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SEO Tools. Scoop This: A Comprehensive Guide to for Content Curation. Contributing to the Collective Intelligence: Blogs, Comments and Sharing. Why do we write content? As a guest poster, I mean. Do we write content for acceptance? Do we write it for link bait? How about authority and recognition (completely different from acceptance)? When we decide to write a guest post, we do it for the experience, support and ultimately the beautiful little traffic spike.

Why The Future Of Travel & Destination Marketing Is All About Curation. February 15, 2011 | 4 Comments Life is good for the traveller who knows where they are going.

Why The Future Of Travel & Destination Marketing Is All About Curation

There are dozens of great and useful sites online where you can see everything from reviews of hotels to side by side comparisons of airfares from one destination to another. Planning a trip to San Francisco was never so easy … but what if you haven't answered the first and most important question of where you want to go? All of a sudden, life is a lot more difficult. Finding out about destinations is a labrynth of government sponsored tourism sites, linkbaiting sites promising information about a destination but only delivering a long list of pay-per-click links, and individual attractions within a destination.

La curation : les 10 raisons de s'y intéresser. Crafting the Perfect Content Curation Strategy. Curation As A Content Marketing Strategy. In the last several months, “curation” has become the biggest buzz-word in content marketing.

Curation As A Content Marketing Strategy

Though bloggers have been doing it for years in one fashion or another, businesses are just starting to pick up on the fact that curation saves time and creates thought leadership, just as original content does. Two Types of Curation For Branding and Monetization There are a lot of curation types and styles discussed all over the web. Content Curation as a Strategy. Tomayto, tomato Content creation and content curation.

Content Curation as a Strategy

Let’s talk about those for a moment. There are about 160 million blogs, according to Blogpulse. If you could browse a different website every second from the moment you were born, to the second you leap off this mortal coil, you’d be able to visit each blog just under 15 times. I’m not suggesting you attempt this, or bear progeny in experimentation – but that’ not nearly enough time to build a relationship with every blog producer. Margot Bloomstein – Combining Curation with Your Content Strategy. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 22:26 — 0.0KB) [ Transcript Available ] With the amount of content coming at you from all sides, it can be difficult to make sense of it all and present it in a logical fashion.

Margot Bloomstein – Combining Curation with Your Content Strategy

Curation allows you to create order out of all the chaos. Borrowed from the world of museums, curating your content allows you to form a narrative, showing your users what they can and should do with your content. Margot Bloomstein is the Principal at Appropriate, Inc. Web Analytics. Freda Kahlo, personal judgement and content curation. Posted on August 2, 2011 1:38 pm by Shel Holtz | Content Curation I was taken aback by a statement in an Editors Weblog piece about Storify, my tool of choice (so far) for curating coneftent.

Freda Kahlo, personal judgement and content curation

The post asserts… Storify’s main flaw lies in the fact that it is intensely reliant on the curator, the Storify account user, who ultimately makes judgments about what information is valid and appropriate to be included, like any standard blogging process. As there is no way of enforcing any idea of balanced, objective journalism on Spotify, this could, potentially, klead to very subjective accounts of global events. It falls to individuals and news organizations to enforce journalistc standards upon themselves.

We’ll set aside the fact that the author of this post referenced Spotify, the music service, instead of Storify, suggesting that the article itself wasn’t subjected to the journalistic standard of fact-checking or editing. Curation is More Than Integration - AdVoice: gyro - Ignite something. The term “Curation” doesn’t yet score a hit in the archive of Scott Adam’s Dilbert cartoons, which means it’s still living the short half-life between entering the pop management lexicon and becoming the object of ridicule.

Curation is More Than Integration - AdVoice: gyro - Ignite something

Trust me. There are enough people running around the marketing world babbling about “curating,” that it won’t be long before Dogbert or the Pointy-Haired Boss skewer us all for using language that no real human being would ever utter. We hear a term like “curate” crop up in a few business conversations. We assume it’s the hot new topic, and thus begin employing it in our conversations, whether we understand it, or not. Visual New Exciting RSAnimate Video: The Divided Brain. Why B2B Search Marketers Should Care About Content Curation.

Content curation is a topic actively discussed in B2B marketing circles.

Why B2B Search Marketers Should Care About Content Curation

With so many online resources, publishers, blogs, and social media communities to choose from, the ability to find single points of expertise, sharing and synthesizing the best information on a given topic, has increasing value. B2B search engine marketers realize new content creation is a critical tactic in an effective SEO strategy. But it is also realized, as illustrated in the Marketingsherpa chart below, the level of effort required to successfully develop new content may be significant, in comparison to other tactics.

