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War - Good for Whom?

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Pax Humanitas. Secure Safety. Teaching for Peace - Web sources for peace and social justice education. Welcome to the Teaching for Peace Website "Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.

Teaching for Peace - Web sources for peace and social justice education

" - Ralph Waldo Emerson If our schools today are to produce truly global citizens, then that puts a heavy burden on educators to stimulate critical thinking about the critical issues of the day – war and peace, global conflict and inequality, issues of gender, race, class, and so on. It’s a long list. Teaching for Peace is a new web resource where we bring it all together, and provide easy-to-use, practical classroom lessons as well as comprehensive links to resources for peace education. Beheiren. Beheiren (ベ平連, short for ベトナムに平和を!


市民連合 "Betonamu ni Heiwa o Shimin Rengo" — Citizen's League for Peace in Vietnam) was a Japanese activist group that existed from 1965 to 1974. As a coalition of a few hundred anti-war groups it protested Japanese assistance to the United States during the Vietnam War. Accomplishments[edit] They claim to have helped 20 U.S. soldiers to desert, in some cases providing them with false passports and other paperwork and helping them escape to Sweden via the Soviet Union.[1] They also used shareholder activism techniques — buying single shares of Mitsubishi stock so that they could address shareholders meetings about the company's support for the American war effort.[2] The group also assisted American soldiers who were publishing and distributing underground papers and pamphlets in Japan.

Members[edit] Stance in Cold War Rivalries[edit] Like many New Left groups, Beheiren took a stance independent of the Soviet Union and the communist bloc. See also[edit] Cultural References. Why we call him Mahatma. WORLD VIEWS. Fumbling Ecstasy. The Leader in Refugee Decision Support. "In memory of those who have died and those who've carried on–we'll never forget." All-Women Self-Defense Militia In Guerrero, Mexico Says They Are Capable Of Defending Their Town Against Drug War Violence.

More than 100 women from the town of Xaltianguis, about 30 miles from the resort of Acapulco in Mexico's southern state of Guerrero, have taken up arms against organized crime in their town forming all-women regiments in a local community self-defense group known as the Union of Organized Peoples of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG).

All-Women Self-Defense Militia In Guerrero, Mexico Says They Are Capable Of Defending Their Town Against Drug War Violence

On Sunday, the women put on their new citizen-police uniforms and gathered in their town's plaza, where they took an oath to defend their community. Miguel Ángel Jiménez Blanco, the commander of the community police in Xaltianguis, told Animal Politico that the women have undergone training on how to handle the 80 or so firearms which the self-defense patrols rotate among themselves. How the World's Top Assault Rifle Is Rebranding As a "Weapon of Peace" Federation of American Scientists. Federation of American Scientists. Meeting the threats we face in the twenty first century requires solid technical and scientific data and analyses.

Federation of American Scientists

The Strategic Security Program is dedicated to enhancing the security of the country and the world by applying its expertise to these important and urgent problems and making its results available to policy-makers, the press, and the public. The program strives to reduce the spread and risk of nuclear weapons, to stop the global illicit trade in conventional weapons, and to advocate sensible attitudes toward access to government information, which is a prerequisite for any intelligent decision-making in a democracy. The Strategic Security Program is comprised of three projects and a military information database: Center on Conscience & War - Home. Resources on war, peace, and nonviolence. This page can help you find alternatives to war and violence.

resources on war, peace, and nonviolence

Our links page includes more than 150 links to peace and social justice groups. Our featured group page gives a link to an outstanding peace and justice group. Our featured service page links you to a helpful resource for peace and justice work. 2012 Global Peace Index « Vision of Humanity.

Through See the latest peace news and research Contact us Vision of Humanity is an initiative of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

2012 Global Peace Index « Vision of Humanity

IEP have offices in New York and Sydney. For more specific inquiries related to the peace indexes and research, please contact IEP directly. Foolish Notion. Praxis Peace Institute. Praxis Peace Institute. Working to Protect Human Rights. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A visualization of drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004.

Covert Drone War. Pentagon will order almost all furloughed civilian employees back to work. In a rare Saturday session, Congress also took steps to relieve the financial concerns of workers who are facing a government shutdown with no end in sight.

Pentagon will order almost all furloughed civilian employees back to work

The Republican-led House unanimously passed a bill that would offer them full pay for the time they are not at their jobs during the shutdown. While belittling the vote as a distraction that would offer employees “paid vacation,” Democrats who control the Senate said they would pass the bill early next week, and President Obama has said he would sign it.

