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Watercolor Nail Art: Step by Step for Pinterest. Baseball String Bracelet. I've got a great idea to share with all of you for a super easy and cute way to make a bracelet out of the strings of a baseball.

Baseball String Bracelet

My college girl friends and I all made these to wear when we went to games...and I still wear mine to the Diamondback's games every chance I get. It's a great way to show your love for baseball! Supplies you'll need: Baseball (you can get 2 bracelets from each baseball) Xacto knife First you will need to cut out the stitches all the way around the baseball. Once you have cut all the way around the stitches you'll need to remove the leather pieces. Once you take both leather pieces off you'll need to remove the strings. Here's is what your baseball should look like at this point: You won't need the ball or leather any more for this project.

Find the middle of the seam and cut it in half. Cut off the excess leather without cutting the strings. T-Shirt Fringe Necklace Tutorial. Polo Refashion. A few months ago Philip and I weeded through our closets and made a big pile of stuff to donate to Goodwill.

Polo Refashion

After the pile was made, I went through and took out anything I thought I could refashion. One of them was an old Abercrombie polo that Philip no longer liked. I'd seen a few polo refashions floating around on Pinterest, and although none of them had struck my fancy, I was sure I could do something awesome with this shirt.

Then the other day I saw this photo and fell in love. Out came the fabric box and there was that old gray polo, ready and waiting to be loved. I turned it backward, cut out the collar (leaving the buttons so that it has a button-up back), took in the sleeves, and gave it a little hem. It's the perfect comfy casual top that can be dressed up for date night or dressed down for playgroup. *update* I've received a lot of emails from you guys, asking for a photo of the back of the shirt. UPDATE: Full step-by-step tutorial here. Pinning « Sea lo que sea. Dec4 So pinterest.

pinning « Sea lo que sea

I’m not that late to the party. Did you know that the creator (the “Ben” you get emails from) went to my high school (Rough Riders!) And I know his sister? True and true. {scarf} So the thing about pinterest is that it’s so easy to pin something that you starting pinning DIY projects and recipes and before you know you have enough food and projects to last the rest of your life. Some of this stuff is so great that you have to make the effort. Inspired by this pin of a $1100 scarf. DIY: How to Make a We Are Owls Inspired Poem Script Scarf.

Earlier this year, I had my eye on a scarf from We Are Owls . It was cashmere, hand-painted, and gorgeous. This Fashion Is Mine...: Dip Dye Ombre Denim Jacket DIY. If you've not noticed the dip dye/ombre trend popping up all over the high street then where have you been?!

This Fashion Is Mine...: Dip Dye Ombre Denim Jacket DIY

About a month ago I popped into Topshop and fell in love with a pink dip dyed denim jacket (pictured below) but it was £45.00. I couldn't help thinking I could have a go at making one myself for a quarter of that price and it would be so easy. This Fashion Is Mine...: DIY Studded Collar. Here's a very simple tutorial on how to achieve a DIY studded shirt collar - minus the designer price tag!

This Fashion Is Mine...: DIY Studded Collar

What I used: Black Collared Shirt - H&M £12.99 8mm Triangle Studs in Silver - Ebay £1.79 for 100 studs Pair of small pliers You can choose to use square or even round studs and a good way of saving money it to remove the studs from a studded belt rather than buying them from a craft shop. How to: 1) Taking a stud, push it firmly into the fabric 2) Carefully fold down the three prongs with a fingernail to secure the stud in place 3) Use the pliers to gently press on the backing of the stud to ensure there are no sharp prongs sticking out. 4) The studs on each collar tip don't have to be identical - just similar 5) However use the same amount of studs on each side 6) I just embellished the tips of the collar but you can keep adding - you can even cover the whole collar!

Wear your studded collared shirt tucked into denim shorts, patterned leggings or a high waist skirt. DIY Clothes & Shoes. DIY Galaxy Print Tee. After copious amounts of exposure to galaxy prints on the web or on the high street I decided I couldn't ignore the trend any longer!

DIY Galaxy Print Tee

I've already made a stab at Galaxy Nails but I've been searching for a way to make my own galaxy print for clothing and was inspired by a few diy tutorials so I decided to give it a go and make one of my own too. Ashley Gail from posted a wonderful step by step guide to creating your own galaxy t-shirt. I mainly stuck to her rules but added a few of my own ideas too.... The Finished Result: DIY: No-sew Beach Cover + How to Use a Pareo/Sarong.


DIY: No-sew Beach Cover + How to Use a Pareo/Sarong

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