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La vostra classe è solo un clic di distanza…

La vostra classe è solo un clic di distanza…

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Helping Businesses Make User-Friendly Websites Google recently set up a course in web “accessibility” which may sound great at first. Until they start the paragraph with: “According to the World Health Organization, 285 million people have vision impairments.” As if people who are blind or have low vision are the only users with disabilities having difficulties using websites. What about people with other disabilities?

Why Unizin is a Threat to edX In the week since we published our Unizin exposé, there has been nary a peep from the group to us, or apparently to the traditional news outlets either. When we ran the piece, we emailed Indiana University CIO Brad Wheeler to request comment or corrections. We have not heard back from him yet. Brad, if you’re reading this, our door is always open. Talk to us.

Redefining classroom learning. Empowering instructors. Teaching Functionality Easy Lesson Plan Development Use the web-based app to build, edit and manage your lesson plans in our Show-Explain-Ask framework. Here you can infuse your lesson plans with media elements & videos (things you want to show), notes & examples (things you want to explain) and real-time assessments (things you want to ask). Project Garbology Featured Activity: Waste-Less Lunch Lead your students in learning about natural resources used in common packaging materials. Challenge your students to conserve natural resources through their lunch choices.

QNAP Launches 7-in-1 Mobile NAS QGenie for File Storage, Power Bank, Internet Sharing, and More - QNAP Taipei, Taiwan, July 14, 2014 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced the release of QGenie, a pocket-sized 7-in-1 mobile NAS for file storage, power bank, Internet sharing, and more. With its compact design, QGenie fits perfectly in the pocket yet provides powerful functions to meet users’ day-to-day mobile needs. QGenie offers a great mobile NAS solution to wirelessly and flexibly extend the storage space of mobile devices. 43 Apps, Games, and Websites Transforming This Year's Classrooms In the middle of October, we invited educators to tell us about the "apps, games, and websites that are helping to tranform their classrooms this year." We asked that you submit your responses in the form of Field Notes and we received more than 700 submissions! 43 products emerged with several votes and strong, detailed Field Notes to explain just how they are being used effectively at school. So here is our (albeit unscientific) list of apps, games, and websites transforming classrooms this Fall.

Which Digital Media Are Worthy of Classroom Use? Finding great educational apps for classroom use is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Ask a teacher or instructional technology specialist for guidance — let alone a definitive source of high-quality, high-value content — and they’ll likely respond that “It really depends on what you consider to be educational.” The Elements of Graphite Graphite’s reviews and ratings are organized by:

Classroom Having a learning disability or autism can sometimes leave the one diagnosed with evasion of confrontation and generally unable to function in daily activities such as going to school. Things someone would take for granted can sometimes be the most difficult action for others. What this will help;● Enforce routine through repetition ● Simulate the common actions taken when one first enters a classroom● Feedback and rewards for choosing the correct action to match activity ● Interactive 3D environment● Fun and immersive sound effects and music About ABA As we know, the recommendation of 40 hours per week of ABA programming as employed by Lovaas’s study has been cited by many parents as being vital to their child’s success. The National Research Council’s 2001 report (p. 184) summarizes the skills necessary for implementing an effective ABA program as:

Free YouTube Converter by Freemake - Free YouTube to MP3 Most Trusted YouTube MP3 Converter Over 100,000,000 users worldwide convert YouTube to MP3 with Freemake software. Unlike online services, the program doesn't depend on browser settings and doesn't require any addons. It delivers fast guaranteed results due to inbuilt music search and multistream MP3 download. Ideal to use on the regular basis. Peekaboo! Make and do.: 2D Shapes Game Do you remember playing with magnetic or wooden shapes when you were little?I had a set of wooden shapes in different sizes and colours which could be used to make all sorts of pictures and patterns.This is my DIY version, which I made for my class recently as we've been learning about shapes. I started with seven or eight sheets of colourful paper and being very lazy, I cut the shapes out mainly freehand and holding the whole bundle together at the same time! The only shape I didn't cut freehand was the circle as I find I can never get a perfect circle, they just get smaller and smaller as I keep cutting, trying to make them perfect.This pack of paper was from Lidl for £2.

My Puzzles Welcome! This is a feature where you can manage the crossword puzzles you have created on the computer you are using. This package doesn't use any accounts or passwords, so you need not remember that information. On the other hand, anyone using the computer can also manage your puzzles. This isn't Internet banking... 4 crucial education points LeVar Burton made at ISTE Educators packed a ticketed spotlight session sponsored by Common Sense Media at the 2014 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference. Drawing them to this third floor room at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta? Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton. Reading Rainbow debuted on PBS in June 1983, running 23 years until its cancelation in November 2013— but we'll get to that shortly. For as many people as there are who know the show's host for his role as Kunta Kinte in "Roots" or Lt.

Nik's Learning Technology Blog: Instant Opinion Polls in the Classroom For a long time now I have been looking for a tool that enables instant polling in the classroom or in the lecture room. I specifically wanted something that: doesn't require registration (especially from the people I'm polling)updates very quicklyworks on any platform from computers to mobile devices It looks like I have finally found what I've been looking for and best of all it's free. The tool that I have found is Mentimeter and it does all of the above.Here's an example of a poll I created where you can add your vote: Here is a link to the results (if you are one of the first to read this article there may not be many results yet).

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