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Clothes Patterns

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Undergarments Patterns Set. Doll Clothes we made (or remade : ) I have made lots of clothes since we first got Grace that first Christmas.

Doll Clothes we made (or remade : )

I thought I would share some of them with you. I like to reuse clothes that my kids have outgrown or holes in the knees. I also hang on to things that are in great shape, but just have a stain that I can't get out. This was a super easy dress made from knee socks. I cut off the foot of the sock and cut 2 arm holes. The denim skirt is made from jean cutoff. This tee is one of many things I made from outgrown clothes. This Saree is made from purchase fabric. Punjabi dresses. ...and one more. This is an Easter dress made from a $1.00 tea towel I found at Target. This maxidress was made from a repurposed tee of my daughter's.

This is one of her favorite doll dresses. These two dresses were made from one blouse found at Goodwill. This was made from a scrap of fabric I found at Wal-mart. I also made the little jacket out of a re-purposed tee. This poncho and hat is a little crochet project I put together. The Blueberry Moon: Nakey Baby ( doll clothes) Welcome to the Nakey Baby Project!

The Blueberry Moon: Nakey Baby ( doll clothes)

I am so glad you are here. I started this little project so that I could get all. No-Sew Doll Fashions" This no-sew craft for kids is perfect for your child's imagination.

No-Sew Doll Fashions"

She'll have hours of fun pretending to be a famous fashion designer while creating a new wardrobe full of no-sew doll fashions for her dolls or stuffed animals. What You'll Need: Materials such as old socks and tiesBlunt scissorsTrims such as ribbon or sequinsCraft glue. Make Doll Clothes, No Sew, Scarf,Top, Belt, Etc From Ribbon. No Sew Doll Vest. Tutorial - How To Sew Easy Doll Socks. Hi!

Tutorial - How To Sew Easy Doll Socks

I just wanted to share a little gift I did for Miss Ashley Rose's friend who is having her First Holy Communion next weekend. Easy No Sew Denim Skirt For Dolls. No Sew Doll Tutu. Dora Doll/15in Doll Clothes Crochet Pattern Directory. Lavender Ice Fairy - MSD - Gallery 2012 - Antique Lilac. Corset Tutorial. Fabulous Miniature Doll Artist Anna Hardman and graciously lets us publish her corset tutorial on our Blog.

Corset Tutorial

Thnx Anna! You can see more of her fabulous figures on her website AnnaHardmanDolls.comThe CorsetI have created a miniature hourglass corset to share with you today. It is for a curvy full figure. My dolls do not have Victorian thin waists. Their bodies are more anatomically correct, closer to modern day figure. I used light and glass method of transferring. Step 3.Run a tiny bead of glue on the seams, press with the iron. Step 4.Now add fine laces or trim of your choice to the top and bottom of your miniature corset.

To create sophisticated lacing on the back you need to practice. Make It Yourself Monday: Free 18-inch Doll Patterns Online. When I started sewing for dolls I didn't even understand that things like patterns existed.

Make It Yourself Monday: Free 18-inch Doll Patterns Online

After a few years of muddling about on my own I discovered that library books had patterns and that these patterns could be used to make doll clothes, usually much fancier than the items I had managed on my own. When I started using patterns I found a whole new world of fashion for my dolls. I could hardly fathom the avenues of discovery opening before me. After a couple of years of learning to follow patterns I realized that if I could find a pattern for a specific type of garment, I could make that garment for my doll. It was like inventing the wheel and the light bulb, all in one afternoon with my sewing basket.

Pinterest. Free Crochet Patterns. American Girl Doll Clothes Patterns Online Resource Site. Doll bottoms. Crochet & Crafts. Many Patterns: AG & Other 18″Dolls - Sewing Mamas Blog. The Tiny Travelling Doll's House. Over the years, this has been one of my all-time favourites.

