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Top 10 Skills You Need at Work That Have Nothing to Do with Your Job Hiring managers make the difficult decision of who the best candidate is for the job based not just on the specific job requirements but also basic “soft skills” every worker should have, like communication and teamwork. Here are the top 10 additional job skills everyone needs. 10. Writing Skills

What Is Your Opposite Job? Besides being an amusing exercise, exploring your opposite job has some value. Breaking a job into its component parts helps us look beyond the obvious and think clearly about the things that people actually do. For instance, does your job require a lot of social skills, as is true for social workers, priests and psychologists? Download Free - Process Intelligence for Dummies Discover 10 Best Practices for Process Intelligence Process Intelligence is the smartest way to improve your organization’s financial and operational performance. That’s because, with Process Intelligence, you can measure and optimize the processes that run your business every day. So get smarter about it!

How to Find Job Descriptions Online Video Finding job descriptions online is pretty simple if you know where to look. Watch this how-to video from to see tips for finding the types of jobs you're looking to get.See Transcript Hi I'm Tim Tyrell-Smith, Marketing Coach and Career Strategist with Today I'm here on behalf of to talk to you about how to find job descriptions online. Basics for Finding Job Descriptions Online How do you decide which job or career is right for you?

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Mission: The mission of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is to protect the public health and safety of Oklahomans through the scientific investigation of deaths as defined by state statutes. Send A Pain Letter, Instead Human beings are creatures of habit. If we’ve seen something once, we can’t focus on it intently again. We think we already know all about it, so we don’t pay attention. That’s why busy humans ignore glorious sunsets and other amazing sights and experiences every day. The cover letter format is over – it’s done. No busy hiring manager can focus on anything you say in a cover letter, because the cover letter format itself is so tired.

Career planning for high schoolers : Career Outlook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Elka Torpey | January 2015 “I’ve always had a pretty clear idea of what I want to do,” says Megan Lovely, a high school senior who hopes to become a director someday. She’s already taking steps toward her career goal by interning with her school drama teacher, acting, and applying to colleges. If you’re still in high school, you may not be as sure of your vocation as Lovely is of hers. But, like Lovely, you can start thinking about—and planning for—your future before graduation. “Start exploring what you want to do when you’re a freshman,” says Mark Danaher, a career counselor at Newington High School in Newington, Connecticut.

Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options Colleges >> Browse Articles >> Choosing a College Throughout the past decade, the average cost of tuition has been steadily increasing at 5.6% each year, according to College Board. College costs continue to outpace inflation rates, causing families to make tough calls when searching and choosing the best education experience. Sometimes it results in students having to sacrifice their first choice. How to Get a Job: 12 Steps Edit Article Edited by Karen Milligan-Vata, Nicole Willson, Horses4Ever, Manuel_Montenegro_THANKS! and 176 others Four Parts:Building Your QualificationsDoing Your HomeworkPounding the PavementAdjusting Your Mentality

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