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Making SL Clothes

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Basic Clothing Creation in Second Life - Part 1. How to make a Model Using Gimp. GIMP Clothing Tutorial: Creating an Outline or Template - Redwood Rhiadra Designs. KiRaDa Decosta - Service: Decosta Line Second Life Clothing Templates for gimp. A free Finished T-Shirt Template for use in Second Life, by Robin (Sojourner) Wood. Some time ago, someone mentioned in the Second Life forum that making a t-shirt in Second Life isn't as simple as just dropping a picture onto a shirt, like you would do for Café Press.

But some people aren't interested in doing anything more than that; and, for them, perhaps it should be just that simple. So, for all of those people, and for people who are just starting out and want to see what a finished shirt looks like in all of its layers, here you go. If you want more detailed instructions, I've written two tutorials. Both use Photoshop, I'm afraid, since that's the graphics program I use, but you might be able to extrapolate the instructions to your own favorite application. Click here if you are pretty new to computer graphics, and would like a detailed explanation of every step. Click here if you are pretty comfortable with Photoshop, but still want more instruction than you can find in the Read Me file.. Have fun with it! If you have a question, write to me and ask it! Free avatar second life psd templates. Avatar Second Life, Photoshop .psd templates: head, body, clothing, shoes, tatoo, necklace and many others.

When you first start Second Life, your avatar will come with enough hair styles, eye colors, makeup, skin tones and clothes etc to initially get you started. However, what if you want your avatar to be truly original? How do you go about creating your own graphic addons for your Second Life avatar? Second Life templates made with Photoshop .psd files are an extemely popular way to create your own avatar. PSD files will usually work in Photoshop, GIMP, and Paintshop Pro. Before downloading any templates, its recommended that you firstly read a pdf article on how to use them: How to use Second Life templates Note: Many of the free downloads also have instructions included for its use. Free Second Life template downloads: 1. Click here to download Robin's Second Life Templates. 2.

Other useful links and resources: Hair texture tutorial. How to make a tatoo for your Second Life avatar. Clothing design tutorials for clothing in Second Life... Life can be a pain some times, and living in a country that goes out of its way to control and manipulate its people doesn't help. Alcohol and tobacco companies make billions each year selling their deadly drugs, but the United States continues to suppress marijuana and other marijuana related products due to the government's involvement with the alcohol and tobacco companies. Each year the government imposes more and more taxes on both these drugs, and continues to line their own personal pockets with the tax money as well as the money they make persecuting people for possession of marijuana. God created marijuana for all of us, it grows in nearly any environment, and smoking marijuana involves no processing what so ever like Crack, Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, or LSD.

Legalizing marijuana would create all kinds of jobs, new taxes to support the government's lazy butt, and keep the average pot head off the streets who are having to buy from shady drug dealers. Making custom clothing for Second Life or OpenSim (part 1 of 2) How to make SL clothes in the Gimp. Apparently, there are few good tutorials about making Second Life clothing & skins in the Gimp. Or so I'm told. Well, I use the Gimp, so I may as well explain. Theory Second Life clothing comes in two types.

One type is prim attachments to the avatar, and that's not what we're working with in this tutorial. The other type is painted onto a flat picture,then wrapped around the avatar. As you can imagine, wrapping a flat picture around a bumpy avatar means you get some odd distortions to the flat picture. Linden Lab made a set of reference images available. I have created a post with a fuller explanation of the theory behind Second Life clothing. Setting upI recommend that you read Olila Oh's information on setting up as well as this tutorial - we say things in different ways. 1. To get Chip Midnight's templates from the above link, you will probably need to log in to the Second Life website. 2.

If you can't find your Layers dialog, re-create it from the main Gimp window. 3. 4. 5. 5a. 6. How to make SL clothes in the Gimp (part 2) In part one we got ready to make Second Life clothes in the Gimp. Now we'll make a simple coloured shirt: our first item of actual SL clothing. You make Second Life skins using the same techniques: you just paint skin colours instead of clothing colours. If your Layers dialog is missing, re-create it with Dialog->Layers from your Tutorial Shirt window, or File->Dialogs->Layers from the main Gimp window. You will need it for this lesson. Open your Blended Upper Body Template.xcf file - or whatever you chose to call it. Over time, you'll probably add layers to it. Save it as Tutorial Shirt.xcf. There's an awful lot of information in the Blended Templates (now Tutorial Shirt) file. Click on the eye symbol for each layer, and watch the Tutorial Shirt window.

Clothing and skin designers make a lot of use of this selective visibility of layers. Our goal is to make a new layer, and on that layer, cover each of the UV grids with our favourite colour. So let's start by making a new layer. Day 181: Creating Clothes with GIMP. If you have not created things in Second Life because graphics programs are expensive, then GIMP may be the answer. GIMP is FREE, and has many of the same high-end features as programs like Adobe Photoshop.

The best part is that GIMP has everything you need to create clothing for Second Life :) So you have no more excuses. Download a copy of GIMP and start making your own clothes for Second Life right now! This is a tutorial on how to create a simple shirt in GIMP using the SL Avatar UV template from Robin Wood. You can download the templates from here. For this tutorial, you should download the "layered Photoshop (.psd) Files".

This tutorial will cover how to use the Template to make a shirt, and how to export the shirt with Alpha Channel information for uploading to Second Life. This tutorial is not intended as an in-depth GIMP tutorial. So lets get started! From "The GIMP" tool palette, select "File", then "Open". This will open the Template file in a separate window. OK, thats better. Avatar UV Texture "Templates" for use in Linden Lab's Second Life - Tutorial © Robin Wood 2009. <p class="noScript">I notice you have Javascript turned off. Unless you did that to print, the page is more fun if you turn it on. Thanks! </p> Linden Lab has provided us with Templates and Models to help us make Skins and Clothing for our Avatars.

However, I've found that the "templates" leave several things to be desired. They aren't set up for accurate matching across the UV Seams, and it's difficult to "find your place" when working with them. The original idea to subdivide the Avatar models came from Chip Midnight's excellent templates. I took the models, subdivided them in LightWave, and used the tools there to make Vector UV Maps for all the parts. Then I added some things in Adobe Illustrator to get maps that are much easier for me to work with. These have the non-subdivided polygons in different colors for each map, so you can tell at a glance which portion of the map you are working on.

I have provided several ways to download these files, in several different formats. A free Finished T-Shirt Template for use in Second Life, by Robin (Sojourner) Wood. Creating realistic clothing for SecondLife from start to finish! - by Naergi - Second Life on Koinup. In this video I'm showing how to create a realistic turtleneck sweater for a SecondLife avatar. Note that the video is timelapsed; what you're seeing here took four hours, not a few minutes! I'm using (in order): - Blender to create the turtleneck, upper- and lower arm sculpties and to bake the shadow maps for the aforementioned sculpties; - DeepPaint3D to texture the sweater with reference photos by - this is the 'Anastazie' photo reference; -Adobe Photoshop CS4 extended to liquify and resize the reference photos so they will actually "fit" the mesh of the avatar (while working with DeepPaint - I'm exporting / importing the projection paint layers to do that!)

The music in this video is by and I highly recommend that site if you're looking for royalty free music to use with the videos you create! Hope you like the video; if you do, don't hesitate to share it by linking to it! Best wishes, Naergi.