The Tiny Travelling Doll's House

This version is great for taking on holidays, especially when the car is choc-a-block full. Firstly, it doesn't take up the whole back seat. Secondly, when you are little it's nice to take a bit of your own familiar world with you on holidays. Finally, and this is really important, it's made to wear around your neck, which (hopefully) means that it won't get lost...which means, with a little luck, you probably won't have to spend several hours of your long-awaited holiday looking everywhere for it. For this project I've used a 5cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm matchbox. The little fairy doll is made with coloured wire (I love using coloured wire). For her bed I've made a little pillow, a small quilt and just cut a piece of knitted material for her blanket. Hope you enjoy making this. P.S. DIY: A Cushion For A Doll Chair. Native American Doll Clothes. Native American Doll Costume Turn ordinary lunch bags into an extraordinary Native American outfit for your 18" doll.

Native American Doll Clothes

You need: Instructions: Crumple up three paper lunch bags. Open them up and crumple again. Continue until the bags are soft and pliable. To make the vest, cut one paper bag in half. Cut the bottom 2" off a second paper bag. Make a Scrub Suit for Your 18 Inch Doll. This week we are starting a series of articles about making a set of scrubs for your 18 inch doll.

Make a Scrub Suit for Your 18 Inch Doll

This is a topic near and dear to my heart because I was an R.N. for over 15 years, and I just wanted to make a set for my dolls. I thought you might also be interested in trying your hand at this. So here we go! Begin thinking about what you would like your doll scrubs to look like. Top 'O the Morning AG Doll Pattern. Many Patterns: AG & Other 18″Dolls - Sewing Mamas Blog. Dollar Doll Clothes - Free Patterns For AG & 18" Dolls. Recognize the source of these cute small-scale prints for doll clothes?

Dollar Doll Clothes - Free Patterns For AG & 18" Dolls

Yes, during a recent foray through the neighborhood dollar store we came across some quality women's underwear seconds and naturally asked ourselves what we might make from them. They are the foundation for a fabulous project--Dollar Doll Clothes! Read on for details! American Girl Doll Sized Party Hat Template. Inexpensive Ideas for Bitty Babywear. Bitty Baby is was dressed for Christmas! Auntie Becca passed on to her niece Mahala her precious Bitty Baby who needed an updated outfit for the season.

The American Girl Bitty Babies are one of my very favorite dolls for wee ones I thought I would post my favorite frugal alternative to paying $26.00 per outfit. I buy Child of Mine by Carters Preemie Baby Sleepers in the Infant Department at Walmart. Often I will find the sleepers and other preemie wear for as little as $1.00 an sleeper or outfit on clearance. This Christmas Reindeer sleeper is only $7.00 full price. Little girls will love the cute preemie pink ballet sleepers and appliqued pink pastel monkey sleepers which just came in.

Jacket For 18" Build-A-Bear Stuffed Toys. I had quite a few of you email me looking for the pattern for the “bunny jacket” I made for the Notched-Collar lesson. Unfortunately, I had just made the jacket as I went along, using the pictures from The Book as a guide as to what I needed pieces to look like. It worked out that it fit my son’s toy, but I didn’t have a real pattern for it. I started making a larger, better constructed jacket for my five year old as my notched-collar assignment, but decided that I’d rather do a lined jacket if I was going to spend the time making one for an actual human to wear. Lucky for me, lined jackets are covered later in The Book and I can totally use it as my lesson/assignment when I get there. But that left me needing a notched-collar assignment this week, and some of you still wanting a toy jacket pattern. The pattern fits all three of the Build-A-Bear stuffed toys my boys own, which are about 18 inches tall.

So whip up a jacket or two for the naked bunny (dog, turtle, whatever) in your life. Free American Girl Doll Slipper Pattern. American Girl Clothes- Tutorial 1 of 2. My daughter received an American Girl Doll for Christmas and 1 outfit (from Target’s My Generation Collection) and that was all that was in Santa’s Budget. I knew I would make her doll’s clothes at some point in time; however, the pressure was on to make her doll “Lanie” winter clothes when my daughter saw she could take Lanie out for “Free Skate” after Ice Skating lessons! That was all the motivation I needed to get busy! AG: 18-inch Doll Clothes ~ Skirt + Top. We hope you enjoy our series of Sewing Basics posts in the next few months!

