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Criteria (Hibernate API Documentation) All Superinterfaces: CriteriaSpecification All Known Implementing Classes: CriteriaImpl, CriteriaImpl.Subcriteria public interface Criteriaextends CriteriaSpecification Criteria is a simplified API for retrieving entities by composing Criterion objects.

Criteria (Hibernate API Documentation)

The Session is a factory for Criteria. List cats = session.createCriteria(Cat.class) .add("name", "Iz%") ) .add( "weight", new Float(minWeight) ) ) .addOrder( Order.asc("age") ) .list(); You may navigate associations using createAlias() or createCriteria(). Chapter 15. Criteria Queries. Hibernate Tutorial. First Hibernate Application. JSF 2.0,Spring 3.0.0 and Hibernate 3.3.2GA Putting them all togeather with minimal xml configuration! I spent almost 2 days putting these three together to generate a test application.

JSF 2.0,Spring 3.0.0 and Hibernate 3.3.2GA Putting them all togeather with minimal xml configuration!

The beauty about this app is it dose not have any xml configuration file except of course the applicationcontext.xml for spring. And in that file also there is just the datasource defined. I thought of putting it down here in order to save somebody stumbling with the same some time. What Does the app do? Well its just a test application. Lets get directly dirty with the code Lets start with the applicationContext.xml file .. As you see all you have done is defined your datasource and wired it with entityManagerFactory which will be used by hibernate.

As you must have noticed here we only declare the persistence-unit name which is used by spring. . here we dont define any beans or navaigation rules here we just have our resource bundle and the reslover for faces beans. so now its all configured. Next is the DAOimpl class then we have the spring service classes and finally the backing bean. 17. Integrating with other web frameworks. 17.

17. Integrating with other web frameworks

Integrating with other web frameworks This chapter details Spring's integration with third party web frameworks such as JSF, Struts, WebWork, and Tapestry. One of the core value propositions of the Spring Framework is that of enabling choice. In a general sense, Spring does not force one to use or buy into any particular architecture, technology, or methodology (although it certainly recommends some over others). This freedom to pick and choose the architecture, technology, or methodology that is most relevant to a developer and his or her development team is arguably most evident in the web area, where Spring provides its own web framework (Spring MVC), while at the same time providing integration with a number of popular third party web frameworks.

HSQL Update With Parameters : Update « Hibernate « Java Tutorial. Horstmann Chapter 27. Chapter 27 Chapter Goals To implement dynamic web pages with JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology To learn the syntactical elements of JavaServer Faces To learn about navigation in JSF applications To build three-tier web applications A Simple JSF Program JSF: Java Server Faces To develop a JSF application, you need a web server that is integrated with a JSF container A JSF page contains HTML and JSF tags The user interface of a JSF application is described by a set of JSF pages Each JSF page has the following structure: <html><%@ taglib uri=" prefix="f" %><%@ taglib uri=" prefix="h" %><f:view><head><title>Page title</title></head><body><h:form> Page contents </h:form></body></f:view></html> Executing the datetime Web Application File datetime/index.jsp The JSF Container Rewrites the Requested Page The HTML Code That Is Generated by a JSF Page File datetime/WEB-INF/faces-config.xml Important Design Principle of the JSF Technology Steps for Deploying a JSF Application The Java Studio Creator Tool.

Horstmann Chapter 27

Download Latest Version of IntelliJ IDEA. JSF 2.0 + Spring + Hibernate integration example. Here’s a long article to show you how to integrate JSF 2.0, Spring and Hibernate together.

JSF 2.0 + Spring + Hibernate integration example

At the end of the article, you will create a page which display a list of the existing customer from database and a “add customer” function to allow user to add a new customer into database. P.S In this example, we are using MySQL database and deploy to Tomcat 6 web container. 1. Project Structure Directory structure of this example. Application with jsf,spring and hibernate. Integrating MyFaces , Spring and Hibernate. Application Architecture.