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3D printing delicious, living, edible snacks. Food designer Chloé Rutzerveld's concept for "healthy and sustainable" 3D-printed snacks that sprout little herbs and mushrooms for flavor sounds like something we'd very much like to munch.

3D printing delicious, living, edible snacks

The Dutch designer's Edible Growth project proposes 3D-printed shapes that contain seeds, spores and yeast, which germinate after a few days. The center inside that basket-weave structure is agar agar, a gelatin-like substance that comes from a kind of edible seaweed. Vegans use agar to create "Jell-o" without gelatin, which is made from animal bones. In this design, the agar becomes a friendly platform in which the plants can grow. "Edible growth is exploring how 3D printing could transform the food industry," she says in this short video.

"As it comes out of the 3D printer you can really see the straight lines of the technology," she says. [via Dezeen] The world's largest 3D delta printer is being unveiled, can build houses out of mud and clay - BigDelta images via WASP.

The world's largest 3D delta printer is being unveiled, can build houses out of mud and clay -

If 3D-printing technology wasn’t already breaking boundaries all over the world, the World’s Advanced Saving Project is trying to break them. The project, a spin-off of Italian organization Centro Sviluppo Progetti (CSP) has become a reality. This 3D Printer Uses Glass For Ink. Is this glass half full or half empty?

This 3D Printer Uses Glass For Ink

Well, it doesn't matter when the glass has been 3D printed! An ingenious group of scientists have recently printed some spectacular glass creations. The glass sculptures were created by a group called Mediated Matter, led by Neri Oxman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The color and transparency of the glass can be altered, as well as other properties such as how the glass reflects and refracts light. This 3D Printer Uses Glass For Ink. 3D Printing Forum - 3D Print Board.

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3D Printing: The Business Opportunities. Edible Chocolate Brain from MRI Scan. Café + impresión 3D, la fórmula del éxito que quiere conquistar Latinoamérica. El emprendedor argentino Rodrigo Pérez Weiss, ya era representante para Latinoamérica de la marca holandesa de impresoras 3D Leapfrog cuando pensó que sería un buen negocio masificar el acceso a éste tipo de tecnología, que quedaba relegado a empresas o particulares que pudieran pagar los altos costos de éste tipo de máquinas.

Café + impresión 3D, la fórmula del éxito que quiere conquistar Latinoamérica

A la manera que ya lo había hecho tiempo atrás FabCafé en Tokio ideó un espacio multitasking donde la impresión 3D fuera la estrella. A mitad de 2013, 3D LAB fab&café nació en el corazón de la zona más de moda en Buenos Aires (Palermo) con la idea de ser un bar/café y espacio de coworking que principalmente ofreciera máquinas para imprimir en 3D por horas pero también venta de las máquinas, insumos y capacitación en la temática. En un principio era un incógnita saber qué recepción tendría pero hoy, están cerrando la negociación por la apertura de Paraguay y en México y un poco más lejano, Chile, lo que prueba el éxito de la franquicia. Rodrigo Pérez Weiss RPW Exacto. 3DLab Fab&Cafe.

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Home Page. Proyectos. 3D Printing. 3d printing. 3D Printing and Design. 3D Printing. 3D printer. Software tutorial. 3d scan. How to make printing material. Filastruder: A robust, inexpensive filament extruder. by Tim Elmore. We've successfully shipped our Kickstarter kits, and we're ready to take orders through our website - ****************************WAITLIST OPEN:Many of you have asked for more kits.

Filastruder: A robust, inexpensive filament extruder. by Tim Elmore

We are pretty much at capacity, with orders into September, but have opened a waitlist to notify you as soon as we're ready to ship again. Send an email to to reserve your spot. We will not take further orders until the Kickstarter rewards have shipped. Thanks! Are you frustrated with the high cost of filament for your 3D printer? The Filastruder meets these needs and more, because it is a filament-making machine. Others have tried to produce filament extruders, but have run into difficulties. And run for hundreds of hours, producing dozens of spools of quality filament. The design has been iterated and refined based on beta testers' feedback, and is now ready for prime time.


Stainless steel 3d printers. Selective Laser Sintering 3D. Ceramic and chocolate printing. Free designs. Printers review. 3d printer service. Plastic 3D Printers. Videos. Ultimaker update prints. MakerBot Mystery Build: Smooth Move, Ferguson. Make your 3D Printed parts look professional with Acetone and a Rice cooker! QU-BD 3D Printer CNC Mill Store. Position-Correcting Tools for 2D Digital Fabrication. Position-Correcting Tools for 2D Digital Fabrication Overview: (a:) A position-correcting tool.

Position-Correcting Tools for 2D Digital Fabrication

The device consists of a frame and a tool (in this case a router) mounted within that frame. The frame is positioned manually by the user. A camera on the frame (top right in the figure) is used to determine the frame's location. The device can adjust the position of the tool within the frame to correct for error in the user's coarse positioning. People Alec Rivers, MIT CSAILIlan E. Abstract Many kinds of digital fabrication are accomplished by precisely moving a tool along a digitally-specified path. Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank the many people who contributed their time and advice, including Michael Martin, Vladimir Bychkovsky, Adam Saltzman, Aleksandr Kivenson, Peter Brooks, Daniel Reetz, Ron Wikin, Robert Wang, Lewis Girod, Wojciech Matusik, Andrew Adams, Justin Lan, Skylar Tibbits, David Wallace, and Alexander Slocum.

Paper Consumer version / mailing list Video. Perfectly Smooth Your 3D Prints - But Be Careful! After the initial thrill of seeing a 3D print emerge from thin air, 3D print newbies often notice the layering effect.

Perfectly Smooth Your 3D Prints - But Be Careful!

This is, of course, caused by the gradual deposition of plastic layers during the build process. Depending on the layer resolution selected for print, these layers could be very visible, or not. The point is those visible layers make the 3D printed object's visual and tactile feel very different from other plastic objects found at the neighborhood store. 3D printer owners are cursed with this problem. Or are they? Two solutions have been attempted in the past: tumbling the finished object with specially shaped ceramic bits to slowly rub down the layering, and secondly dipping your ABS plastic print into a tub of acetone. The tumbling solution works, but requires a tumbler and the correct tumbling media. Neil Underwood, an experimenter at RepRap, has found another way to apply acetone to the layering problem: vapor treatment.

MakerBot TV S02E09 - Finishing Techniques. Hardware - OpenBuilds Part Store. Setting Up Repetier Host. Update- Solidoodle officially supports Repetier and has a pre-configured download with Slic3r profiles available here.

Setting Up Repetier Host

Here is a long, but thorough video walk through of setting up Repetier Host. Repetier is a complete printing software solution, from loading and orienting STLs to slicing in Slic3r or Skeinforge, to controlling the printer and running the print. It also has a great 3D visualization of the gcode itself so you can get a preview of how the model will be drawn out. Please excuse my pronunciation of Repetier, I had assumed it was a French word (as did Google Translate) but it is in fact German. Configuring Repetier: Repetier Host Printer Configuration- Windows - Solidoodle Wiki. How to finish 3D Printed Parts - PLA - ABS. How to finish off your 3D Print. How to finish 3D Printed Parts - PLA - ABS.


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