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Stephen Colbert makes his own GOOP-esque lifestyle brand. It’s the Empathy, Stupid. Native Advertising. The Time A Newspaper Stared Down The Country's Largest Advertiser. Editor's Note: The news last week that Buzzfeed had deleted posts critical of advertisers got some of us at ProPublica wondering about any instances when news organizations stood up to advertiser pressure.

The Time A Newspaper Stared Down The Country's Largest Advertiser

As it turns out, ProPublica president Richard Tofel wrote a whole chapter of a book about one of those cases: In 1954, the Wall Street Journal and its publisher, Barney Kilgore, confronted General Motors. The little-remembered incident helped establish the notion that news organizations could and should preserve their independence from advertisers. Here is an adaptation from the book, "Restless Genius: Barney Kilgore, The Wall Street Journal, and the Invention of Modern Journalism. " In 1954, General Motors was the largest company in the world. Its CEO was Harlow ("Red") Curtice. Targeted Internet Advertising Isn't Feared by Consumers. Consumers may be worried about Internet privacy, but targeted advertising is the least of them.

Targeted Internet Advertising Isn't Feared by Consumers

In fact, only 4 percent were concerned about behavioral targeting, according to a Zogby Analytics poll commissioned by the Digital Advertising Alliance. Among 1,000 adults polled over two days in early April, the biggest privacy concern was identity theft (39 percent), viruses and malware (33 percent), government surveillance (12 percent) and cyber bullying (4 percent). Staking claim to political domain names ahead of the game. Attention all present and future politicians: Have you registered a website, Facebook account and Twitter handle under your own name yet?

Staking claim to political domain names ahead of the game

If not, chances are somebody else already has, and that can mean big problems. Newly elected House Speaker Shawn Jasper emailed House members last week warning representatives that several fake social media accounts bearing his name – including at least one Facebook page and two Twitter accounts – had cropped up. “Please be aware of this should you receive any communication from these social media,” Jasper said. Additionally, he flagged several websites using his name –,, – that are not, in fact, associated with him.

All three sites route to the conservative blog Granite Grok and a page of posts critical of Jasper, who recently defeated Republican nominee Rep. Fellow Republican House member, Dunbarton Rep. Hey WSJ – Content Marketing Is NOT Native Advertising. Training, Tanning, and Branding With The Bikini Bodybuilding Stars Of Instagram - BuzzFeed News. Facebook Is Using You. Liam Neeson will seriously endorse your 'particular set of skills' on LinkedIn. The Next Time Someone Says Sexism Isn't Real, Show Them These Shocking Role-Reversal Images. For decades, advertisers have portrayed women in demeaning, subservient, and often sexualized ways.

The Next Time Someone Says Sexism Isn't Real, Show Them These Shocking Role-Reversal Images

From ads that have used the "It's so easy, your mom could do it" line of thought to inexplicably sexualized looks at what a "real woman" does, the advertising industry's approach to women is dripping with misogyny. Still, it all seems so normal. Chobani and Dov Seidman Wrestle Over Use of ‘How’ Trademark. Photo Who owns How?

Chobani and Dov Seidman Wrestle Over Use of ‘How’ Trademark

No, that’s not a line from a Dr. Seuss book or an Abbott and Costello routine. It’s the question at the center of a bitter legal battle pitting a best-selling author and management guru against America’s largest Greek yogurt manufacturer. The author, Dov Seidman, is in the business of helping companies create more ethical cultures. Enter the yogurt maker, Chobani.

Decoding Social Media Data. Yes, social media has changed how we interact with our friends and with brands.

Decoding Social Media Data

We post pictures of our experiences to share. We rave or rant about a recent service experience. No one argues that social media has not changed the landscape of our social lives. But the question that companies are trying to answer is: How should social media change our business practices. Some organizations treat social media strictly as a communications vehicle. McDonald's Unveils the Simplest Ads It's Ever Made.

Last summer, TBWA Paris unveiled a bold campaign for McDonald's that consisted entirely of classic menu items photographed up close—with no branding at all.

McDonald's Unveils the Simplest Ads It's Ever Made

(Did somebody say McDonald's? Not in those ads.) Now, agency and client are back with a follow-up campaign that, in a way, is even more minimalist. Instead of the actual products, now we get clean, simple drawings of the products—turning them into actual icons. Time, Sports Illustrated Selling Cover Ads Now. Content/dam/corporate/us/en/reports-downloads/2013 Reports/Nielsen-Paid-Social-Media-Adv-Report-2013.pdf. How One Woman Hid Her Pregnancy From Big Data. Facebook Launching Mobile Ad Network At F8 Conference. Lots of people have wanted Facebook to build an ad network for a long time.

