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STAR Communities | Shared Resources. Climate & Energy | News. Climate & Energy | Shared Resources. 0. Ambassadors' Carbon Footprint. US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Executive Summary 2012. Sweden: Potential of Biochar to Enhance Environmental Sustainability. Microsoft Environment. Microsoft is Going Carbon Neutral Microsoft instituted a companywide commitment to achieve carbon neutrality beginning in fiscal year 2013.

Microsoft Environment

The foundation of our commitment is an internal carbon fee, which places a price on carbon based on current market pricing for a portfolio of renewable energy and carbon offset projects. Learn more » How is Microsoft making cities energy-smart? More than half the world's people call cities home. Find out how we're leveraging the cloud to make cities more energy efficient. Learn more » How do our products and services help save energy? We see information technology (IT) as a key tool that can help address the daunting energy and environmental challenges facing the world today. Learn more » Who does Microsoft work with to enable environmental sustainability? We work with technology partners, government agencies, nonprofits, policymakers and researchers to understand, measure, develop and deliver IT solutions that address environmental challenges.

Apple – Environmental Responsibility – Climate Change. Climate Impacts in Pacific Northwest. This page provides a comprehensive but brief overview of the impacts of climate variability and change on the Pacific Northwest (PNW): A summary of projected changes in major drivers (e.g., temeprature, precipitation, sea level rise) of Pacific Northwest climate change impacts is available here in PDF format (version date: March 2012).

Climate Impacts in Pacific Northwest

This summary table was prepared by the CIG for the Washington Department of Ecology's ongoing adaptation planning efforts. Projected Changes in Major Drivers of Pacific Northwest Climate Change Impacts. King County Motion 2010 on Climate Action. Greenhouse Gas Emissions in King County. King County Cities Climate Collaboration Pledge (2011) King County: Cities Climate Collaboration. King County and the cities of Issaquah, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond, Renton, Seattle, Shoreline, Snoqualmie, and Tukwila are collaborating through the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C) — a partnership between the County and these cities to coordinate and enhance the effectiveness of local government climate and sustainability efforts.

King County: Cities Climate Collaboration

Annual Reports of King County Climate Action. Seattle Climate Action Plan. Climate Solutions. Northwest Ocean Acidification. The hidden costs of fossil fuel pollution Every day, oceans do us a huge favor by absorbing about a third of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human activities.

Northwest Ocean Acidification

But as we burn more fossil fuels and clear forests, our oceans absorb more and become more acidic. The result is water that’s potentially lethal to a large swath of creatures that play a huge role in aquatic ecosystems, the Northwest economy, and our dinner plates. Sightline’s primer on ocean acidification examines the problem of ocean acidification in the context of the Pacific Northwest.

Only a few years ago, researchers thought acidification would be a problem that was decades-out. What is ocean acidification and how does it work? “Sightline Institute’s primer does an excellent job explaining the significance of ocean acidification to Pacific Northwesterners. About the Author: Jennifer Langston applies her hard-hitting journalism skills to the most pressing issues in the Northwest.

See also: Microsoft Environment. EPA What You Can Do At School. Did You Know?

EPA What You Can Do At School

By 2015, consumer electronics and small appliances will be responsible for almost 30% of all household electricity use. In 2020, the average home is expected to be 5% larger and will rely on even more electricity-powered electronics. (EIA) Students, educators and school administrators can all play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 2012 Climate Motion. EPA Climate Change. How is the climate changing in the U.S.?

EPA Climate Change

Observations across the United States and world provide multiple, independent lines of evidence that climate change is happening now. Learn More What are climate change and global warming? Global warming refers to the recent and ongoing rise in global average temperature near Earth's surface. It is caused mostly by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Living Future. 2010 King County Energy Plan. How Rollover Solar Credits Make A Difference In California. California’s solar rollover-credit program is creating quite a buzz across California.

How Rollover Solar Credits Make A Difference In California

More commonly know as “net energy metering,” the solar rollover-credit program is helping Californians install solar on their homes and businesses as part of the state’s transition from dirty fuel sources to a more vibrant, clean-energy economy. The solar credit program benefits all Californians, both environmentally and economically. The program works like cellphone rollover credits for your electric bill.

If you have solar panels on your roof and produce more energy than you use, you receive a credit. This credit is used to offset your energy bills for the times during the week (nighttime) when your panels aren’t generating electricity. By reducing the need for natural gas, solar net- metering programs also help clean up our air. Image via Shutterstock While rooftop solar is great for our health, it also benefits the state’s economy. The most prominent benefit of rooftop solar is the jobs created. How Government Financing Can Help Clean Energy.

Each year the U.S. government loans hundreds of billions of dollars to American households and businesses through federal credit programs.

How Government Financing Can Help Clean Energy

This credit is extended throughout the economy in a number of sectors, ranging from education to agriculture, housing, and small businesses. In his Climate Action Plan released last month, President Barack Obama announced new ways that this money would also be used to support clean energy. Office of Sustainability & Environment - Environment. The Office of Sustainability & Environment (OSE) collaborates with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to develop innovative environmental solutions that foster equity, vibrant communities and shared prosperity.

Office of Sustainability & Environment - Environment