post my new blog entries to Twitter. – a tools website for twitter. Dev Bootcamp Teaches Ruby on Rails To Beginners In the bay area, there are no shortage of hackathons, meetups, or coworking spaces for developers. One of the things that is lacking is a regular mentorship or teaching model that lets beginners learn the skills it takes to become a professional. Most of the developers in Silicon Valley are self-taught and are already working at a company, so it’s hard to blame them for not being able to teach anyone and everyone who wants to achieve the same status.

Are Most Major Brands’ Twitter Followers Fake? Despite talk of measuring “engagement” and “interactions,” success on social platforms is often crudely judged by the size of the audience a brand has amassed. (Digiday has been guilty of this.) But on Twitter, marketers are talking to far fewer people than they think, according to data gathered from Status People’s Fake Follower Checker.

Day Two: Windows Phone Development Woah. Starting to learn mobile development from a knowledge base of nil is fantastically difficult. After floundering about magnificently today, I’ve come to a great number of conclusions. Amazon launches new 'Coins' virtual currency for Kindle Fire app purchases, coming to the US in May 5 February '13, 03:14pm Follow Intent on helping app developers gain more money from their Appstore submissions, Amazon today announced the launch of ‘Amazon Coins,’ a new virtual currency that will allow Kindle Fire owners to purchase apps, games and make in-app purchases on their tablet when it becomes available in May. The virtual currency will launch in the US only to begin with, providing customers with two choices to buy apps or make purchases from within the app.

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