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American Apparel - NEW. Free and Simple Ways to Learn Sewing. Top diy fashion blogs « Outi Les Pyy. Alennusmyyntihulluus Lähes kaikissa kaupoissa on tällä hetkellä alennusmyynti.

top diy fashion blogs « Outi Les Pyy

Minua ahdistaa jo pelkkä ajatus toppatakkikansasta tappelemassa henkkamaukkojen trikoista ja paljettitopeista. ... Modernin hipin pääkoru Jos mulla olisi pitkät hiukset niin askartelisinpaskartelisin itselleni tällaisen hiuskorun muutamasta vanhasta kaulakorusta. Niitähän löytyy kirppareilta vaiks kui. Enkä ... valtteriksi valtterin paikalle Kaivarin Kanuunan itsepalvelukirpputori ei ole täysin paikannut Valtterin jättämää aukkoa. How to dress up for parties? DIY Fashion: Browse MY DIY. DIY: Lana Del Rey Lip Print Shirt. DIY Zadig et Voltaire Cut-Out Skull Tee. Thanks to the amazing work of the late Lee Alexander McQueen, the sparkly clutches of Thomas Wylde, and the wearable art of Zadig et Voltaire, skulls have found a place in high-end and mainstream fashion.

DIY Zadig et Voltaire Cut-Out Skull Tee

Even the goodest of the good girls are sporting skulls on everything from blinged out bags to preppy polos. Cut outs are a fun and fresh form of embellishment and lucky for us they are easy enough to do on your own. Try livening up a white tee with a deathly skull- if drawing isn’t your strong-suit, print out a picture, lay it between the layers of your shirt and hold the shirt up to a window to trace a shape on to the back.

Keep the shapes simple- the less pieces you cut out the less you have to sew and the quicker the process will be! Like this: Like Loading... Sewing. Costura computacional: te presento a Mary Huang de Continuum Fashion. Mary Huang es una de las fundadoras de Continuum Fashion, junto con Jenna Fizel.

Costura computacional: te presento a Mary Huang de Continuum Fashion

Son una marca de moda, cuyas creadoras vienen de trabajar en diseño interactivo y arquitectura, lo que les da una perspectiva única cuando se trata de diseñar sus prendas. Su enfoque es utilizar internet y aplicaciones web para permitir a sus consumidores crear sus propios diseños con un software. Como una especie de experimento en Google Chrome, su pequeño vestido negro, D.dress, permite a los usuarios crear su propia versión de esta prenda dibujando sobre el modelo con pequeñas formas triangulares.

Siguiendo con el tema de poner el proceso de diseño en manos de las masas, su más reciente proyecto CONSTRVCT permite a las personas crear su propia ropa a través de una aplicación en línea con una interfaz tridimensional. “Cuando construyen algo, ¿construyen la plataforma o el objeto?” ¡Te ofrecemos la oportunidad de llevarte tu propio diseño CONSTRVCT! 1. @stewart23rd. Cape Coat DIY. I bought this coat a couple of years ago in a thrift store, and even though I really like the fabric and color, the coat just didn't seem to fit me right.

Cape Coat DIY

But I just never wanted to get rid of it, because it is so pretty :) So I decided to see what else I could make of it. I stared at it for a (very) long time, and then realized that it could easily be turned into a cape coat. I googled a lot of cape coats, and in the end decided to just give it try! I am very happy with how it turned out, and love that I can still wear my precious coat but just in a different way! I made a DIY of it for you, I hope that it makes enough sense. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. All done! DIY classic - Polkadot jeans. Crop Tops: Buy the Look. By Rebecca Edge | Crop tops are set to be huge this spring summer 2013 and you should make sure you have at least one of these in your wardrobes.

Crop Tops: Buy the Look

Crop tops have been seen all over the catwalks making these a must have fashion item for these coming seasons. They are chic and stylish and are extremely hot. They can be worn for both the day and the evening and they come in a range of different shapes, styles and colours. Bold bright colours, long sleeve to short sleeve and plain to lace, there are many styles for you to choose from so there will always be one perfect for you.

Team up a crop top with an on trend skater skirt, a killer pair of heels, a gorgeous clutch and some statement jewellery and this will be the perfect look for an evening out. So make sure you stay on trend for this next season and shop our favourite picks of crop tops from the High Street now! Crop Tops, buy the look... FemaleFirst Rebecca Edge by Rebecca Edge for find me on. T-shirt reconstruction inspired by Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 lace dress - Natalie's Creations. Summer dress made from recycled T-shirts 01. T-shirt reconstruction: DIY Ruffled one-shoulder dress. T-Shirt Dress.