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SoundCloud has one last chance to monetize — here’s what it should do. Things are looking up for SoundCloud, who have weathered a tumultuous summer. They came out with an SOS funding round of $170M and a new CEO, Kerry Trainor, formerly of Vimeo. Now Trainor has announced the newest addition to the platform — increased playlist statistics for artists. Improving analytics for artists is a major step forward to making the music platform a viable distribution channel for existing artists. Without the artists, there would be no SoundCloud to speak of. Yet it doesn’t tackle one fundamental problem that got them in this pickle in the first place — the business model. Though it isn’t uncommon for heavily VC funded startups to fail to monetize, the case with SoundCloud is unique. The important question is: Why have some services become profitable and essentially built their businesses on SoundCloud, but SoundCloud itself couldn’t?

The answer is simple. I worked with an ecommerce platform to collect data from over 7,000 online sellers. Where SoundCloud went wrong. Bloggeries Blog Directory - THE Human Edited Blog Directory. Blog Search Engine Directory & Blogger Forum - Blog Catalog. Top 500 Global Sites. New York Knows Music: 10 Must-Read New York Music Blogs. A longtime cultural hub, New York has boasted a lively, trendsetting music scene for over a century.

From the beginnings of Broadway to Studio 54’s disco era, the 1970s punk scene to legendary East Coast hip hop, New York has always danced to the beat of its own drum. Here are ten of our favorite music blogs from the city that knows it best. Brooklyn-based culture blog ALT CITIZEN wants its readers to have fun with music. With its weekly musical horoscopes and humorously-titled mixtapes (‘Songs to Piss your Parents Off’ and ‘Love Is Weird And Confusing,’ to name a few), the site adopts a playful approach to the subject. Also sharing the latest tracks and videos from your favorite artists as well as in-depth album reviews, the blog serves as a respectable go-to source for indie music news. All Things Go Its countless music uploads covering a range of genres make All Things Go a great place to explore the varied offerings of the indie music scene.

Largehearted boy The Wild Honey Pie. Top 100 Influential Music Blogs & Websites in the World | Style of Sound. The SOS 100 is ideal for anyone who needs to know the most popular music blogs and websites in the world whose content gets shared. What Can You do With this List? Simple speaking, the SOS 100 is an amazing tool to discover the best music blogs to submit music to. For music fans, use it to discover new music sites and polish your knowledge of who’s who online. Which Music Blogs and Sites are included?

The SOS 100 includes websites whose main activity is to provide music reportage. Discover New Music Sites to Stumble Across The SOS 100 covers the very best rock music blogs, EDM music blogs, hip hop music blogs, the best indie music blogs, the best electronic music blogs, and even sites covering country and classical music. Each of the 100 sites in this index are organised by the primary music genre they cover. Are these music sites the most influential? We’ve found social engagement to be a good indicator of online influence as they are in essence digital word-of-mouth recommendations. Reddit in 2015 – Upvoted. Music Blogs That Want YOUR Music! Getting your music heard is hard.

Getting your music heard by the right people is even harder. You hear so many blogs, journalists and other industry big names complaining about unsolicited PR emails from bands, so it’s difficult to know where to tread. This is why we have set up this blog post, containing info and links to all the influential sites and blogs who not only accept these emails but welcome them. But before you start emailing, here’s a quick word of warning. Never under any circumstances send a group email. It may save you time, but putting all these addresses into a BCC field and firing over a group email would burn more bridges than it would build. Below is a list of blogs that are accepting submissions.

Aurgasm Aurgasm is an essential destination for passionate music lovers around the world, featuring an eclectic range of tracks from unsigned bands and solo artists all over the globe. Aquarium Drunkard Consequence Of Sound Country Fried Rock Drowned in Sound Gorilla vs. Digital Music News. The Top 20 Music Blogs | Digital Music News. We often discuss which bands are getting the most online buzz, like in the 50 most blogged artists list. But who is talking about these bands and creating the buzz? Enter this list of the most influential music blogs. In fact, Style of Sound created a list of the top 100. They included web-only sites, so none of these blogs that are associated with print magazines, newspapers, or radio stations.

I’ve included the top 20 here so you can see who the major players are. Their list was created using a scoring system based on post frequency, quality, SEO, social media, and Klout score. It isn’t perfect… they excluded XLR8R because they thought it was still a print magazine, but they’ve been web-only since 2011. All of that aside, this will give you general knowledge of the most important music blogs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 2 Dope Boyz 18. 19. 20. The Top 20 Music Blogs | Digital Music News. New Albums & Music Reviews. Index of Music Blogs / Hype Machine. The End of Music Blogs as We Know Them | PigeonsandPlanes. Photo by Jacob Moore, in my apartment, as I write this When I started Pigeons & Planes in 2008, I didn’t even know what the word “blog” meant.

I only started the site because Eskay, from my favorite website Nah Right, stopped responding to my requests for a job. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. My marketing plan involved going to the most popular music videos on YouTube and commenting: “PIGEONS AND PLANES. GOOGLE IT!” I have no idea if anyone found the blog that way. I still think it was a decent idea. In 2008, the small start-up blogs were the ones keeping up with music in real time. That same year, Brendan Frederick, who was Deputy Editor of Complex at the time, called the entire Complex edit staff together and announced something that would immediately change the company forever: “You’re all bloggers now.” For years, blogs dominated the music space on the internet. This is often how things play out when a new, affordable technology is introduced to any industry.