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Journal Song Prompt me. Journal Song Prompt pdf. What Would You DO?: Father Confronts Transgender Child Shopping for Prom. BigloveA Study Guide. Big Love Trailer. Big Love: Women in Motion (These Men!) Big Love: Men in Motion (These Women!) 356 poem You Brought This on Yourself. CisnerosBarbieQ. Spoken Word - Breaking the Gender Binary. Bruce coville - am i blue. 356 Michael's Little Sister. Sullivan High School Students, Teacher Fighting For 'Traditional' Prom That Would Ban Gays.

A group of Indiana-based parents, teens and even a teacher is fighting for a separate "traditional" prom that would ban gay students. As NBC 2/My Wabash Valley is reporting, special education teacher Diana Medley is defending a group of Sullivan High School students who are arguing in favor of the alternate prom. "Homosexual students come to me with their problems, and I don't agree with them, but I care about them," Medley told the news station.

"It's the same thing with my special needs kids; I think God puts everyone in our lives for a reason. " When asked whether or not gay people have a "purpose" in life, Medley added, "No, I honestly don't. Medley was just one of several parents, students and others who reportedly met Feb. 10 at the Sullivan First Christian Church demanding that gay students be barred from attending the dance.

Among those to sound off on the news is LGBT activist Dan Savage, who wrote in his blog: Take a look at our slideshow of LGBT prom couples below: Close. Why Gender Equality Stalled. In 1963, most Americans did not yet believe that gender equality was possible or even desirable. Conventional wisdom held that a woman could not pursue a career and still be a fulfilled wife or successful mother. Normal women, psychiatrists proclaimed, renounced all aspirations outside the home to meet their feminine need for dependence. In 1962, more than two-thirds of the women surveyed by University of Michigan researchers agreed that most important family decisions “should be made by the man of the house.”

It was in this context that Friedan set out to transform the attitudes of women. Arguing that “the personal is political,” feminists urged women to challenge the assumption, at work and at home, that women should always be the ones who make the coffee, watch over the children, pick up after men and serve the meals. Over the next 30 years this emphasis on equalizing gender roles at home as well as at work produced a revolutionary transformation in Americans’ attitudes. Why Girls Are Outperforming Boys in School. How "Mean Girls" Summarized a Generation. If you were a teenage girl in 2004, there’s a strong chance that you saw Mean Girls.

To say that the film has a cult following is an understatement. The fact that "fetch" happened to the White House Twitter account last year is a testament to the film’s position as pop culture holy scripture. Given the themes, predominantly female cast, and Tina Fey’s inspired adaptation of Rosalind Wiseman’s Queen Bees and Wannabees, it’s clear why Mean Girls had such a resounding impact on teenage girls.

But what helped a film with modest expectations flip a $17 million budget into $129 million of box office glory is the fact that it spoke to all teens. I was one of the many people who saw Mean Girls opening weekend, contributing to the over $24 million it grossed on its way to claiming the top spot at the box office. As much as I was into film back then, I’m not going to act like my movie-nerd status is the sole reason I came out of pocket to see Mean Girls in theaters. I own Mean Girls on DVD. Gender Is Key to the Bullying Culture. Category: Education, Girls, Violence against Women By Jessie Klein | March 27, 2012 To reduce bullying and its deadly consequences, argues Jessie Klein, author of the "Bully Society," schools must make the gender connection.

In recent weeks, two events—T.J. Lane’s Ohio school shooting and the trial that follows Tyler Clementi’s cyber-bullying-related suicide—once again highlight the role sexuality often plays in acts of youthful despair. To prevent such tragedies, schools need to be aware that gender is central to our country’s school bullying cultures. Since 1979, there have been at least 191 school shootings across the country—and they’ve increased at an alarming rate. I looked at the motives behind these shootings, and found consistent—and disturbing—trends.

New evidence suggests that T.J. In about 50 percent of the shootings, boys responded to different forms of masculinity challenges. Almost 10 percent of the shootings related to gay-bashing. I’m an engineer, not a cheerleader. Let’s abandon silly rules about gender roles. Team “Double X” poses at the Brearley School in New York, including, third from right, the author. In the FIRST Robotics Competition teams build and program a robot in six weeks. (October 2013 photo) The woman standing in front of us turned around to face me. “Are you the cheerleaders?” She beamed. I glanced at my all-girls robotics team with a look of disbelief. As famed astrophysicist Meg Urry wrote in her Feb. 2005 article in The Post, “discrimination isn’t a thunderbolt, it isn’t an abrupt slap in the face. The fact that women are missing from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields is not a secret.

