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Essay: Concerns of the White Council – Part 1 | Heirs of Durin Concerns of the White Council By Ori’s Quill This essay is an analysis of the concerns of the White Council that is featured in An Unexpected Journey. It is one of a three part trilogy that shows the evolution of the Necromancer’s rise to power, and in the future essays explains the connection between Thorin’s ancestors and the One Ring. The History of the White Council of Tolkien The White Council is formed in the year 2463 of the Third Age shortly after the Peaceful Watch ends. Originally Gandalf was recommended as the leader of the Council, but he sternly declines the appointment, citing his need to remain nomadic and refusal to a summons. The Council reforms in 2851. In 2941, the Council meets again (This is the same year that Thorin and Company begin their quest to reclaim Erebor). The White Council by Alan Lee Twelve years later, in the year 2953 of the Third Age, the White Council meets for the final time. The White Council of An Unexpected Journey: Into the Mirkwood by Thalion

An Interview with Thomas Sauvin: On Smoker’s Ettiquette and the Right to Nitrate | #ASX Thomas Sauvin occupies a strange place in photography. His output is sincere, his knowledge of classic hiphop is un-fuckwittable, and his publications are highly coveted gems in the photographic book fetish world. That, and he is a lovely man trying to salvage a history of china through nitrate detritus. Sauvin has collected in what he has termed “The Silvermine”. Sauvin, like many of us collectors of the vernacular has also found himself on that odd crossroads of what it means to collect and edit material over what it means to disseminate the imagery, like Hans-Peter Feldman as art product. “I never bathed. -Mao Brad Feuerhelm: You and I have had an ongoing conversation regarding the burden of collecting images over the burden of editor vs. artist. Thomas Sauvin: I guess it’s something, which came the most naturally from the moment I had to share the project in the forms of exhibitions and books. T-Money: Mao was a notorious chain-smoker. T-Money: Oh no! Til death do us part

How do we say (…) in Quenya? | quenya101 There are some unchangeable truths about Quenya: it’s Tolkien’s masterpiece, it’s superbly well-done, it’s beautiful and it’s limited! Due to its vocabulary limitation, I announce here the beginning of my compilation of the NEW QUETTAPARMAR. Am I going to create words out of the thin air? No, no way! That’s not the goal, not the point. I’m gonna bring together all the adaptations, useful expressions and etymologies which sometimes you must use if you wanna render a Quenya translation. Quenya Archives (XIV 139-41) Sentences index Born of the raven. God is my guide, and my sword is my companion. I name you Elf-friend. Service. Till kingdom come. Questions & Analysis Q: How do we say “Born of the raven” in Quenya? Q: How do we say “Till kingdom come” in Quenya? Q: How do we say “God is my guide, and my sword is my companion” in Quenya? Q: How do we say “Service” in Quenya? Q: How do we say “I name you Elf-friend” in Quenya? Stats Quenya101 has got words translated and analyzed in Waiting Line X101 Guide

Pieter Hugo - 'The Hyena and Other Men' (2008) | #ASX The Hyena and Other Men Text by Adetokunbo Abiola Ahmadu was 15 years old when he joined his father’s business in the small town of Malumfashi in Katsina State, Nigeria. This meant that he had to acquire his own hyena, as his family made their living as entertainers accompanied by hyenas, snakes and monkeys, in addition to selling the fetishes and herbal medicines that are popular in Nigeria. Today Abdullahi is an experienced animal handler in his early thirties, who travels across Nigeria as part of a troupe of entertainers including his younger brother, Yahaya, and other members of his extended family. The first time I met up with the hyena men, as they have become known, the group was staying in a ramshackle three-bedroom apartment in Dei Dei Junction, a suburb of the Nigerian capital, Abuja. When setting out on an expedition to capture a hyena, Abdullahi and his partners drink a protective potion and also bathe themselves with it.

The Lord of the Rings Family Tree Project The Family Albums of Ralph Eugene Meatyard (2006) | #ASX By Theodore McDermott Photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard, who was born in Normal, Illinois, in 1925 and died of cancer in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1972, worked his entire adult life as an optician, making lenses for glasses. Though he took and developed thousands of pictures, only a sampling of his work has been published. A slim Phaidon 55’s selection appeared in 2002; Ralph Eugene Meatyard, compiled by writer and critic Guy Davenport in 2004, attempts a fuller account of his entire oeuvre; and, finally, Meatyard’s own The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater, first published in 1974, is a fictional photo album of people wearing costume-shop masks. Meatyard took all of his photographs in and around Lexington, where he moved in 1950 and stayed until his death. In the essay that precedes the photographs in Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Davenport reveals that Meatyard bought his first camera at the age of twentyfive to photograph his first child. BOOKS: Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Lexicon - App for iPhone and iPad Explore the Solar System on your iPhone GOWIN, FRIEDLANDER & CALLAHAN: "The Model Wife" (2001) By Arthur Ollman, Excerpt from the book The Model Wife, Director of the Museum of Photographic Art I. Emmet Gowin, (b. 1941) Emmet Gowin is a contemplative man. Contemplation is a solitary activity. Emmet Gowin’s work is romantic, and his romanticism is inflected by contemporary fin cie siècle awareness of time; its conflation, its melt, the way it sticks to us. In 1960, he met Edith Morris at a YMCA dance. In 1963, he visited Robert Frank in New York who encouraged him to go to graduate school only if he cared to be a photography teacher, and if he did, to study with Harry Callahan at the Rhode Island School of Design. Edith, 1970 @ Emmet Gowin Edith, Newtown (Pennsylvania), 1994 @ Emmet Gowin Edith and Rennie Booher, Danville, Virginia, 1970 @ Emmet Gowin Emmet’s photographs of Edith identify her as playful and spontaneous. Many of the Edith photographs are quite revealing. Throughout the course of these photographs of the 1970s and 80s, one senses increasing depth in Edith’s portrayal.

