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CES 2017

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CES 2017 Was More Revolutionary Than Evolutionary. When you cover the tech industry, it’s easy become jaded by the neverending stream of gadgets, services, and platforms all promising you how “game changing” or “innovative” it will be.

CES 2017 Was More Revolutionary Than Evolutionary

In reality, very few actually are — so you become numb to those PR buzzwords. However at CES 2017, many gadgets on display in Las Vegas truly made good on those promises. It’s as if the industry chugged a few cans of Red Bull and suddenly found its way after years of spending much of its time just repackaging old technologies in shiny new exteriors. If you watched any of our live stream coverage, this isn’t just an opinion held by myself but several others here at Digital Trends. Quelles sont les nouveautés les plus attendues au CES de Las Vegas ? Competing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. In simpler times, a technology tool, such as Walmart’s logistics tracking system in the 1980s, could serve as a source of advantage.

Competing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

AI is different. The naked algorithms themselves are unlikely to provide an edge. Many of them are in the public domain, and businesses can access open-source software platforms, such as Google’s TensorFlow. OpenAI, a nonprofit organization started by Elon Musk and others, is making AI tools and research widely available. And many prominent AI researchers have insisted on retaining the right to publish their results when joining companies such as Baidu, Facebook, and Google. Artificial Intelligence: Beyond the Boom and Bust. Artificial Intelligence: Beyond the Boom and Bust Understanding AI’s potential and risks and reconsidering the educational and work ecosystems in light of the technological revolution is the beginning—not the end—of the process toward building sustainable companies and societies.

Artificial Intelligence: Beyond the Boom and Bust

Xavier Mesnard | 13 January 2017 Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced unevenly over most of the past 50 years. Occasional spurts of breakthrough progress were followed by long winters of stagnation. When I started my career as a research engineer in the late ’80s at Carnegie Mellon, most of us predicted that the autonomous vehicle being tested at the time would be on the roads shortly and a common thing by the end of the second millennium. For years, barriers such as technology cost, organization capability, and inappropriate policies kept AI from going mainstream. On the heels of this progress over the past decade, AI has become a hot topic—and the new focus of the tech industry. Concerns on AI’s Economic Impact Are In a Class By Themselves - CIO Journal. Révolution numérique : les métiers les plus menacés. "L'intelligence artificielle est là pour amplifier le travail de l'homme" Forbes Welcome. CES 2017: 5 Trends to Expect.

I am what you might call a seasoned veteran of the Consumer Electronics Show, now simply called CES.

CES 2017: 5 Trends to Expect

I started going to CES in 1976, and although I missed a few years, I have attended over 60 shows, if you count the summer events held in Chicago during the 1980s and 1990s. This year marks an important milestone for CES, as the show celebrates its 50th anniversary. A crowd of over 170,000 are expected to land in Las Vegas between January 5 and 8. CES has become the major go-to exhibition to learn about what's new in tech, and to spot upcoming trends. The exhibits are set up in two major venues: The Las Vegas Convention Center and the Sands Convention Center, with other exhibits in various hotels along the famous Las Vegas strip. Here's a look at the major trends I expect at this year's CES, based on events, conference sessions and other material: Smart Cars and Autonomous Vehicles Caption Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. Uber Self-Driving Cars: San Francisco Is Next Location. Les grandes tendances du CES, le salon de l’électronique à Las Vegas.

La cinquantième édition du plus grand salon mondial de l’électronique grand public s’ouvre ce jeudi dans le Nevada.

Les grandes tendances du CES, le salon de l’électronique à Las Vegas

LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Vincent Fagot (Las Vegas, envoyé spécial) Dans l’immense parc des expositions de Las Vegas, mercredi 4 janvier, le temps presse. Dans tous les coins, des manutentionnaires sont encore en train de dresser les stands que le public découvrira le lendemain pour la cinquantième édition du CES (Consumer Electronic Show), le plus grand rendez-vous international de l’électronique grand public. Pas moins de 3 800 exposants sont venus présenter leurs produits aux 165 000 visiteurs attendus. CES 2017, la French touch à Las Vegas. Plus qu'un label, la "French tech" s'apparente aujourd'hui à une réalité bien concrète.

CES 2017, la French touch à Las Vegas

En témoigne cette année sa présence au CES, le salon de l'électronique grand public de Las Vegas qui se tient du 5 au 8 janvier. Les entreprises françaises y représentent en 2017 la troisième délégation la plus importante, avec 238 exposants(dont 172 start-ups), derrière les Etats-Unis et la Chine. Portées par une formation de qualité, un écosystème plus abouti, elles se manifestent dans les domaines les plus variés, de la gestion des villes aux techniques de diffusion du son en passant par toutes les opportunités offertes par l'IoT (internet des objets). Portées par de glorieux "ancêtres", comme Sigfox ou Parrot, elles ne craignent plus d'affronter la compétition internationale. Best of CES 2017: The Wild and Wondrous Technologies of the Year Ahead. Why CES Is the World’s Best Hub For Global Business.