One major problem, gender stereotypes, appears in the most mundane magazines, television programs, or music tracks. Girls play a critical role in the future of innovation and have the potential to become leaders in STEM fields. Sakowitz, 17, is a finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search 2014. Choosing a Pronoun - He, She or Other - After Curfew. Fabrizio Costantini for The New York Times Katy Butler, 16, likes being offered gender choices such as “male, female or other.” Katy, a high school junior in Ann Arbor, Mich., first encountered “other” as a gender option at a meeting of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Allies (LGBTQQA) in seventh grade. “For those of us in the nonconforming gender community, it is great to see Google make the option more mainstream,” she said. Though Google created the “other” option for privacy reasons rather than as a transgender choice, young supporters of preferred gender pronouns (or P.G.P.’s as they are called) could not help but rejoice.

Katy is one of a growing number of high school and college students who are questioning the gender roles society assigns individuals simply because they have been born male or female. P.G.P.’s can change as often as one likes. Dr. In the United States, the transgender movement is beginning to find advocates in high schools. Stop making our children neutral: let boys and girls play with gender specific toys | Life | Life & Style.

Not so long ago the “progressive” headmistress of a very smart all-girls’ boarding school invited me to dinner with some of her brightest sixth formers. One by one the girls were asked to tell me of their impressive future plans: “Engineering, Cambridge; physics, Oxford; maths, Imperial; an astronaut; a mining engineer; a brain surgeon…” “And which of you just wants to settle down and bring up a family?” I interrupted, partly to annoy the zappy, go-ahead, right-on headmistress but partly out of genuine curiosity. The girl I most admired was the single one to raise her hand. Does this make me sound like a complete sexist pig? Well, possibly. If she wants to be a welder or lorry driver or a rocket scientist all well and good. But the last thing she needs is some trendy teacher steering her towards a traditionally male profession to prove some dubious political point.

Nice theory but what would be the purpose? Because it is “sexist” I suppose. Is this really such a bad thing? 11-Yr-Old Bullied Brony Fighting For Life After Suicide Attempt. Eleven-year-old Michael Morones is a passionate boy. He idolizes his Uncle Jimmy, who is a proud member of the Bronies. The term Brony is a portmanteau that refers to fanboys of My Little Pony (“bro ponies”), although girls can be Bronies too. Michael’s favorite character is Pinkie Pie, a hyper excitable pony. The little boy, who has ADHD and rarely sits still for a minute, feels a connection to bouncy Pinkie Pie. His Uncle Jimmy taught him to be proud of his interests, and the boy has frequently worn Brony dogtags and Brony bracelets to school.

A group of his peers at school have been taunting and bullying the boy about his fandom. His stepfather, Shannon Suttle, said, “Michael was upset because the kids were calling him gay for liking a girls’ TV show. Nobody stood up for Michael, but he seemed to be doing okay. In addition to his religion and his love of My Little Pony, Michael has other keen interests. On Thursday, January 23, Michael had another rough day at school. Living Out and Proud : Photo. Tumblr n4h0xlBOzp1t78hlzo1 1280. n4q4gco5ps1qbidswo1_500. Tumblr mkgxpgonN21qghfy5o2 500. Tumblr mkgxpgonN21qghfy5o1 1280. n311krRFto1t0i06oo1_500. Untitled. BChSmTCCAAAvca0. 30 Photos That Challenge the Harmful Stereotypes Toy Companies Sell You. Many years ago, there was no such thing as girls' and boys' toy aisles. And why would there have been? Sure, toy companies often target children differently based on gender. But before toys diversified into the range of options available today, stores were less divided along the lines of action-figure blue and harrowing-pink tiara.

What's worse, research suggests the state of gender-based toy segregation has created a generational shift. According to a survey conducted by Global Toy Experts, moms have noticed a 25% drop in the number of gender-neutral toys their daughters play with now compared to the toys moms played with during their own childhoods. That's right, according to this data, women today are much more likely to have played with tools or a construction set than their daughters. Image Credit: Let Toys Be Toys For Girls and Boys The problem isn't only gender-specific marketing. Thankfully, if you're looking to buy a gift for a child, you have options. Elizabeth Plank.

"But you don't look queer": students challenge stereotypes with viral campaign (PHOTOS & VIDEO) What began as a school project, "On Sex and Gender" has ended up a viral campaign that brings attention to the everyday offenses that people, including LGBT young adults, encounter. With the help of their fellow Connecticut College students, Gracie Hall, Olivia Rabbitt, Luis Ramos, and Alia Roth have compiled a range of micro aggressions against one's sexuality, gender identity, gender expression, race, and more. The result is a moving, honest, and empowering collection of stories, as well as further evidence that young adults are capable of effective, insightful, and creative advocacy.

A "micro aggression," explains the video, is "a brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignity, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicates a hostile, derogatory, or negative slight or insult toward someone. " Many of those telling their stories have experienced micro aggressions for being LGBT and gender non-conforming: Childhood Gender Roles In Adult Life. Media's portrayal of gender roles. If Women's Roles In Ads Were Played By Men. Lisa Kudrow in epic speech on sexism in politics (From "Scandal" TV Show) How the Media Failed Women in 2013. The Representation Project: Rewrite the Story. TAASA - Break The Box. Punishments, Floods, and Pink Hitler Babies.