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Wiki Weapon - 3D Printable Gun - Defense Distributed

Wiki Weapon - 3D Printable Gun - Defense Distributed

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Lists of weapons Lists of weapons From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search There is a bewildering array of weapons, far more than would be useful in list form. Therefore, a particular weapon is best found within one or more of the following sub-lists: 3-D Printer Guns Get US Approval WASHINGTON, March 19 (RIA Novosti) - A Texas firm aiming to manufacture guns using a 3-D printer – and publicly share the online files with anyone who wants to do the same – has been issued a license to build and sell 3-D weapons from the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). “The whole idea is a printable firearm that can be downloaded online for free,” said Cody Wilson, a law school student and founder of Defense Distributed, the newly-licensed Austin, Texas company that also promotes 3-D gun making, in an interview with RIA Novosti. “One day it will be possible, when pretty much everybody has a 3-D printer, for anyone to download a free file and print out a gun, anywhere in the world. And your government would have nothing to say about it,” he said. "Look who has a license to manufacture firearms," declared a posting on the Facebook page for Defense Distributed over the weekend, with an apparent photo of the new license.

Programmable Matter: Claytronics or Gershenfeld We still tell our children “you can be anything when you grow up.” It’s time to start telling them “you’re going to be able to make anything…right now.” Similar work at MIT and Carnegie Mellon is pointing towards the next revolution in computers and manufacturing: programmable matter. In the future you won’t use computers to design a car, the car will form from billions of tiny computers that arrange themselves into anything you want. The physical and computational world will merge. Hope you’re ready.

Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf” NEW YORK – USA – In a remarkable admission by former Nixon era Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, reveals what is happening at the moment in the world and particularly the Middle East. [please note this is a SATIRE, which in many regards says the truth regarding the current situation, the interview is fiction, it never took place, some of the quotes are from Henry Kissinger] Speaking from his luxurious Manhattan apartment, the elder statesman, who will be 89 in May, is all too forward with his analysis of the current situation in the world forum of Geo-politics and economics. “The United States is bating China and Russia, and the final nail in the coffin will be Iran, which is, of course, the main target of Israel.

PAUL: A duty to preserve the Second Amendment When Congress reconvenes next month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is expected to bring gun control back to the Senate floor. If this occurs, I will oppose any legislation that undermines Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms or their ability to exercise this right without being subject to government surveillance. Restricting Americans’ ability to purchase firearms readily and freely will do nothing to stop national tragedies such as those that happened in Newtown, Conn., and in Aurora, Colo. It will do much to give criminals and potential killers an unfair advantage by hampering law-abiding citizens’ ability to defend themselves and their families.Potentially on the table are new laws that would outlaw firearms and magazines that hold more than just a handful of rounds, as well as require universal “background checks,” which amount to gun registration.We are also being told that the “assault weapons” ban originally introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein is not happening. Sen.

Home Depot Garden Stake Bamboo Arrow Build-A-Long (Pic Heavy) in Arrow Making Tutorials and Helpful Information Forum Bamboo Arrow Build-A-Long Now I'm going to show you how to attach Glue-On Broadheads and Glue-On Nocks. First drill the front of the shaft (point end, fat end) with a 1/4" drill bit a little over 3" deep. The shaft will want to split so go slow. Next cut a 3" peice of 1/4" hardwood dowel.

The Grizzly: First Fully 3D Printed Rifle Gets a Shot Off This is an update to the ongoing progress with 3D printed weapons. Activist Post The eyes of the world are on the innovation of 3D printing. Naturally, whenever a new technology is created that offers open-source DIY opportunities to the average individual, it is going to make governments and their protected corporate interests very nervous. World's first 3D-printed titanium bicycle frame could lead to cheaper, lighter bikes The MX-6 Evo mountain bike, sporting its 3D-printed titanium frame Image Gallery (3 images) When it comes to a high strength-to-weight ratio, titanium is just about the best material out there for manufacturing bicycle frames. Unfortunately, those frames are also quite expensive. » We’re Witnessing The End of Humanity As We Know It Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! How Industrialized Waste is Killing You Is Condoleezza Rice The Next NFL Commissioner? Cell Phone Distraction Will Cost You Big in Austin, Texas NY Cop Pulls Gun on Teens Having Snowball Fight

Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned - Professional Soldiers ® Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned We are current or former Army Reserve, National Guard, and active duty US Army Special Forces soldiers (Green Berets). We have all taken an oath to “ and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.…” The Constitution of the United States is without a doubt the single greatest document in the history of mankind, codifying the fundamental principle of governmental power and authority being derived from and granted through the consent of the governed. Our Constitution established a system of governance that preserves, protects, and holds sacrosanct the individual rights and primacy of the governed as well as providing for the explicit protection of the governed from governmental tyranny and/or oppression.

How to Make a Lethal Traveling Arc of Electricity with a MOT-Powered Jacob's Ladder With the microwave oven transformer (M.O.T.) salvaged in a previous project, a simple electrical circuit can be rigged to get high voltage arcs to fly outward and upward along a "V" shaped spark gap. You can look, but don't touch! These arcs of plasma are lethal enough to kill on contact!

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