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Annie Spandex » How To Make Tank Tops Out Of T-Shirts (Without Touching A Sewing Needle) Make a T-Shirt, T-Shirt Dress, or Tank Top out of a Bed Sheet. This tutorial will show you how to make your own shirt, t-shirt dress, and tank top.

Make a T-Shirt, T-Shirt Dress, or Tank Top out of a Bed Sheet

I was SO happy when I made my first shirt! I mean really, what is better than making your own clothes. I dont know what is. The best thing about this project is that you don't have to hem anything! Stretchable fabrics take their own shape, so hemming isn't necessary. Here are some of the dresses and shirts I have made: HOW TO: No Sew Tank Top from an Old T-Shirt. These have to be some of my favorite summer tank tops.

HOW TO: No Sew Tank Top from an Old T-Shirt

Let me show you what to do: The photo below shows me cutting the sleeve from the wrong side.Cut the sleeve open from the side that has the seam.If you were still wearing the shirt it would be the part under your armpit. (THANK YOU DIY'er for finding this mistake!) How to Acid Wash Denim. Knowing how to acid wash denim can allow you to create some trendy jeans or skirt at very little cost.

How to Acid Wash Denim

What goes around comes around, and acid wash jeans (white hot in the 1980s) are back again. Get fashion forward on the cheap. How To Acid Wash Denim Quickly Acid wash jeans are created by exposing the denim material to a chemical process that strips away much of the indigo dye, leaving the pants a much lighter color. Although early acid wash denim featured a mostly uniform color, today's styles tend to be more random with an almost tie-dyed look. What you'll need. How to ACID WASH (aka D.I.Y for dummies) I'm sure you all loved rat pack's amazing tutorial on how to make a bandage dress.

How to ACID WASH (aka D.I.Y for dummies)

I can't wait to see the evidence of readers making their own. But for those who are too skint, ill equipped or just lazy to attempt such a project, there's another way to tap into one of this seasons biggest trends, ACID WASH. Don't waste your money on the American Apparel acid wash tees. This DIY honestly takes absolutely no skill and it won't cost you a single penny. Online tutorials will tell you to use no end of weird and expensive materials to do a DIY acid wash. You need Your garment. I used an old black t-shirt I found lying around (see the second photo). What you need to do Wet it: Take your garment and get it wet through in the bath or sink, then ring some of the water out. Bleach it: Take your bleach and squirt it liberally on random areas of your t-shirt, leaving some bits uncovered. Leave it: Leave to soak in but keep checking the colour every minute or so until you are happy with it. Remove.

Do-It-Yourself: DIY Glitter Sneakers: Do It Yourself. DIY : Heart racer back top // Top dos en coeur. You know when guys say they don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s that day everyday ?

DIY : Heart racer back top // Top dos en coeur

Well I guess this is proof they’re right ! I’ve been wanting to do this DIY ever since I pinned a similar top on Pinterest. I think it’s cute and quirky and you can really play with the colours. It’s a sticky job but if you’re more comfortable with a sewing machine it would work just as well and keep your hands clean. Les mecs disent toujours qu’il n’y a pas besoin de fêter la St Valentin parce que c’est la fête de l’amour tous les jours… En voilà la preuve ! To make your own DIY Heart Racer Back top, YOU WILL NEED : Pour faire ton propre top dos en coeur, IL TE FAUDRA : - A racer back top / Un débardeur - Sharp scissors / Un ciseau bien coupant - Approx. 3m binding / Env. 3m de biais - Fabric glue / De la colle à tissu - A cheesy album to listen to / Un album nunuche à écouter 1 : Fold your top in half so that both armholes and both side stitches are on top of each other. Craft DIY Projects, Patterns, How-tos, Fashion, Recipes @ - Felting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Home & More.

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Craft DIY Projects, Patterns, How-tos, Fashion, Recipes @ - Felting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Home & More

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