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TV, 2nd écran, réseaux sociaux : les leçons du South by SouthWest (SXSW) « We are living an exciting time for TV », c’est le message unanime des conférenciers invités par SXSW sur le sujet (AMC, ESPN, Univision, PBS, AOL, Starz, TNT, etc.).

TV, 2nd écran, réseaux sociaux : les leçons du South by SouthWest (SXSW)

Avec cela, on a à la fois tout dit et rien dit. Commençons donc par nous poser la question : qu’est-ce que la télévision ? TV, 2nd écran, réseaux sociaux : les leçons du South by SouthWest (SXSW) Viggle. MYGUY College Hoops Championship 5X Bonus April 7, 2014 The College Hoops Championship is here!


This Monday (4/7 ), play MYGUY during the College Hoops Championship basketball game and earn a total of 5X Viggle Points for your MYGUY score. The Viggle Points you earn during MYGUY will be awarded at the end of each half. The remainder of the points will be awarded […] Read more… MYGUY Final Four 4X Bonus April 3, 2014 The Final Four is here! Read more… MYGUY Elite Eight 3X Bonus March 29, 2014. SocialTV / Second Screen - Civolution. Stats: Twitter's relationship with TV revealed. There was a huge amount of buzz last year around the inevitable rise of connected TV, which sounded great but rather ignored the fact that viewers were already using their smartphones to interact with what they were watching.

Stats: Twitter's relationship with TV revealed

New apps like Zeebox have achieved huge success by allowing people to share their TV viewing experience with others, but Twitter and Facebook remain as two of the main ways of talking about TV. To highlight the depth of this link, Twitter has published a new report revealing some of the ways in which consumers use the social network to engage with TV shows.

Here are some of the most interesting stats and cases studies, but for more information on this topic checkout our Twitter for Business Best Practice Guide and this blog post on what can we learn from the top five retail brands on Twitter. Key Twitter stats. Millward Brown AdReaction. The Multi-Screen Marketer. About this report The Multi-Screen Marketer addresses rapidly shifting consumer media consumption behavior.

The Multi-Screen Marketer

As devices get smaller and more powerful, our culture is shifting toward instant communication, immediate information gratification and multi-tasking. Consumers are viewing multiple streams of content simultaneously, across a plethora of devices, and brands are learning to chase them across the gaps. Brand planning and narratives that span tablets, smartphones, laptops, and televisions can create tremendous potential for engagement and sales; failure to adequately anticipate the ways people are interacting with the technology around them can lead to marketing and messaging that is ignored, or worse, out of touch. Maximising the value of your (digital) rights. March 19, 2014 How deltatre value proposition helps Sport Federations thrive under the evolution of the media landscape and leverage the new role their traditional stakeholders are now embracing.

Maximising the value of your (digital) rights

There is no doubt that the last 5 years have seen a dramatic evolution of the media landscape on which Sport Federations and other entities in the sport business ecosystem have based their operating model. There are three main changes that are impacting the traditional model which was adopted by most federations in the past.

The disruption of how sport is consumed with the central role of linear TV now augmented by the advent of multiple digital channels: websites and native apps on computers, tablet, smartphones, connected TVs and wearable devices. Second Screen and Social TV for Sports. Second Screen and Social TV for Sports. The Connected Set Home « The Connected Set. Monterosa Productions. Selligent pousse le marketing digital jusqu'au prédictif. Chez Selligent, les versions majeures de ses solutions sont comme des millésimes : il y en a une chaque année. 2013 ne fait pas exception.

Selligent pousse le marketing digital jusqu'au prédictif

La version 5 de sa plate-forme SaaS de marketing digital vient d'être déployée et l'éditeur belge fait le tour des manifestations professionnelles (DMA, DMF, etc.) pour présenter les innovations apportées par celle-ci. Ces changements sont regroupés en trois grandes thématiques : les réseaux sociaux, l'analyse comportementale et le datamining prédictif. Selligent était déjà en mesure dans sa version précédente d'offrir des outils en marketing social. Cependant la version 5 renforce cette dimension. L'intégration de ces canaux est désormais complète dans la gestion des campagnes et la création de scénarios d'interaction, aussi bien en flux sortant (campagnes et relation clients sur tous les réseaux sociaux usuels) qu'entrant (mesure d'audience, analyse des réponses, qualification des ambassadeurs, etc.).

LViS Studio live, profitable TV interaction on any device. Innovate UK entry. Monterosa Productions. Sweden-based media giant MTGx has chosen LViS and the Monterosa Apps Team to deliver their Viasat Winter Games second screen experience.

Monterosa Productions

Built on LViS APIs, ‘Sochi Legends’ is playable on Viasat’s mobile site and also in their Sochi app. The game challenges you to prove your knowledge of winter Olympic sports by answering a range of daily quiz questions in a bid to earn yourself a gold medal in each of the fifteen disciplines. During live Ice Hockey matches, you can give your points tally a serious boost by making correct predictions about the action. Over the course of the Olympics, you’ll climb the ranks from lowly ”Trainee” to certified ”Sochi Legend”. The game features a leaderboard that lets you see how you measure up against your friends and other players in the game.