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Inventos locos para cambiar al mundo

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Steemit. Library of Babel. Biomass pyrolysis gasification burner, Wood chips gasifier for syngas, Rice husk gasifier for biogas. Products. Skip to main content Product specifications comparison Higher sample input will result in a higher yield.


The system can, in principle, detect just one molecule subject to a long enough wait and random diffusion. Data is available within a minute of the run starting. If a user reaches the answer necessary quickly they can simply stop the run, wash, load and analyse another sample. kJ/kg to Btu/lb Converter, Chart. Trichoderma reesei - Wikipedia. Trichoderma reesei is a mesophilic and filamentous fungus.

Trichoderma reesei - Wikipedia

It is an anamorph of the fungus Hypocrea jecorina. T. reesei has the capacity to secrete large amounts of cellulolytic enzymes (cellulases and hemicellulases). Microbial cellulases have industrial application in the conversion of cellulose, a major component of plant biomass, into glucose.[1] T. reesei isolate QM6a was originally isolated from the Solomon Islands during World War II because of its degradation of canvas and garments of the US army.[2] All strains currently used in biotechnology and basic research were derived from this one isolate.[2] Sexual development[edit] Escherichia coli.

Escherichia coli (pronunciado /eske'rikia 'koli/), también conocida por la abreviación de su nombre, E. coli, es un bacilo gramnegativo de la familia de las enterobacterias que se encuentra en el tracto gastrointestinal de humanos y animales de sangre caliente.[3] E. coli es la bacteria anaerobia facultativa comensal más abundante de la microbiota; asimismo, es uno de los organismos patógenos más relevantes en el hombre, tanto en la producción de infecciones gastrointestinales como de otros sistemas (urinario, sanguíneo, nervioso).

Escherichia coli

Fue descrita por primera vez en 1885 por Theodore von Escherich, bacteriólogo alemán, quien la denominó Bacterium coli commune. Posteriormente la taxonomía le adjudicó el nombre de Escherichia coli, en honor a su descubridor.[3] [4] [5] Ésta y otras bacterias son necesarias para el funcionamiento correcto del proceso digestivo, además de producir las vitaminas B y K.

Bacteria and Fungi Together: A Biofuel Dream Team? It is an obvious idea—in fact, it’s how nature disposes of trees after they die.

Bacteria and Fungi Together: A Biofuel Dream Team?

Yet before researchers at the University of Michigan tried it, no one had paired bacterium with fungus to make cellulosic biofuel. The team took Trichoderma reesei, a fungi widely known for its ability to efficiently decompose the non-edible parts of plants, plus a specially engineered strain of the bacteria Escherichia coli, and applied them both to a vat of dried cornhusks. After the fungi degraded the husks into sugars, the bacteria finished the job. The result was isobutanol, a colorless, flammable liquid that researchers hope could one day replace gasoline. The idea behind all biofuels is that they suck the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide out of the environment before releasing it again when burned.

Rather than spend more time attempting to make the perfect superbug, chemical engineer Jeremy Minty decided to look to nature for an example.

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Demostración — Panjiva. Future Military Secrets #Mind Blow Full Documentary. Lit Motors' C-1 electric motorcycle will stand up for itself. Campo. Entrepreneurship. Open world. 3D Print World. DIY. IRobot. Taylor maniqui. The most technologically advanced cruise ship in the world - Top Shelf. OpenROV Trident - An Underwater Drone for Everyone by OpenROV. Honey On Tap From Your Own Beehive - Flow™ Hive Home. Neri Oxman: Design at the intersection of technology and biology. Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is ... noticing. Moshe Safdie: How to reinvent the apartment building. Telomeres. Un mini-apartamento que se transforma en infinitos espacios.

AlleyNYC. Coworking Office Space, Benefits, Support.

Carbon fiber winding

El Mundo en Acción. Regina Dugan at D11 2013. Tor Project: Anonymity Online. How to Get On the First Page of Google: 8 Steps. Edit Article Changing Your ContentChanging Your CodeJoining the CommunityUsing Google Edited by Chris Hadley, The Smartiy, Livviswish, Dogsniteout and 31 others Figuring out how to get on the first page of Google may feel like a complex and overwhelming task.

How to Get On the First Page of Google: 8 Steps

Google uses many tools and algorithms that are updated regularly to determine the order that websites are displayed in search results. Following some simple steps makes it possible to create a website that comes up on top in Google ranking search results. Ad Steps Part 1 of 4: Changing Your Content. Project Hub - Spartanburg by Laney Alverson. Hey everyone!

Project Hub - Spartanburg by Laney Alverson

First of all, thank you for visiting our Kickstarter Campaign! Our space downtown will be located at 111 East Main Spartanburg, SC giving us ~25,000 sq. ft. with plenty of room to grow. We are accepting Kickstarter donations in order to build our classroom and purchase additional equipment. Need to free up some space? TechShop is America's 1st Nationwide Open-Access Public Workshop. IT/Technology/Web/Hardware/Etc.

Water production

Carbon nanotubes. Paul Pholeros: ¿Cómo reducir la pobreza? Arreglando las casas. Inventors for a better world. Technology - How to Make Instructables. 56 46 25 146 3259 15315 24453 91.3K 3126 4190 108 121.2K 311.3K 652.0K 25686 22703 21912K 26583 291.1K 918.7K 18664 4199 28862 261.2K 411.9K 151.0K 642.2K 501.2K 1073.1K 5314 19823K 11796 761.7K 12800 34689 16503 591.5K 9882 19584 7429 381.3K 31894 381.1K 312.0K 19588 7532 311.3K 26829 21727 271.0K 191.8K 14624 33876 601.1K 321.3K 884.1K 401.7K 20962.

Technology - How to Make Instructables


Pellets fuel. Sea mining. Energy. Water manipulation.