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Tutorial. Shoe. Будем делать вот такую туфлю.

Tutorial. Shoe

Основное предзназначение - элемент декора. Но можно также попробовать ее использовать и в практических целях. Например как подставку под телефон или контейнер для украшений. Нам понадобится: - туфля - клеевой пистолет - кисти - акриловые краски: основные цвета в моем случае это коричневый и красный, белую и черную я использовала для создания разных тонов основых цветов, и золотую для финальных штрихов - алкогольные чернила - "украшения": то, что мы будем лепить на туфлю. Отрезаем цветок (по желанию), красим туфлю в фоновый цвет (у моем случае это коричневый). "Украшения" я разделяю на несколько категорий: - те, которые я хочу видеть в цвете, отличном от фонового - те, которые будет сложно прокрасить уже в приклеенном виде (например крылья или бобинка) - покрашенные крылья я проштамповала акриловой краской - лампочка-брелок у меня будет просто висеть, поэтому я ее тоже красила отдельно, акриловыми красками и алкогольными чернилами Вот и все.

Leather Steampunk Top Hat. Ronin: Respirator Gas Mask Tutorial. This tutorial is adapted from a workshop I lead at the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition last March in northern California.

Ronin: Respirator Gas Mask Tutorial

I am attempting to make this easy to follow and doable even for the novice leatherworker. The pattern pieces are all to scale, and include holes for rivets, slits for thread, holes and slits for buckles and a button stud, plus decorative openings for ventilation. Materials and Tools needed: 2 square feet of vegetable tanned cowhide, 3-4 or 4-5 oz weight. Awl or lacing fork 1 stitching needle (Tandy 1195) 4 pieces of 32” long waxed thread 22 medium rivets (Tandy 1373) 4 rectangle rings ¾" wide (Tandy 1137) 2 buckles ¾" 1 button stud. Lacey Steampunk Glove by ~NBetween on deviantART. Steampunk Fashion. This afternoon I finished reworking the shoulder strap to my first Sam Brown belt-rig.

Steampunk Fashion

This was the one I made for the Steampunk Indiana Jones outfit - and kept re-using for several other outfits as I came up with them. A few months ago I bought a new reproduction 1911 US Army issue belt and flap-closure holster from Sportsman's Guide Catalog for any WWI, WWII, or Indiana Jones outfits. Tutorials. How to Make a Steampunk Corset. Tom Banwell—Leather and Resin Projects. Leather Respirator Tutorial by ~jezus666 on deviantART. Steampunk Clothing and Ideas for the Wedding., Victorian Library, Victorian Dress- Bustle Dress, Victorian Costume, Vintage Clothing, Vintage Clothes. The Costume Trunk: The Incredibly Easy Bustle Skirt - Blog. It's a staple of a Victorian wardrobe, but it can also be used for all kinds of dress up fun: the bustle skirt!

The Costume Trunk: The Incredibly Easy Bustle Skirt - Blog

Fairies, princesses and even fancy female pirates can all use a good skirt with some pouf to it. And the best part? This is a shockingly easy project! This is a great project for all kinds of fabrics. I used a striped home dec fabric, but silks and taffetas are also fantastic. The cutting: You will need to cut three identical pieces for the skirt front and skirt sides, similar to the diagram below. Line 1 = ¼ your waist measurement Line 2 = the distance from your waist to the floor, plus 5" Line 3 = 3x the length of line 1. The 4th piece you need to cut (which will form the bustle) is a simple rectangle. Steampunk Leather Top Hat Tutorial. I have received several requests for a tutorial on making my steampunk leather top hat, shown above, and so, here it is. The first drawing shows the three pattern pieces (not to scale).

The wave on the bottom of the crown is what gives the brim its distinctive curve. The pattern below is the one that I used to make my top hat. For a size large, the width of the crown (from side to side) should measure 23.8". You can print it out and enlarge it to get it to lifesize. The crown joins at the back with a butt seam. You should use a lightweight but firm vegetable tanned leather. Leather Steampunk Top Hat. Steampunk Shoulder Bag by ~izasartshop on deviantART. Shoes. Like a Tea Tray in the Sky - Altering non-leather shoes, or Alice in Wonderland boots. Ever needed a certain type of shoe for a special occasion or costume?

Like a Tea Tray in the Sky - Altering non-leather shoes, or Alice in Wonderland boots

As most people know, leather and satin shoes can be dyed by over the counter methods. However, changing the color of non-leather, vinyl or pleather shoes has always been a challenge. I've known people to use canned paint, markers, or to create slip covers to hide the original shoe color. In the past I've even used Krylon spray paint on a pair of boots-the problem with all of these methods is that they either crack and chip off, or the shoes fail to take the color.

However, thanks to a new spray paint product meant for car interiors, non-leather shoes can now be colored in a safe, and colorfast way. Recently I altered a pair of white, fake leather boots purchased on eBay to copy the boots worn in the new Alice in Wonderland. Thanks to the success of the process, and the final product, several people have asked me to write out the process for their future reference.

Steampunk Couture Clothing.