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linden+scripting+language+guide-gian lee SLED® Blog Gwyn’s Home » The Post-Human Perspective of `Self´ by Extropia DaSilva (part II) An essay by Extropia DaSilva and her Primary. Technology trends suggest our definitons of ‘self’ and ‘person’ will need to be re-examined in the future. Is this future best anticipated by thinking of our avatars in the first person perspective (‘I’ am in SL) or the third person (‘she’/'he’ is in SL)? To be fair, on one level you could say these predictions were accurate. If we could anticipate what the extra element might be, we might be able to ‘expect the unexpected’ as it were. I believe that our future online worlds will not be populated just by tourists from RL, but also by software lifeforms that are indigenous to the VR world. Karl Sims developed a software world in which creatures evolved to be as efficient at locomotion as possible. So far, none of these software experiments in evolution have come anywhere close to achieving intelligent virtual lifeforms but if that ever happened, who is to tell what bodies such minds would inhabit, or what they would build and invent?

In future, everything will be a computer In the future rush to get to work, the day's tasks will be checked using a personal robotic butler, the misplaced car keys will be located by entering the word "keys" into a cellphone and getting a call back saying "bedroom." The children will be monitored by sensors that detect their every movement. At work, the office map uses the same kind of sensors to track down staff members for a meeting. The work day is interrupted by a break to play with the cat remotely over the Internet. This is the vision outlined by researchers from around the world who gathered in the basement of a downtown Toronto hotel this week to talk about the third wave of computing. There was a time when computers were massive devices, mainframes housed in entire rooms and operated by many people simultaneously. This next wave, the experts say, is coming faster than you think. "Everything could be a computer, and could be used or adopted for a purpose by any individual." © (c) CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc.

s 3D Tools and LSL Script Repository Image UUID: 40474b70-5a33-5102-6872-14a926fc53f7 Due to sp4mz0rs, I am forced to cut of any possible form of communication on this website. So the script submit form is gone and it is also not possible to post comments or questions any more. I can be contacted in-world if you really need to. I’ve always been wondering about the ideal system requirements for running a sim on a server and I may have found a somewhat clear answer at the OSGrid forum. ( ) It is an article from 2008, but most likely still suitable today. Richard Senior said: The bottleneck on any server used for OpenSim is almost always the avalibility of RAM.

ALSC Blog » Blog Archive » Second Life, Third Life, Fourth Life… For my daughter’s 9th birthday party, we decided to celebrate it at Sega GameWorks in Seattle. Everyone got unlimited access to the videogames for 2 hours so naturally, I plopped myself down on a game I haven’t played in over a decade. It was a game I used to cherish with my husband before we got married–Virtual Fighter. It really brought something to light. I discovered that having a Second Life isn’t all that different from real life. My point is, don’t buy into the backlash against 2nd Life. Many of us are in denial that we are in the age of digital natives.

Musique et numérique : Les voies de la création de valeur ne sont plus impénétrables Ce texte est le quatrième d’une série d’articles consacré à l’innovation marchande dans le secteur de la musique, issu du projet Musique et numérique : la carte de l’innovation, dont la Fing présentera les conclusions cet après-midi. L’innovation peut-elle aider l’industrie de la musique à sortir de la crise qu’elle traverse ? Sans aucun doute, conclut la Fondation internet nouvelle génération (Fing), dans la synthèse d’une discussion en ligne qui a réuni acteurs de l’internet et de la filière musicale d’avril 2006 à février 2007. Comme l’explique Ignazio Lo Faro, co-fondateur avec Guillaume Champeau du site de “musique libre” BnFlower, “il suffit qu’un adolescent écrive quelques lignes de code pour bouleverser l’industrie musicale toute entière”. Les pouvoirs publics ont certainement un rôle important à jouer pour aider la filière musicale à gérer la transition vers cette “nouvelle économie” de la musique dont chacun appelle l’émergence de ses voeux. Philippe Astor

