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Arizona Ultralight Aviation - Home. Planes for Sale. Settlement reached in Yakima airport eviction case. A nearly $1 million settlement in a wrongful eviction case at Yakima Air Terminal has ended years of uncertainty for the city of Yakima and Yakima County, which once faced the prospect of paying millions of dollars to former tenant M.A.

Settlement reached in Yakima airport eviction case

West Rockies. Gyroplane. The Training Train in your AutoGyro or ours.


We have an excellent safety record and understand how to train you so that you can continue to operate your aircraft in a safe manner. Since safety has always been our foremost priority (we have the best safety record of any flight school in Boise), our training program follows a structured syllabus of ground and flight training with an emphasis on good decision making.

An existing pilot adding a sport pilot category and class rating (FAR 61.321) may operate a gyroplane after getting training from a qualified gyroplane CFI on all the items listed in FAR 61.309 and 61.311. Backcountry surprise - AOPA. On the ramp outside the CubCrafters factory in Yakima, Washington, the XCub is striking for its aerodynamically clean lines and exceptional fit and finish.

Backcountry surprise - AOPA

The speed mods start with the spring aluminum landing gear (not bungees), carbon fiber fairings, and internal pushrod controls instead of draggy pulleys and wires. This airplane, the third XCub the factory has produced, is halfway through an FAA-mandated 50-hour flight test period. The only practical implication of that, for me, is that during the test period it’s limited to one occupant—so CubCrafters President Randy Lervold will stay on the ground rather than coach me from the backseat.

The CubCrafters XCub brings speed and range to the backcountry. New Page 1. I have compiled this list from the message board and emails that I have received and cut and pasted here.

New Page 1

No particular order and several of the same item from different sources. The advice is always use genuine Jabiru supplied parts. Jabiru have apparently been supplying sub standard pattern parts themselves on occasion!!! On the Mark: How Airports Can Help Revitalize the Aviation Industry. As an industry, our ship has been taking on water for some time despite a number of conscientious national initiatives, most of which haven’t moved the needle very much.

On the Mark: How Airports Can Help Revitalize the Aviation Industry

If we don’t figure out how to start bringing more new people into the industry soon, we’re going to run short of people to fly and repair the airplanes we do build and watch more and more airports become ghost towns. To receive future episodes of On the Mark, click here. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Aerolite 103 prices.

The Aerolite 103 is a professionally built, ready-to-fly, legal Part 103 single-seat ultralight type aircraft.

Aerolite 103 prices

Standard equipment includes: Fully Assembled, Factory Built Airframe, featuring your choice of color(s), Various Engine Configurations (see below), Reduction Drive, 2 Blade Tennessee Propeller, Nose Fairing & Windscreen, Complete Panel with basic flight and engine instrument (airspeed, altimeter, slip indicator, tachometer, EGT, CHT, ), Electric Flaps, Shock Absorbing Main Gear, Steerable Nose Wheel with Suspension, Four-point Restraint System, 5 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank, Dacron Covering, Azusa Brakes, and a Fully Anodized Airframe Kawasaki 340 Powered Aerolite - Only $15,900!

Includes Lightweight Manual Start, Reduction Drive and 3 Blade Adjustable Pitch Powerfin Prop. Electric Start Option - Only $590 (includes Lightweight Lithium Battery Pack) Hirth F-33 Powered Aerolite - Only $16,790! Includes Electric Start, Reduction Drive and Lightweight Lithium Battery Pack. Steerable Nose Gear Vs. Castering Nose Gear? Small vortex on wing makes the elegance of birds' flight. Operation Peace Flight: Israel to Jordan. Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics. In the 21st century, airplanes are a normal part of everyday life.

Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics

We see them fly over, or read about them, or see them on television. Most of us have traveled on an airplane, or we know someone who has. Do you ever wonder how airplanes fly? How To Win In A Dogfight: Stories From A Pilot Who Flew F-16s And MiGs. AeroMobil: Flying car. As part of AeroMobil’s team, Martin is responsible for company’s strategy, business development, financing and regulatory affairs.

