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DIY Clothes/Wear

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Sew a Hobo-Bag. You will need fabric for the shell (the outside of the bag) and the lining, and the strap.

Sew a Hobo-Bag

Actual yardage will vary depending on your size. Either the lining or the shell material (or both if you like) should be a heavier fabric, to support all your stuff. Both of the bags I made are lined in a heavy duck cloth. The cream fabric is muslin, which makes the bag softer and slouchier, and the green fabric is a bottomweight, which makes the bag stiffer and hold its shape more. Whichever fabrics you choose, they should not be knits or other stretchy fabrics. - For the template, you will need a piece of cardstock or construction paper about the size of your back.

Display Live Txts on Costume at Party w/ Scrolling LED Belt Buckle. DIY Dress-Up Ideas: 5 Sexy Ways to Upcycle Old Clothing. Upcycled designs often emphasize radical do-it-yourself transformations, but some of the most simple ideas can have dramatic impacts.

DIY Dress-Up Ideas: 5 Sexy Ways to Upcycle Old Clothing

These clothing conversions illustrate the ease with which people can upcycle ordinary objects and make them extraordinary, turning formless junk shirts clothes into elegant tops, bottoms and sexy dresses. Mari Santos does more than just recycle small-scale clothing extras into new, well-fitting and sufficiently stylish upcycled outfits – she shows how much potential exists in upcycling extremely plain everyday objects, things we would normally trash without a second look.

A baggy t-shirt is one of the most ubiquitous items of excess clothing you can find in almost any closet. Pattern Making Courses Online - Design your own clothes - eTelestia. Make Clothes and Accessories. When you make your own clothing and accessories, your style is truly like no other.

Make Clothes and Accessories

DIY fashion is often quite easy to accomplish, and the satisfaction of saying 'I made it! ' is priceless. Start with some easy projects and advice. DIY style can happen in a matter of minutes. How to Make Your Own Clothes. Learning how to make your own clothes is a pastime that will not only save you some money, it is skill that can evolve into a hobby that you love.

How to Make Your Own Clothes

With some practice, patience, and some sewing know-how, you’ll be on your way to making your own clothing before you know it. Here are some helpful tips to get you going. Getting Started. 3 Ways to Design Your Own Clothes Online. Dave Sloan is CEO of Treehouse Logic, which offers a hosted design tool solution that enables customer co-creation.

3 Ways to Design Your Own Clothes Online

You can reach Dave at and follow him on Twitter. Do you have good taste? Feeling inspired? Lots of new fashion startups want to tap into your creativity. These new fashion sites are not your grandfather’s fashion brands. Here are three ways to get started in fashion design from the comfort of your own computer. 1. Garmz’s goal is to activate fashion talent. Fashioning Technology: A DIY Intro to Smart Crafting (Craft: Projects) (9780596514372): Syuzi Pakhchyan. Make your own lace undies - tutorial and free pattern So Sew Easy. Free Multi-size pattern to make your own undies So Sew Easy. Undies, underwear, unmentionables, pants, panties, knickers, bloomers, drawers, briefs, etc.

Free Multi-size pattern to make your own undies So Sew Easy

Whatever you call them, we all need them and wear them – but not many of us have ever tried to sew our own – until NOW ! And I’ve made a free pattern so you can all make your own to show off. Spurred on by my success with the Sewing with Knits course, I’ve been itching to try some new stretch fabrics. You know me, always trying to run before I can walk. So I bought some rather nice stretch lace which has a finished edge on both sides and I had a go at making my own. It took a while to get it right, but I’ve made a pattern which you can use too – and it’s in size extra small through to large. Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science and Technology (9783211795910): Sabine Seymour. Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech (9781600610837): Diana Eng. Style Scrapbook: DIY: PROENZA SCHOULER BRACELET.

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Recycled Camera Lens Cuff Bracelets Make Flashy Accessories. Waterproof Your Canvas Shoes. Large T-Shirt to Fitted Tee Tutorial. I have these two t-shirts that I love.

Large T-Shirt to Fitted Tee Tutorial

They're soft, comfortable, and have good worn (and sentimental) designs on them. But, I never wear them for anything other than around the house because they are large men's t-shirts and look completely shapeless on me. Then I found this great tutorial on YouTube for how to make a big t-shirt a fitted shirt! - T-Shirt Surgery: How to Make a Shirt Fit So, while I was staying with my mom at her camper this summer (she lives & travels in an RV), I asked her to help me try it out. Recycled Book Cuffs. Jamie Keiles creates fashionable wrist cuffs using the spines of old and damaged books, stitched up with leather backings and heavy-duty snaps.

Recycled Book Cuffs

(She’ll line them in vinyl too, if you’d prefer.) I like the graphic, unisex look of these and of course the recycling aspect is a great plus. Recycled Book Cuffs Related.