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Medieval times

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Black Death

Living in Medieval Times. Referencing and Example Medieval Essay. Middle Ages for Kids. Horrible Histories Videos - Measly Middle Ages. LIFE IN MEDIEVAL BRITAIN. Medieval Life and Times. Middle Ages. Updated September 2010 Terms & Glossaries / Timelines / Maps / Feudalism - Daily Life - Carolingian Empire/Charlemagne The Crusades - Heraldry - Chivalry - Knighthood / War, Warfare & Weaponry Important People / Law / Science & Technology / Castles / Medieval Women / Religion & The Church The Black Death (Plague) Witchcraft Trials / Punishment & Torture / Nostradamus Jesters / Food, Fashion, & Entertainment Music & Theatre / Art & Architecture Manuscripts & Books / Various Topics & General/Comprehensive Sites.

Middle Ages

Middle Ages - Medieval Resources. Medieval England. History: Middle Ages. Medieval Realms. Illuminated manuscripts are the survivors of the Middle Ages, shedding light on both the great events of the period and the everyday life of ordinary people.

Medieval Realms

In this web resource you will be able to examine evidence in a number of medieval manuscripts, finding out more about the social history of the period. An additional resource on the British Library's collection of medieval manuscripts is available on our Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts. Written by Dr Alixe Bovey. Towns The craftsmen, traders, temptations and dangers, within medieval England’s walled towns Rural life The lives of ploughmen, seed sowers, millers and bakers as evidenced in unique illuminations Women. HistoryOnTheNet. Medieval England - History. Middle Ages. Middle Ages Image source: The Battle of Aljubarrota (Castile vs Portugal, 1385) Moments in Time Moments in Time is an interactive timeline presenting key events that occurred around the world between 650 and 1918 CE.

Middle Ages

This... History Years: 8,9 Vikings! Come face to face with a village full of Vikings! History Years: 6,7 8 Moments in Time History Years: 8,9 Vikings! History Years: 6,7 8 Vikings raid and loot Christian monaster... Imagine being a Christian monk in Britain when Viking raiders set upon your undefended monastery, killing your brethren and stealing... History Year: 8 Explore suggestions for using the interactive resource Moments in time to develop your students' understanding of important historical... A Viking as the king of England Who was King Cnut and how did he come to rule England? The Battle of Hastings, again! How was England changed forever by one battle in 1066? Dirty tricks in 1066 Henry VIII challenges the Catholic Churc... How did the Catholic Church lose its power in England?

Library Webs Middle Ages. Medieval History: Medieval Architecture, Knightly Life, and Medieval Society. Medieval Technology Pages - Subject Index. The Medieval Technology Pages Paul J.

Medieval Technology Pages - Subject Index

Gans Department of Chemistry New York University General articles are listed below. Unsigned articles were written by me. A Timeline and References are also available below. These pages could not have been created without the generous help of Prof. Comments, corrections, and additions to the material on these pages are welcome. [send e-mail] Introduction Timeline References.

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments. Medieval English Music. Normans / Medieval - food facts - History cookbook. Medieval England - Medieval towns. A Medieval goldsmith shop TownsA new class emerged during the Middle Ages; the merchant.

Medieval England - Medieval towns

The growth of trade and the merchant middle class went hand in hand with the growth in towns. Town populations swelled during this period, particularly after the Black Death. Trade routes grew, though roads remained poor and dangerous, so most goods were transported by water. Towns were built on trade, and the elite of towns were the merchants. Merchant GuildsGuilds controlled the trade in a town. Merchant Adventurer's Hall, York Craft GuildsSeparate from the merchant guilds were the craft guilds, which regulated the quality, working hours and conditions of its members. Apprentices, Journeymen, and MastersThe period of apprenticeship lasted for 2-7 years, after which time the apprentice became a journeyman.

All townsmen were free, and this provided some incentive for serfs to run away to the towns. StreetsBefore Edward I all repairs to streets were the responsibility of adjacent householders. Wharram Percy. Wichamstow Village. Welcome to the virtual village of Wichamstow.

Wichamstow Village

The village, which if it keeps up this sort of growth will soon be a small town, is situated by the river Fisclacu. When the village has been deemed to be large enough to be officially called a town, it will have to put together a warship and crew to serve the King in times of war. If things should get worse, there is always a chance that he will also order Wichamstow to build a defensive earth bank and ditch around it with defended gates. The ditch would be about 2 metres deep, with a 2 or 3 metre bank, topped with a timber palisade wall of carefully arranged planks. Inside the palisade is a catwalk for the troops to defend themselves and the populous. It has three main roads leading to it, with the bridge across the river a little further upstream where the banks are a bit narrower. The quickest way to travel is by boat or ship. In the village you will find many people who are to one extent or another craftsmen.