Script Libraries - The Schommunity Wiki From The Schommunity Wiki As we get more involved with Second Life it's becoming clear that we need to find and share useful scripts. This page is a list of scripting resources we've found, and scripts we're working on (some complete, and some still in production). We've put up several of the scripts that we have developed - you are welcome to use them in your projects as you will but please give us credit and include in the comments a link to the schome project: Scripts on the Schome Wiki Working Please put your name next to the script so if somebody has a problem they know who the local expert is. UtilitiesSit script - Mars Sensor script - DanSchome help script - DanObject teleport device - Mark found on the webPendulum Script - for timing things ... AvatarPerson Cannon - Olly Under development/ need help with... Hawiian Shirt help button - Olly Cannon ball Cannon--Olly Script for a coded door, but I can't get it to work :S. External Scripting Resources

Serious Games Source: 'Enjoying Your First Life? Why Not Add a Second? Developing Library Services in Second Life' Epic releases Unreal Engine 4.1, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One support by Christian Nutt [04.24.14] Subscribers can now download the new version from GitHub, including both the stable build and "bleeding edge," untested new code. Programming, Console/PC, Serious, Indie, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet Blog: Crunch is good for you by Gamasutra Community [04.25.14] "'Crunch' has become a dirty word... I’m here to argue that crunch, in small doses, is actually good for your team, your process, and your game." Persuasive Games: Shell Games by Ian Bogost [03.03.10] Just what will the achievementization of the world mean? Country for Old Men (and Women) by Luis Matos [04.22.14] This week I was quite surprised at the latest news about Oculs Rift. A Game Concept by Matt Powers [04.21.14] Creating a game concept is one of the very first steps in video game production.

Quand le gouvernement allemand décide de participer à Wikipédia Une grande première qui risque de faire jurisprudence :-) Excellente initiative en effet que celle du gouvernement allemand qui va, via un institut, former et rémunérer des experts pour participer à Wikipédia dans le champ précis des ressources renouvelables (qui englobent les plus connues énergies renouvelables). On notera également la mention du don conséquent de Deutsche Telekom à Wikipédia pour la bonne et simple raison qu'ils réutilisent des articles de l'encyclopédie sur leurs propres sites web. Encore une brillante illustration du cercle vertueux du libre ! Une traduction de Framalang (Coeurgan, Daria, Olivier et Yostral).[1] Un financement d'état pour le Wikipedia allemand German Wikipedia receives state funding Torsten Kleinz (trad. en. Pour la première fois, l'édition allemande de l'encyclopédie en ligne Wikipedia recevra des fonds de l'Etat. Les entrées sur ce sujet seront améliorées sous la direction du Nova Institut, issu du secteur privé.

Scripting Snippets, 7: Creating a HUD « A View From Another Life This is going to be a long one. Get yourself a cup of coffee first. What is a HUD? If you have to ask that question, you probably won’t get much from this article, but HUD is an acronym of Head-Up Display, and allows creators in Second Life to add a user-interface to gadgets. They are created from prims just like any other user-created objects in Second Life, but they are only visible to their owner, and always appear ‘flat’ against the screen. For example, here is the popular blogHUD, for making blog postings from within Second Life: When I started trying to create HUDs myself, I found that there was very little information about how to go about it, and I struggled for a while with even the simplest things. In this post, I’ll show the basic steps of creating a HUD, and point out some of the pitfalls and ‘gotchas’ that you are likely to encounter along the way. Are you sitting comfortably? The first thing to do, of course, is to decide what our HUD will contain. Create a simple cube. Yuk.

Suffern Middle School in Second Life My Virtual Life As I step onto the polished wood floor of the peaceful Chinese country house, a fountain gurgles softly and a light breeze stirs the scarlet curtain in a doorway. Clad in a stylish blue-and-purple dress, Anshe Chung waves me to a low seat at a table set with bowls of white rice and cups of green tea. I'm here to ask her about her booming land development business, which she has built from nothing two years ago to an operation of 17 people around the world today. As we chat, her story sounds like a classic tale of entrepreneurship. Slide Show >> Except I've left out one small detail: Chung's land, her beautifully appointed home, the steam rising from the teacups -- they don't exist. The avatar named Anshe Chung may be a computerized chimera, but the company she represents is far from imaginary. Oh yes, this is seriously weird. As it turns out, Second Life is one of the many so-called massively multiplayer online games that are booming in popularity these days. My head hurts. Oh, really?