Facebook Launching Mobile Ad Network At F8 Conference

Here it comes. Facebook will take the wraps off its plans for a mobile ad network at its “F8″ developer conference in San Francisco at the end of the month, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. Facebook will pitch the ads to publishers and developers as a way to leverage the social network’s vast database of user information for better ad targeting. And Facebook wins by expanding its ad reach — now it can make money from its billion-plus users even when they’re not on Facebook’s own properties.

Twitter Is Now Copying One Of Facebook's Most Lucrative New Businesses. Taco Bell Wants You to Make a Run for the Border – For Breakfast - MoneyBeat. Stay Classy, North Dakota: Ron Burgundy Joins Local News Show. Milk might have been a bad choice, but putting Ron Burgundy on a bona fide local-news show was definitely a good one.

Stay Classy, North Dakota: Ron Burgundy Joins Local News Show

The Anchorman protagonist, played by Will Ferrell, joined CBS's North Dakota affiliate KX News on Saturday night. Entirely in character, the actor gave an awkward rundown of local news events, such as the sparkly Christmas tree in downtown Minot, N.D. Co-anchor Amber Schatz admirably reported the news alongside Burgundy, and hardly ever cracked a smile — even when he photobombed her segments. Burgundy appears throughout the entire 30-minute segment, above. (Note: The video blacks out sporadically, likely due to commercial breaks.) Ad Recall: Why That Ad Wasn't as Awesome as You Thought.

In 1971, a luggage brand introduced an ad featuring a gorilla beating up on a suitcase that would become one of the most famous in advertising history.

Ad Recall: Why That Ad Wasn't as Awesome as You Thought

"Dear clumsy bellboys, brutal cabdrivers, careless doormen, ruthless porters, savage baggage-masters and all butter-fingered luggage handlers all over the world, have we got a suitcase for you," a voiceover intoned as the beast tried his best to beat the stuffing out of the item. The ad (see below) was a huge hit and, for many of a certain age, remembered to this day. However, it is often remembered incorrectly as a Samsonsite ad. The brand was actually American Tourister. That's not the only time that a hit ad failed in what's known as "brand linkage. " Creating an ad that both entertains and deftly makes a product pitch is, of course, not an easy task. Nielsen, the premier ad research firm, calls its measurement system Nielsen TV Brand Effect.

Such benchmarking makes a big difference. Will Ferrell’s Anchorman 2 Is Changing the Way Movies Are Marketed. In a video that will soon be making the rounds in Ireland and beyond, Ron Burgundy—as if he had been cryogenically frozen since the late ’70s—offers his congrats to Irish actor Jamie Dornan for landing the lead role in the forthcoming erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey. Photo: Mark Seliger/Paramount Pictures In the run-up to Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, the fictional blowhard TV newsman opines: “I can only imagine it’s a charming documentary on the low-barometric pressure that often occurs in Ireland, resulting in various shades of overcast skies, as the Irish are known for having a strange obsession with their weather.

I imagine this is a big win for them. The Genius of the Ron Burgundy Press Tour - Hollywood Prospectus Blog. Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer. About the authors Why is it so difficult to introspect on advertising and how it influences us? Because we look for major effects, that’s why! Too often, we look for the ability of an ad to persuade us. We look for a major effect rather than more subtle, minor effects.

Big and immediate effects of advertising do occur when the advertiser has something new to say. I'm 17 and It's All About Brand 'Me' On Labor Day, my family and I took our annual day trip to the beach. While it wasn’t a particularly exotic vacation, I thought I should share that I did something besides watch Netflix all summer. From Russia With PR. Commentaries published on and the Huffington Post were written by seemingly independent professionals but placed on behalf of the Russian government by its PR firm, Ketchum. Today, Vladimir Putin wrote an op-ed [1] about Syria in the New York Times.

The piece was placed by the public-relations giant Ketchum, Buzzfeed reported [2]. On Nov. 16, 2012, we explored how Ketchum placed pro-Russia op-eds in American publications by businesspeople and others without disclosing the role of the Russian government. Ketchum's latest public filing [3] says it was paid $1.9 million by Russia for the six-month period ending May 31, 2013. Targeted Internet Advertising Isn't Feared by Consumers. Why Twitter is the killer platform for brand-building on mobile. By Chantal Tode October 7, 2013 Oreo leverages Twitter for relevant ads Big brands such as Oreo, Dunkin’ Donuts and Ford are helping Twitter drive 75 percent of its advertising revenue from mobile. Strengthening these brand ties will be a big focus of the $1 billion Twitter hopes to raise via its upcoming initial public offering.

