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60 SL blogs you should read

60 SL blogs you should read

Second Life: New World Notes SL Flickr of the Day: Moos Makes the Metaverse His Canvas "Lost" isn't some mid-century masterpiece you forgot you once saw, it's a screenshot Second Life (at least it started that way): Moos Hultcrantz is the man who made the metaverse his canvas in this way, and the rest of his many SL photos (some more post-processed than others) is a perfect stream of moody eye candy for the weekend. Here's a stream featuring the late-lamented Venexia in SL: Continue reading "SL Flickr of the Day: Moos Makes the Metaverse His Canvas" Posted at 01:55 PM | Permalink | Comments (1) Would You Love to Be Above the Virtual Sea in a Chair Held Aloft by Balloons? Of course you would, of course you would. Continue reading "Would You Love to Be Above the Virtual Sea in a Chair Held Aloft by Balloons?" Posted at 12:36 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) Virtual Reality Movies Are "Not Storytelling", Says Pixar Co-Founder; VR Pioneer Jacki Morie Agrees -- For Now His point: Here's the challenge, as she sees it: The Times, Mr.

IBL54-Thomas.pdf Linden Lab Official:Intellectual Property From Second Life Wiki This article is about trademarked, copyrighted, and celebrity material in Second Life. Introduction In Second Life, we hope creators will use their imagination to make original content. You should not use copyrighted, trademarked, or celebrity material in Second Life, unless of course you are the intellectual property owner or have permission from the intellectual property owner. The following describes more detail about how Linden Lab treats trademark, copyright, and celebrity issues in-world. Trademarked and celebrity material Linden Lab responds to complaints that content infringes trademarked or celebrity material. It is often difficult to tell what may or may not be trademarked or protected as trade dress. If you're creating objects inspired by real-world objects, take care that your objects have an original appearance and shape. Linden Research, Inc. Alternatively, fax the document to (415) 520-9660. For more information on trademarks, visit the U.S. See also

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