U.S. Wars: Are They Lawful? Remarks at the biennial general meeting of the War and Law League in San Francisco on Armistice Day 2012.

U.S. Wars: Are They Lawful?

I’ll try briefly to make five points. First, there are clear laws on the books that make U.S. wars unlawful, along with U.S. threats of war and U.S. propaganda for war. CRIMINALIZE WAR. Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. DAG Dialogue Advisory Group. Rite of Passage: Making Basic Training Tougher. By Jim Garamone American Forces Press Service PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. -- Make basic training tougher.

Rite of Passage: Making Basic Training Tougher

This is the challenge for the military services. But what does "tough" mean? Cigarettes & Ammo readily available - not sure which is worse. 1.

If the enemy is in range, so are you. 2. Incoming fire has the right of way. 3. Rock and a Hard Place. Stop the business of war. War is one of the chief causes of poverty. It can completely undermine a country’s development prospects, destroying schools and hospitals and put agricultural land out of use for years to come.

Reuters/Gil Cohen Magen In May 2003, President George Bush made his “mission accomplished” speech in Iraq but the War was not nearly over. Over the next eight years, casualties mounted and public opinion showed ‘boots on the ground’ wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to be deeply unpopular. In the decade since, the face of war has changed. Drones have become the latest weapon of choice in the so-called war on terror. Private Military and Security Companies are profiting from war and insecurity. Suicide by Appointment. A soldier’s story of living precariously with PTSD.

And of a government unable to help him. Under Veterans Administration suicide watch, you are placed on a bed in the center of a room. Foreign Aid for Scoundrels by William Easterly. The Truth Behind the News. A Nobel Prize That Won’t Scare Assad. Conflicts. Enough conducts intensive field research in areas plagued by genocide and crimes against humanity, develops practical policies to address these crises, and shares tools to empower citizens and groups working for change.

Our current work focuses on the grave challenges in four focus areas: Sudan and South Sudan Conflicts within Sudan (including Darfur), within South Sudan, and the outstanding issues between the two countries continue to threaten peace and stability. Read More Eastern Congo Government and rebel militias fight to control Congo's mines, and profits from conflict minerals fund horrific violence perpetuated by armed groups. List of terrorist incidents, 2012. Defense, Strategy, Tactics, Military. This Is Legal But Marijuana Is Not. The "War on Drugs" Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution. What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam. Not only are some people killing non-Muslims in the name of Islam (in impressive numbers) but some are doing something less newsworthy but potentially more disconcerting: Demanding and gaining concessions from non-Muslims, and slowly encroaching on democratic freedoms with the end-goal of establishing Sharia law in Western democracies (and already succeeding).

This must be stopped and your help is needed. But if you're not a soldier and if you don't work for a counterterrorist organization, what can you do? There are a surprising number of practical, effective actions you can take right where you are, and we will keep adding to the list below as we discover more. What Educated Non-Muslims Don't Like About Islam in a Nutshell. Honour lies in the mind of the beholder. Abrogation in Islam and The Persecution of Christians. (AINA) -- In the last few months, Muslim extremists attacked Christian worshippers in their churches: one in Iraq, the other in Egypt. These massacred resulted in killing innocent men, women and children while praying. Abrogation in Islam is one major cause for the atrocities that Muslim fundamentalists have against non-Muslims in general, and the Christian communities in the Islamic world, in particular. This article addresses the persecution of Christians under Islam within the doctrine of abrogation.

Introduction The acts of pre-meditated massacres committed by Muslim extremists against Christians in the Muslim world, has become a phenomenon that needs to be addressed by the United Nations and the Arab League as well as the United States, Europe, and other nations. Handbook for Infidels. A Map of Muslim Protests Around the World - Global. Diane Arbus: Child with Toy Hand Grenade (2001.474) CSNY Teach Your Children with Lyrics. Think. Use your words. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez 1963 March on Washington. THE MARCH ON WASHINGTON. War Quotes & Sayings (Wars, Warfare, Militaries, Combat, Soldiers, Anti-War, etc) Related Quotes Veterans Day Peace Support Troops Memorial Day. DVIDS - Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System. Peacemaking. Agree Ability. Socio Fiscal Responsibility. Ethos of Us. News & Feeds. Economy.

Busyness. New Found Moolah. New Ethics. Humanitas. Human Condition. Societal Gumbo. Seriously? Issues. New Politika. Collapsnickity.