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RTscripts - Dr. Chase Young

RTscripts - Dr. Chase Young
© 2013 Chase Young. All rights reserved. Scrabble Letters ©Leo Reynolds. Some Rights Reserved. The list is in alphabetical order. The numbers represent the number of parts in the script. The list ends with Texas Bluebonnet excerpts. A - Readers Theatre Scripts B - Readers Theatre Scripts C - Readers Theatre Scripts E - Readers Theatre Scripts F - Readers Theatre Scripts G - Readers Theatre Scripts H - Readers Theatre Scripts I - Readers Theatre Scripts J - Readers Theatre Scripts K - Readers Theatre Scripts L - Readers Theatre Scripts M - Readers Theatre Scripts N - Readers Theatre Scripts O - Readers Theatre Scripts P - Readers Theatre Scripts R - Readers Theatre Scripts S - Readers Theatre Scripts T - Readers Theatre Scripts D - Readers Theatre Scripts V - Readers Theatre Scripts W - Readers Theatre Scripts Bluebonnet - Readers Theatre Scripts These scripts are for classroom use only. Texas Teachers! Check out a great resource for teaching Texas History.

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Poems Kids Like The following is a selection of poems kids love. Many of these poems are especially suitable for younger children and students in elementary school. read more poems for kids Antigonish [I met a man who wasn’t there] by Hughes MearnsYesterday, upon the stair,I met a man who wasn’t there... At the Zoo by William Makepeace ThackerayFirst I saw the white bear, then I saw the black;Then I saw the camel with a hump upon his back;... Teaching Visual Literacy In the Classroom — Literacy Ideas Students are exposed to a vast array of visual media. When we hear the jazzy term ‘visual text’ we may immediately think of its expression in the digital age, but the roots of visual texts stretch deep into our history; all the way back to our beginnings. Think of the cave paintings in Lascaux!

Symbols Homepage The State of Illinois has eighteen official state symbols, which are pictured below and listed in the menu on the left . Click on a symbol's picture or on a link in the lefthand menu to learn more about the symbol and find a list of books or Web sites where you can find out more. Click on Games in the menu to find a list of online and hands-on activities you can do while learning about the Illinois State symbols. The Differentiator Try Respondo! → ← Back to The Differentiator

My Library Lessons Here's a slideshow that compares and contrasts Folk Tales and Fairy Tales in a way that kids can understand. Just click the RIGHT ARROW BUTTON to advance through this slideshow and see this lesson. Note: This section is not being updated right now, if you would like to share lesson ideas or lesson plans, please email me at and I will be happy to correspond with you and make my current lessons available. Thanks! I have a new project, My LMC Web which is where I am currently posting resources to support library and info/tech literacy skills - thank!

University of Southern Maine What is Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM)? CBM is an assessment system that provides standardized, reliable, and valid general outcome measures of student performance in the core academic areas of reading, writing, spelling, and math. Maze CBM The "maze" test is a type of CBM that measures silent reading fluency. Students are given 3 minutes to read a passage silently and circle the word that goes in a blank. Below are mazes for grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. The Book Bug: Lesson Freebies In an effort to clean up my freebies page and to make different types of freebies easier to find, I have made this page for LESSON FREEBIES. Here you will find links to freebies from me that I have posted on this blog. Click on the picture or the link below to access them.

Measurement Worksheets Welcome to the measurement worksheets page at where you can measure up, measure down or measure all around! This page includes Measurement worksheets for length, area, angles, volume, capacity, mass, time and temperature in Metric, U.S. and Imperial units. Measurement concepts and skills give students the ability to perform tasks related to everyday life. Length, area, volume, capacity, mass, time and temperature are measurement concepts that people are exposed to everyday. Inspirational Quotes to Live By Good quotes are often powerful words of wisdom that inspire, educate and even motivate a person to take action. They usually share common themes such as: Positive thinking leads to positive outcomesFailure is a stepping stone to successHelp yourself by helping othersDetermination, initiative and persistence are the foundation of success And yet these lessons of life are typically condensed into 1-2 lines. Therefore we thought it’d be a great idea to come up with the ultimate list of 100 inspiring quotes to live by. 1.

The Reading Room Education World wants to help you turn your students into the best readers possible. To do that, we have compiled the "Reading Room" a huge list of articles and activities designed to help you teach reading. We start with research-based concepts, ready-to-use tools, and extensions for learning provided by our own "Reading Coach." After that, we have all sorts of useful tools including scripts for reading aloud in the classroom along with other resources.

This site has quite a few scripts that can be read aloud to focus on fluency. The scripts are listed alphabetically, with the number of roles for each scripted listed next to the title. The scripts vary in length from one to four pages. by vr1v3ra Jul 22

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