Gender Role Stereotyping in Television Commercials: The Case of Singapore. Is not available. Is not available. Is not available. Consumer Response to Marketing Stimuli: the Relationship Between Affect, Cognition, and Behavior by Carol Pluzinski and William J. Qualls. Neuromarketing - Ads That Whisper to the Brain. Transparency Marketing: The New Secret Sauce. Transparency Marketing: The New Secret Sauce The dinosaurs of our marketing past are now extinct. Today, traditional “spin doctoring” is being eviscerated by a more open and transparent approach to marketing aimed at building consumer trust in an increasingly complex digital world.

Guerilla Advertising 2. How Guerrilla Marketers Made People Into Their Platform. Social Media Marketing. Main Section. Why should you use a social marketing approach? Research: The Emotions that Make Marketing Campaigns Go Viral - Kelsey Libert , and Kristin Tynski. We’re all well aware of the fact that marketing is shifting from a landscape where marketers can utilize mass media to speak at consumers, to one where marketers are simply part of the crowd themselves. US Military Scientists Solve the Fundamental Problem of Viral Marketing. Viral messages begin life by infecting a few individuals and then start to spread across a network. 9 Viral Videos That Are Actually Advertising.

As a marketer, there's nothing less cool than being seen trying to promote a viral campaign and failing. How to Make Your Content Go Viral. 33-45-Woerndl,Papagiannidis,Bourlakis,Li.pdf. 24 Clever Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns And Ads. How Companies Learn Your Secrets. In-Store Advertising Will Soon Look You Straight in the Eye. Even elite schools have fundraising challenges, and Evertrue gets $5.25M to help. Advertising: It’s Not ‘Mad Men’ Anymore. Academic Computing Services. Transparency Marketing: The New Secret Sauce. Schumpeter: Hidden Persuaders II.

Neuromarketing - Ads That Whisper to the Brain. 'Sponsored Stories' Lawsuit: Facebook May Owe You $10 After Using Your Mug In Online Ads : All Tech Considered. Child-Abuse Ad Uses Lenticular Printing to Send Kids a Secret Message That Adults Can't See. 5 Elements of a Great Advertisement — Ad Savvy. What does advertising do? Gender Role Stereotyping in Television Commercials: The Case of Singapore. This device might 'change the Internet' but could also ruin it. Syrianpresidency on Instagram. Stacey Vanek Smith, this is your data profile.

The Magna Carta Holy Grail of promotion? Samsung tie-up means Jay-Z's new album will go platinum before it is even released - News - Music. Magna Carta Holy Grail. Jay-Z, Samsung, & the New World of Endorsements. Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail: What's In A Title? Jay-Z's New Album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Due July 4; Samsung to Give Away 1 Million Copies (Watch the Video)

Movies and Messages of Social Change. The Merchants Of Cool. Merchants Of Cool. Interviews - Malcolm Gladwell. Watch The Full Program. The Persuaders - FRONTLINE. The Persuaders. Building the Brand: Grading Occupy Wall Street Protest Signs. Morehead State University - General Education: UnSpun Information. Unraveling UnSpun: Finding Facts in a World of Disinformation. Obama's campaign is watching you - Print View.

Slide Show: The Battle of the Religious Billboards in New York City. 35 Brilliant Advertisements [High Quality Photos. Is This The World's Most Interactive Print Ad? Dove Canada Uses Photoshop Trojan Horse to Shame Potential Body-Shamers. In Food Commercials, Flying Doughnuts and Big Budgets. The Secret of Viral Videos, in One Hilarious Parody. The trouble with mobile. The Future of Advertising Will Be Integrated. Special Report: The Future Of Advertising. Publishers Work to Sell Advertisers on Tablets - Media Equation. If You're Not Paying for It; You're the Product. Google to Add Features to Make Search More Social.

Online Ad Revenue Continues to Rise. Fake Twitter Followers Become Multimillion-Dollar Business. Twitter CEO: Promoted Tweets Working "Better Than We Could Have Ever Hoped" Social Media Report: Spending Time, Money and Going Mobile. Report Details Rise of Social Media.