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15 SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs. It's been a long time since we covered one of the most fundamental building blocks of SEO—the structure of domain names and URLs—and I think it's high time to revisit.

15 SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs

But, an important caveat before we begin: the optimal structures and practices I'll be describing in the tips below are NOT absolutely critical on any/every page you create. Tool: URL Builder - Analytics Help. Announcing MozBar 3.0: the Free, Completely Redesigned SEO Toolbar. Today we are thrilled to announce version 3 of the MozBar browser extension.

Announcing MozBar 3.0: the Free, Completely Redesigned SEO Toolbar

The SEO toolbar is now available for Chrome users. Expect the Firefox version to be available in a few weeks. Toutes les commandes spéciales de Google, Bing expliquées en français.

Chef de projet

Successful Site Architecture for SEO [SES London 2011] For today’s blog post, I’m going to write about my favourite topic of all, site architecture for SEO.

Successful Site Architecture for SEO [SES London 2011]

This write up is based on my recent presentation at SES London 2011, and rather than just posting the slide deck I thought it might be fun to write up a few of the slides with a commentary for each. To help me recall all of the points I made, I’ll imagine myself stood at a podium with my speaker lanyard round my neck while I’m writing... What is site architecture? For me, great site architecture is all about improving how users and search engines find their way around your site. It’s about getting the best, most relevant content in front of users and reducing the number of times they have to click to find it.

The Noob Guide to Link Building. The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.

The Noob Guide to Link Building

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing is arguably the greatest single post of all time. If you don’t agree, well, it’s at least my favorite. URL et référencement naturel. En référencement naturel, l’optimisation des URL peut être déterminante.

URL et référencement naturel

The Anatomy of a Search Engine. Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page {sergey, page} Computer Science Department, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305 Abstract In this paper, we present Google, a prototype of a large-scale search engine which makes heavy use of the structure present in hypertext.

The Anatomy of a Search Engine

Google is designed to crawl and index the Web efficiently and produce much more satisfying search results than existing systems. 1. De l'usage du robots.txt. Posté par RDD le 22 sept 2010 dans Referencement | 13 commentaires On ne vous l’a surement pas assez dit, mais en bon SEO que vous êtes, le fichier robots.txt DOIT figurer à la racine de votre/vos site(s) internet.

De l'usage du robots.txt

Htaccess : cache control et expire headers. Le htaccess est un fichier de configuration de votre serveur, et celui-ci peut vous rendre énormément service pour les performances de votre site, sur l’expérience utilisateur et sur le référencement naturel.

Htaccess : cache control et expire headers

Mais c’est un peu le flou sur la manière de le configurer. Si vous rencontrez des soucis avec ce code et que vous souhaitez que nos équipes se charge de l’adapter et de l’installer, faites appel à nos services de développement. URL Rewrites and 301 Redirects - How Does It All Work? URL rewrites and 301 redirects... you talk about them, you recommend them, but do you truly understand how they work?

URL Rewrites and 301 Redirects - How Does It All Work?

Sure, you know that rewriting a URL means that the URL displayed in the browser changes to be more SEO (and user) friendly. HTTP Status Codes SEO Best Practices. HyperText Transfer Protocol (or HTTP) response status codes are returned whenever search engines or website visitors make a request to a web server.

HTTP Status Codes SEO Best Practices

These three-igit codes indicate the response and status of HTTP requests. Top Tips. Etienneweiss. Tutoriel balises meta : guide complet en français. Google Algorithm Change History. 2014 Updates Pigeon Expands (UK, CA, AU) — December 22, 2014 Google's major local algorithm update, dubbed "Pigeon", expanded to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The original update hit the United States in July 2014.

The update was confirmed on the 22nd but may have rolled out as early as the 19th.

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Netlinking. Tracking. Annuaires. EmarketingTuner. 10 problèmes SEO et 18 outils pour les résoudre. Tous les jours, les spécialistes du seo sont amenés à résoudre des problèmes de référencement des sites web qu’ils gèrent. Pour les aider dans leurs taches, certains outils existent et permettent de faire des analyses fondées et de prendre des décisions pertinentes quant aux actions seo qu’il faut mettre en place pour améliorer le positionnement des sites et espérer une augmentation du trafic issu des moteurs de recherche. Je vous propose donc de lister certaines missions que les référenceurs sont amenés à effectuer et certains outils sur le web qui permettent de nous aider dans ces taches. Ranking Factors for 2011 SEOmoz. Since 2005, SEOmoz has released a new version of the Search Ranking Factors survey every two years, a piece of content that many in the SEO world have used and referenced.

This year, we've continued that tradition and added a whole new element of research, comparing the aggregated opinions of 132 SEOs around the world with correlation data from over 10,000 results in Google. Because this document is quite large, we've divided it into a number of sub-sections based on the type and focus of the data. This intro video can help provide some more information (and is available on the overview page as well). Included in the ranking factors, you'll find the traditional list of factors broken down into sections such as domain level keyword usage features (which describe things like exact match domains, using the keyword in the root or subdomain name, etc) or page level link metrics (which refer to items like quantity of links to the page, mozRank, etc).

P.s. P.p.s. Balise TITLE, comment la rédiger ? Redirection SEO Best Practices. Redirection is the process of forwarding one URL to a different URL. There are three main kinds of redirects: 301, 302, and meta refresh. Types of Redirects. SEO et optimisation de la conversion - RESONEO / SMX France 2011. Canonicalization. Canonicalization for SEOs refers to normalizing (redirecting to a single dominant version) multiple URLs. Code Sample What is Canonicalization? Canonicalization can be a challenging concept to understand (and hard to pronounce: "ca-non-ick-cull-eye-zay-shun"), but it's essential to creating an optimized website.

The fundamental problems that canonicalization can fix stem from multiple uses for a single piece of writing–a paragraph or, more often, an entire page of content–that appears in multiple locations on one website or on multiple websites. For search engines, this presents a conundrum: Which version of this content should they show to searchers? To provide the best user experience, search engines will rarely show multiple, duplicate pieces of content and thus, are forced to choose which version is most likely to be the original (or best). Read more about the canonical tag. Headers and compression. Written by Maile Ohye as the website, Jeremy Lilley as the Googlebot Googlebot -- what a dreamboat.

It's like he knows us , , and soul. Structure de site Internet : comment faire ? Appréhender un site en 40 questions (environ)

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