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Pipe furniture

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Create Pin. Look! Desks and Furniture Designed from Plumbing Pipes. A friend of ours told recently us about the furniture that the folks at the graphic design studio, Oat, made for their studio in Somerville. We loved the idea, and when we went to check it out we had a great time visiting and hearing how they made it. Rory, Oat's founder, took plumbing pipes and joined them, making creative desks and a simple coffee table that wouldn't be too hard to customize yourself. More details and photos after the jump Rory connected inexpensive black pipes from Home Depot in an simply designed desk and coffee table. Oat is a talented, small graphic design studio whose clients include Wagamama, Porches Inn, Harvard Graduate School of Design and MTV.

Rory said that the approximate cost of the desk with all of the fittings and pipe was less than $80. >>>Oat's website >>>Lauren Was' (tumbleweed sculptor) website. Decorative Industrial Pipe Shelving from Dirty Bills. Industrial pipe shelving has become an attractive decorative element and these sets of pipe furniture can help you understand why. Versatile, useful and contemporary, the pipe shelving from San-Francisco-based Dirty Bills can be used to decorate any part of your home that needs retouching.

These three types of shelving units can be successfully used to flawlessly extend the influence of industrial design into your own home: Sconce Bookshelves with or without glass oil candles, Pipe Corner Shelf or the Industrial Pipe Bookshelf with antique knob. Each of them is suited for small spaces – you can keep your books on display without unnecessary waste of space. The shelves found on Cool Material come fully assembled, with screws for mounting them on your wall and with instructions – all you need to install them is a screw driver or power drill and level. Aluminum Pipe Bed. Gavin Worth - Fabrication - Pine and Pipe Coffee Table. Pvc pipe furniture - PVC Pipe Projects.