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How to Pack an Emergency Kit Like a Spy Plane Pilot

How to Pack an Emergency Kit Like a Spy Plane Pilot
Good stuff. One thing we learned from the Iraq and AFG wars in the event we got shot down, which happened, 99% of the time you are only going to get out of the aircraft with what is attached to your body. We had survival rucks with all sorts of goodies (claymores, grenades, extra ammo, MRE's), but they never made it out of the aircraft most of the time. So we made sure that we had the basics attached to our body (and not attached to our body armor if possible because that will be the first thing to go if I get too tired to run). So we can apply the same thought process to survival/go bags in RL. Always have a knife on your person. Now you are all set for the zombies!

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Your Own Honey Cow Beekeeping is an ancient DIY art, practiced by amateurs and makers for centuries. Anyone can produce natural honey at home by making their own hive. Here’s how to build a cheap and simple beehive called the Honey Cow. A newbie's guide to UAVs What is an amateur UAV? An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft that has the capability of autonomous flight, without a pilot in control. Amateur UAVs are non-military and non-commercial. They typically fly under “recreational” exceptions to FAA regulations on UAVs, so long as the pilots/programmers keep them within tight limits on altitude and distance. Usually the UAV is controlled manually by Radio Control (RC) at take-off and landing, and switched into GPS-guided autonomous mode only at a safe altitude.

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