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Search Guides Spring 2017

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From RU 530 Search and the Information Landscape

LibApps Login @ CiSSL. Allison's The Writer's Trifecta. Amy's Databases and Research Aides. Skip to main content Databases and Research Aides: Database Resources A Guide to Resources you may not realize are available to you.

Amy's Databases and Research Aides

NJ State Library Databases Avon Students - Explora Primary - Primary Search Woodland Students - Explora Secondary - Middle Search Plus - MasterFILE Elite - Image Collection Camden County Library Databases These databases require a Camden County Library Account - World Almanac for Kids - Primary Search - F&W Encyclopedia. Andrew's Ghoulish Guide to Spooky Cinema. Beth's Verse Novels for Middle Grade Readers & Writers. Caitlyn's Fake News LibGuide. Erin's Guide to Fantasy Literature. High or Epic Fantasy are what many people first think of when they think "fantasy.

Erin's Guide to Fantasy Literature

" These tales are set in an entirely fictional universe; place names, types of human races, dragons, magic, and journies are often included in high/epic fantasy. Although entirely fictional, many of these stories tend to have a significant amount in common with Medieval times of our world. Some people prefer to use the term Epic fantasy for books that are very long, but many scholars use the terms interchangeably.

Examples of High or Epic Fantasy: ​ Reader Tip: Don't be afraid to keep a note card with your book to jot down names of characters that you may want to remember. Jasmine's We Scream for YA! Jacqueline's High Interest Books for Middle Grade Readers. Kate-Lynn's Addiction Resources for Teens. Kathleen's NHD Guide for Middle School Students. Kitty: Dyslexia Resources for Parents. Kristen's Fandom and Fanfiction LibGuide. Like many who came to the fandom party, I have many little loves.

Kristen's Fandom and Fanfiction LibGuide

I geek out to a lot of things. As a librarian, I love to read. But more than reading itself, I love to get caught up in the story. Whisked away by the characters. Sometimes I love the show-stopper. I like Doctor Who. Remus Lupin is my favorite JK Rowling character, but Liz Lemon is my patronus. Laura's Living with Autism, ADHD, and Relate.

This guide is designed to link autistic and similarly disabled students and their families with resources that are tailored to their needs.

Laura's Living with Autism, ADHD, and Relate

Much of the information provided is created by people with ADHD, autism, or learning disabilities, and focuses on getting ready for adulthood (or learning how to adult once you're already there), establishing healthy habits, and taking charge of one's life. The resources here emphasize neurological conditions as a normal part of human difference, and focus on living a fulfilling life as a disabled person rather than trying to invent cures. There is quite a lot of information in this guide; if you need an answer quickly, you can use the link to the search engine below to search only within the resources included here.

Search tips: Marissa's Cultural Mosaic of Literature. Mary Beth's Navigating the College Application Process. Moses's Library & Information Technology Guide. Rachel's STEM Education LibGuide. Stephanie's Beat Generation LibGuide. Welcome!

Stephanie's Beat Generation LibGuide

My name is Steph and as of the creation of this LibGuide, I'm in my 4th semester of the MI graduate program at Rutgers. I developed a passion for the Beat Generation when I was in undergrad, majoring in literature. This literary era spoke to me because it was really just a relatively small group of people who disagreed with what they felt like was a materialistic culture post World War II. Rather than conforming to society's ideals, they lived their lives exactly as they wanted to and wrote about controversial topics such as their views on American society, religion, and even experimentation with drug use. This was a group of people passionate about speaking their minds with dreams of getting published. Whether you are here for some credible resources for academic purposes or simply because you too feel connected to this literary era, I hope you find both the information and inspiration that you're looking for.

Steve B's Client Presentation (Part 1) Steve B's Client Presentation (Part 2) Steve B's Client Project (Part 3) Steve B's Client Project (Part 4) Steve T. Middle School Research LibGuide. Welcome!

Steve T. Middle School Research LibGuide

This LibGuide is designed to help middle school students learn about research, and help them successfully complete the 8th grade action research project. Notice that the site is arranged by tabs across the top of the page. Depending on where in the research process you find yourself, you can access information that should directly relate to your needs. You should start by looking over the information in the "BEFORE" section to get some insight into things you should be thinking about and doing before you actually start trying to dig up information. These tips and ideas can save you a lot of time and difficulty. Next is the "DURING" tab, which will have lots of handy tips and tricks to help you track down the information you need! The "AFTER" tab provides some guidance on what you should do once you've found some information that seems helpful - because finding is only part of the challenge!

Taylor's Women in Literature LibGuide.