Therefore, with limited resources and immediate lead generation goals, it is not surprising when we find that new content generation falls behind other SEO initiatives on the priority list. Content Curation for SEO and Traffic Generation. Content curation – is it the solution to all of your content- and traffic problems or just another fad?

Content Curation for SEO and Traffic Generation

By some, it’s being lauded as the next big thing and perhaps it could turn into another fad in the IM niche (crappy “make money with curation” products, anyone?) Content Curation & SEO: Myths and Realities - Webinar Recap - HiveFire on Content Curation. 25 Tools for Content Marketing Collaboration, Productivity, Monitoring and Distribution. Content curation: Is it strategic syndication or simply saturation? April 29, 2011 Online news consumption surpassed newspapers for the first time last year according to Pew Research Center’s 2011 State of the News Media report.

Content curation: Is it strategic syndication or simply saturation?

Forty-six percent of respondents access news online at least three times weekly, compared to 40 percent from newspapers. Pew also finds that 47 percent of Americans access local news via mobile devices. The Curation Economy and The 3C’s of Information Commerce Brian Solis. InShare1 Several years ago I had the privilege of working with Steve Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation.

The Curation Economy and The 3C’s of Information Commerce Brian Solis

Back then Steve was already vested in the future of online curation and his grande conquête was playing out with, a realtime video curation network. At the time, he was also a staple at some of the tech industry’s most renown conferences sharing his vision for social, video, and curated content. As Steve was completing his new book, he asked if I would write the foreword. At the time I was finalizing the new version of Engage! I share this digital foreword with you here… Organic SEO / SMO Articles – Level343 Article Archive. Lessons From a Lost Phone by Mel NelsonJanuary 9, 2014 I guess there is no need to lecture about our reliance on the ubiquitous smart phones that everyone is carrying about these days, but having lost mine for a brief period recently I suddenly seem to have attached more importance to mine and especially the data stored on it.

It was a sunny day and […] Questions I Keep Hearing About Content Marketing by Guest BloggerJanuary 6, 2014. No Time to Write Thought-Provoking Blogs? Try Content Curation. Editorial Roles Have Changed Content curation? Not content creation? Even the word processor we use thinks the word is spelled wrong. Collective Intelligence: Humanity’s Mass Mind. Collective Intelligence Science fiction stories often talk about the “Collective” – or “intelligence”, if you will – where the mass of mankind’s knowledge is accessible through a telepathic thought.

Website Metrics: Your Business Site is in Good Condition – What Now? Ready. Set. Jump Into Metrics. You’ve taken your website through the evaluation process. Maybe you found some things that need to be changed; maybe you were lucky and found that your site was already well prepared. Either way, you’ll eventually have to dig in to the metrics and make sure things are happening like they’re “supposed” to. Ten Steps to Content Curation. Content Curation is rapidly becoming one of the buzzwords du jour, as we all drown in a sea of content coming at us from every direction, through multiple devices and on a 24/7/365 always on timeline. Content Curation Grows Up, Original Content Still Key. Airvanas Content Curation Aids in SEO of its News Portal Manifesto For The Content Curator: The Next Big Social Media Job Of The Future ? Every hour thousands of new videos are uploaded online.

Blog posts are written and published. Millions of tweets and other short messages are shared. How to Use Twitter for Crowdsourcing and Simple Market Research. Having a social media presence can be an invaluable resource for providing insights into consumer needs, sentiment, and opinions towards a business, service or brand. Social media is by no means a replacement for traditional market research, but it can be used in a broader sense. That broader sense is becoming a widely adopted trend referred to as Crowdsourcing. How to use content curation to add value to your own website. If you are responsible for adding high-value content to your website, you are constantly being challenged to find page or post topics which are new, shareable, helpful and original. As Google’s recent Panda update taught us, quick and easy content is not going to get our pages listed on page one of the search results. Content Curation – It’s What’s for Breakfast These Days.

It’s a rare morning that I don’t start out by looking at the news. No, I no longer get the newspaper delivered (it’s been years, actually), and I don’t usually flip to the front page of either. These days I’m most likely to grab my iPhone (often while still in bed, if truth be told) and log on to smartr. This cool app brings me my Twitter stream, but curated to only include links and to strip out Foursquare checkins and other non-news stuff. Smartr then presents those links to me as a news feed. They say they’re bringing you “only the stuff you care about” – and for me, that’s exactly what it does.