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Second Life Viewers

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SL 3rd Party Viewers. From Second Life Wiki The following viewer is available on the official Downloads page: Second Life Viewer (a.k.a. the official Viewer, regular Viewer, official viewer etc.) Official Alternate Viewers When Linden Lab viewer projects are nearing release they will often initially release a Project Viewer, and subsequently a Release Candidate Viewer (marked as 'Release') as they are nearing formal release. Occasionally a Beta Viewer may also be released for a particular project. Linden Lab Official:Alternate Viewers All the various official alternate viewers are listed here. Development Viewer Features and fixes that are still warm from the creative fires of development. Old Releases The Release Notes pages for many past versions contain links to the corresponding downloads. Using third party viewers You may connect to Second Life using software released by a third-party developer.

Viewer list For developers: how to apply to list a viewer in this directory Graphical Viewers Cool VL Viewer Description. Emerald. The Meerkat Viewer for Second Life. Second Life | Support: Downloads. The Imprudence Blog.