AeroMobil: Flying car

Martin is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and former public policy leader. He holds management, board, and advisory positions in several globally innovative deep technology companies from Europe, covering areas from engineering, through biotech, to fin tech.He is the founder and former executive chairman of Neulogy, the first major advisory and investment boutique in Central and Eastern Europe focusing on R&D and technology start ups. Previously, Martin was a Senior Director and Head of Europe at the World Economic Forum.

He also held several senior positions in the Government of Slovakia, including junior minister for innovations and deputy for European affairs of the minister of finance. B.A. ifrom Stanford University and M.P.A. from Harvard Kennedy School. How midbrain map continuously updates visuospatial memory. On the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday, a lot of us will be playing arm-chair quarterback.

How midbrain map continuously updates visuospatial memory

After the snap, we might use our eyes to track a wide receiver as he runs toward an opening, all the while remembering the location of the star running back in case he breaks through on a rushing play. This natural ability to track one moving player but be ready to quickly look back toward another one sounds simple. But the science behind it is not so simple. In a groundbreaking study, York university researchers have discovered how a map in the midbrain remembers the location of visual targets even as the eyes follow another object.

"As the eyes move, activity related to the remembered target travels across the 'visual' cells in the midbrain superior colliculus, constantly keeping track of its location relative to the direction the eyes are currently pointed," explains Professor J. 331 The Good, The Bad, and The TSA. Podcast: Play in new window | Download How the TSA treats a man marked as a terrorist, an inside job smuggling guns on an airline, airport security concerns, a former Korean Air executive arrested, United and Orbitz sue over the “hidden city” ticketing strategy, and an AirAsia QZ8501 update.

331 The Good, The Bad, and The TSA

Guest. Find airplanes near you. YO-3A. Policy on the Non-aeronautical Use of Airport Hangars. You may send comments [identified by Docket Number FAA-2014-0463] using any of the following methods: Government-wide rulemaking Web site: Go to and follow the instructions for sending your comments electronically. Mail: Docket Operations, U.S. The Dangers of Private Planes. Photo SUMMER is the season when the pilots of private planes like to take to the skies. But summer flying often means thunderstorms and extreme changes in weather that can lead to accidents. It’s also a time to think about a system that doesn’t do all it can to protect those pilots and passengers. Flying in small private planes is far riskier than flying in commercial aircraft. Unfit for Publication: How <i>USA Today</i> Got Everything Wrong  USA Today splashed across its June 18, 2014, front page the breathless headline, "Unfit for Flight" to dramatize the deadly enterprise of flying general aviation aircraft (small airplanes).

Safety last: Lies and coverups mask roots of small-plane carnage. (5) Ryan Hamilton. Kittitas County plane builders experience old-time flight - Daily Record: Members. Interview: Rod Magner, Magic Air Tours. Novel technology reveals aerodynamics of migrating birds flying in a V-formation. Researchers using custom-built GPS and accelerometer loggers, developed with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, (EPSRC), and attached to free-flying birds on migration, have gained ground-breaking insights into the mysteries of bird flight formation.

The research, led by the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, proves for the first time that birds precisely time when they flap their wings and position themselves in aerodynamic optimal positions, to maximise the capture of upwash, or 'good air', throughout the entire flap cycle, while avoiding areas of downwash or 'bad air'. It was previously not thought possible for birds to carry out such aerodynamic feats because of the complex flight dynamics and sensory feedback required.

The study, is published in the journal Nature, on Thursday 16th January 2014. 100 Years of Aviation Week. Aviation Week is approaching its 100th anniversary in 2016. Soaring Veterans. Brevard aircraft builder reunites author with his beloved plane.


Breezy 2. OpenAirplane: Find airplanes near you. Instruction. Technology. 3 views of alot of planes. Caution... not dialup friendly!!! Photography. Gliders. Esqual.