We have lots of fun and easy tutorials lined up for basic patterns and sewing projects. You’ll learn a ton, and even if you’re a sewing pro we think the tutorials will help you feel successful and productive in your sewing hours. Today Marie shows us how to make some simple, no-pattern 18-inch doll clothes (fitting American Girl-sized dolls). Find more from Marie in her introduction, shop and on her two sites devoted to sewing 18-inch doll clothes. Make AG Doll Panties With Pattern. Simple things are good. Panties are simple. So, panties are good. Crochet: Fringed Halter AG Doll Top. A retro styled halter complete with flowers and fringe. What you need: Worsted weight acrylic yarn Size H (5 mm) hook. Crochet Doll Clothes For AG & 18" Dolls. You want to make something special for your child or Grandchild who loves her American Girl doll. 18 inch doll clothes to fit these dolls are sometimes hard to find locally and can be expensive if you have to order them online.

AG 18in Doll Clothes Crochet Patterns Directory. Strictly Homemade: American Girl Doll Clothes- Tutorial 1 of 2. Knit & Crochet Outfit & Messenger Bag - 18"doll. Crocheted Doll Set - 18", AG Doll. Sweater 1: Ch 45 loosely. Turn and dc in 3rd ch from hook and next 4 ch, double corner in next ch, *dc in next 9 ch, double corner in next ch*. Lots Of AG Patterns (Free Ones At Bottom Of Page) Free - AG & 18" Dolls Pattern - Spring Dress. American Girl Clothes- Tutorial 1 of 2. Native American Doll Clothes. FREE Patterns for American Girl® Dolls Liberty Jane. Crochet Doll Clothes For AG & 18" Dolls. Intro To Scale for Dollhouse Miniatures - Video. Free - AG & 18" Dolls Pattern - Spring Dress. Reversible American Girl Doll Top. [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of March 4, 2013 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically.

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Microsoft Word - BONNIE SUNDRESS.docx. Doll Clothes Patterns: Reuse and Recycle Your Old T-Shirts. Here’s another fun project you can cut and sew without needing to buy doll clothes patterns. Look in your closet for cotton knit fabric you can recycle and reuse to make your doll a rag scarf. All you need are two or three old t-shirts in coordinating colors.

If you’re creative, you can use white t-shirts and dye them before cutting the strips. Be brave with your color choices. Experiment. The ‘rag boa’ shown in the Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin with Stacie Stukin inspired our doll’s scarf. To begin, cut strips of cotton knit in three graduated widths. Please note: It’s important to cut the length of the scarf (the 27 inches) on the straight of the grain of the knit. Tutu, Ballet or Dance Costume for 18 Inch Dolls. {DIY} Fixing Your American Girl Doll's Hair without a Trip to the Doll Hospital. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #6. Picnic Outfit. FunThreads Designs: New Doll Pattern. Adorable Little Girl Apron. {FREE} American Girl Doll Sleeping Bag Pattern. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #9. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #8.

FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #7. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #4. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #3. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #2. FunThreads Designs: Doll Sleep Mask. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #11. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #5. American Girl Swimsuit & Beach Bag Pattern. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #9. AG Doll Socks Tutorial - AG Doll Crafts. Sewing Web - How To - Doll Vest with Strip Quilting. Navajo. Make a Slip for 18 To 21 Inch Dolls. FunThreads Designs: 18-inch Doll Dance Outfit Tutorial. FunThreads Designs: Doll Summer Outfit. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial #11. FunThreads Designs: Tuesday Tutorial–#10. AG: 18-inch Doll Clothes ~ Skirt + Top.