The Tolkien Professor | Professor Olsen The Tolkien Professor at a Washington College graduation ceremony. Originally from southern New Hampshire, Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor, currently teaches in the English Department at Washington College, a delightful little liberal-arts college in Chestertown, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. There he lectures in Chaucer, Arthurian literature, courtly love, the Bible, Greco-Roman mythology, and a full-semester course on the works of Tolkien. In 2007, Professor Olsen was honored with the Alumni Association’s Award for Distinguished Teaching, the most prestigious teaching award given to a faculty member at Washington College. He is also the faculty advisor of the auspiciously-named English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta (STD). A young Tolkien Professor leading the indefatigable Moocows while wearing his second-best marching hat. Corey Olsen received his BA from Williams College, where he double-majored in English and Astrophysics, in 1996.

Montauk, Andy Warhol and His Fascinating Neighbor Peter Beard It seems one of the reasons Lee spent 1972 in Montauk had to do with Andy’s charismatic next door neighbor, Peter Beard. Andy described him as – “one of the most fascinating men in the world …… he’s like a modern Tarzan. He jumps in and out of the snake pit he keeps at his home. He cuts himself and paints with the blood. Peter was both Andy’s neighbor and artist in arms. I’ll Write Whenever I Can, Koobi Fora, Lake Rudolf, 1965 @ Peter Beard @ Peter Beard Peter first came to know Andy through his uncle, Jerome Hill, one of the early partners in Andy’s Interview magazine. While on tour Peter became good friends with Mick Jagger. The final date of the tour was scheduled for Mick’s birthday – July 26, at Madison Square Garden. Continue Reading @ Montauk Life (All rights reserved.

The Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza SUSIE LINFIELD: An Excerpt from 'The Cruel Radiance, Photography and Political Violence' (2010) | #ASX Eddie Adams, Saigon Execution, Vietnam, 1968 A Little History of Photography Criticism; or, Why Do Photography Critics Hate Photography? (An excerpt from The Cruel Radiance, Photography and Political Violence) By Susie Linfield In 1846, Charles Baudelaire wrote a short essay called “What Is the Good of Criticism?” By “pleasure” and “love” Baudelaire and Fuller didn’t mean that critics should write only about things that make them happy or that they can praise. Eugene Richards, from Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue, 2004 For these critics and others—those I would consider at the center of the modern tradition—cultivating this sense of lived experience was at the heart of writing good criticism. The great exception to this approach is photography criticism. Susan Sontag’s On Photography was published in 1977, though the individual essays that comprise the book began appearing, and making an impact, in 1973. Antonin Kratochvil, from Zambia Three years later came Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida.

马文·明斯基:音乐、情绪和认知 - 今日头条( 新智元推荐1 来源:科学松鼠会 译者:红猪 这是人工智能泰斗马文.明斯基(Marvin Minsky)教授在英国广播公司的一档音乐节目中接受的访谈,主题是音乐和情绪的关系。明斯基教授一直在研究让计算机如何产生情绪。 文中C代表主持人,M代表明斯基教授 C: 首先欢迎《情绪机器》。 M: 这音乐如此简单,却又如此丰富。 C: 明斯基教授,我随便问了几个人:情绪是什么? M: 这是个很好的问题。 C: 我们笼统地用这个词语表达许多东西。 M: 没错。 C: 这么说它们已在脑中预先接好线路的。 M: 没错。 C: 那么,情绪是如何运作的呢,用生物学的术语来说? M: 我喜欢把脑看作是一大片资源,脑有四百种不同的机制,你要是把它们统统打开,就会发生交通堵塞。 C: 这些过程大多是无意识的吧? M: 就算我们觉得自己意识到了,我们其实也并没真的有意识到,我们的脑没有足够的空间来表征其本身。 C: 它会无限自指。 M: 没错,你要是不断问自己“我为什么做了我做的事?” C: 可以说,它们都是阿基米德或空想家。 M: 没错,这就是个矛盾了。 我们只有几个词语来描述思维状态。 C: 我觉得人们一般认为思考是理性的,而情绪是非理性的。 M: 说到情绪,人们常认为人只是本能的集合,这种观点把人看成了简单肤浅的机器。 C: 此外,“理性”也分几种。 M: 我觉得这是因为这些心理状态都对脑的其他部分具有相似的功能和影响。 C: 此外,我们的姿态似乎也在告诉他人我们正在经历这种过程,我们哭泣或尖叫时都是如此。 M: 是的,这源于你的文化。 C: 为什么情绪会有用处。 M: 它是达成目标的绝好策略,因为当某人愤怒时,他会脸色变红、呼吸异常、牙齿外露,如果你正与人冲突,这些反应就能很好地让对方明白你会不讲道理、不会听他们的论辩。 C: 那么爱情的功能是什么呢? M: 没错,动物不会面临繁殖的问题。 C: 有种蜘蛛必须引开配偶的注意,好让自己不被对方吃掉,并且有时间进行交配。 M: 脑中发生的事大概差不多吧。 C:贝多芬的清洁女工看到他整天在纸上涂写,一定也会觉得困惑吧。 M:没错,再想想他是怎么指挥第九交响曲的,传说观众鼓掌时他茫然无知,直到有人帮他转过身来。 (开始评论第九交响曲,略) C:音乐为什么会激发类似真实情绪的感觉呢? M:确实奇怪,贝多芬已经过世一百年,为什么还能从坟墓中控制我的意识呢? C:没错,叫人愤慨。 M:没错。 C:那么,我们为何会对音乐做出反应呢?