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Ethnobotany. Legit.Cannabis. New Health Concerns. Cannabis Toxic to Canids. Cannabis as Medicine. Medical Cannabis Review. Cannabis Review. Cannabis Socializes. Cannabis Related Products. Smoke Signals The Book by Martin A Lee. Study: Marijuana Doesn't Affect Driving Performance. ​It's something most seasoned pot smokers already know, but still it's nice to get more scientific confirmation: Marijuana doesn't make you wreck your car.

Subjects show almost identical driving skills just before and just after smoking marijuana, according to a study published in the March issue of the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. ​ Investigators from Hartford Hospital in Connecticut and the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine measured the simulated driving performance of 85 people in a double-blind, placebo controlled trial. Volunteers responded to various simulated events associated with auto crash risk, such as avoiding a driver who was entering an intersection illegally, deciding to stop or go through a changing traffic light, responding to the presence of emergency vehicles, avoiding colliding with a dog who entered into traffic, and maintaining safe driving during a secondary (in-the-car) sound distraction. More links from around the web! The 10 Smartest Pot Smokers on the Planet… Cool Enough to Admit It « Cafe Vale Tudo. You’ve probably seen those “Above The Influence” anti-drug commercials in which they show worst scenario outcomes to people smoking weed.

Really depressing sh*t. They always make the person out to be an accidental murderer, or homeless, jobless, friendless. No prospects of anything positive on the horizon. Well, we have a list of the smartest people who ever admitted to smoking pot as a nice complement to the most successful people who owned up to puffin’ dope. Suck it, ATI. Steve Jobs It’s been reported the Apple co-founder smoked pot and took LSD in his first semester at Reed College in Portland, Oregon in 1972. I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can have those kind of accolades being dumb.

Carl Sagan Astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, pothead. It’s hard to argue for pot slowing you down when you look at Carl Sagan’s record. Stephen Jay Gould Paleontologist, biologist, science historian. Francis Crick Won a Nobel Prize for figuring out the double-helix structure of DNA. Margaret Mead. Cannabis Culture LIVE at Oaksterdam for the Califo on USTREAM: CANNABIS CULTURE - Californians will go to the polls on Tuesday, November 2 for the historic.

Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up With Facebook (faster) Log in or sign up with Facebook See what your friends like and watch, get awesome recommendations Instant login, no passwords or With email or username Forgot your password? Don’t have an account? Go live! CannabisCulture banned due to violating Terms of Service. Recommended Live Shows View All USTREAM You're on! English © 2014 Ustream, Inc. Le cannabis et le sexe. Les effets du cannabis dans la sexualité constituent une thématique controversée, opposant ses fervents défenseurs à de farouches détracteurs. Le fait est que consommer du cannabis avant l’amour provoquera des effets contradictoires, celui-ci contenant des substances qui amplifieront le plaisir sexuel mais aussi d’autres qui diminueront le désir sexuel. L’histoire du cannabis utilisé comme aphrodisiaque dans l’Inde antique. Le tantra et le cannabis La marijuana a été consommée comme aphrodisiaque durant des milliers d’années, bien qu’ironiquement elle fût aussi utilisée pour réduire l’appétit sexuel.

Le premier lien connu entre sexe et cannabis dans la culture indienne date de 3000 ans (mais cette relation est sans doute plus ancienne). Il existe des dizaines de recettes au cannabis prescrites comme aphrodisiaques et l’on dit qu’elles peuvent augmenter la durée de l’érection, faciliter la lubrification vaginale, retarder l’éjaculation et désinhiber sexuellement. Sexe tantrique. The 10 Most Successful Potheads on the Planet… Cool Enough to Admit It. An unemployed porno addict, sitting in his parents’ basement, playing video games, eating Lucky Charms out of the box with one hand while he lazily scratches his balls with the other.

A dread-lock having, patchouli oil smelling, tie-die wearing, Phish listening, hula-hoop twirling space cadet. A burger flipping, acne having, socially inept, friendless loser… These are the common stereotypes associated with the term ‘pothead’. In a recent piece we published on pot farms, a debate erupted in the comments section, with some arguing that if you smoke pot, you’ll be poor, gay, and “washing dishes until you’re dead.” Where these stereotypes originated remains a mystery to us. In reality, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Sir Richard Branson While the ‘Sir’ in front of this guy’s name puts him in some very elite company, it doesn’t automatically get him on this list. Rick Steves Your name doesn’t become synonymous with ‘European Travel’ by accident. Aaron Sorkin Michael Phelps Mr. I Love Weed. Cannabis Dialectic Détente. Cannabis 2 View.

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