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Drying Clothes On A Line & DIY Racks

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Project Laundry List Promotes Clotheslines, Drying Racks & Green Laundry. Line Drying In Winter. Yes You Can Dry Outside In The Snow! DIY: Laundry Room Drying Rack. For a long time, I have really wanted one of those drying racks from Ballard Designs.

DIY: Laundry Room Drying Rack

You’ve seen them. They’re so perfect in the laundry room for drying your delicate clothing. I really wanted to save the money and build one myself. I knew I could do it with the right supplies. I even drew my own diagram on a napkin. Here’s a look at the final result: This is the perfect solution for drying all of my delicates! How to Build a Laundry Room Drying Rack + Supplies: 2 x 2’ precut birch (1/2 inch thick)Two 1/2 x 2” poplar boardsTwo 3/8” dowel rods (48” long)Sash lockNarrow loose pin hinges (set of two)D ring hangers for mounting on wallBracketed hinge for side (or chain with small screw eyes)Three white porcelain knobsPrimer and paint of choice Necessary tools: Drill bit set, including 3/8 inch drill bit, screwdriver, framing nails, a hammer, and a saw.

Step One: Measure and cut your 1/2 inch x 2 boards to fit the 2 x 2 precut birch. Step Three: Finish assembling your rack with framing nails. Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack, Perfected. Last week I talked about building my wall-mounted DIY clothes drying rack from a Freecycled baby play pen.

Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack, Perfected

Several readers expressed their concern that my rack as-built wouldn’t allow quite enough airflow to ensure prompt drying. I addressed those concerns temporarily by propping the rack when in-use away from the wall using a fruit tree branch spreader. Who knew those things were so versatile? The greater angle of the rack allowed the drying items a lot more airflow. Good temporary fix, but definitely temporary. In its new form, each rack is made from two baby jail panels hinged together. I installed a small piece of leftover 1×1 trim from the garage at the right height to serve as a ledge for the in-use, folded rack. The baby jail panels were designed to screw together.

Because of the acute angle, the clothes drying on the rack have a lot more air flow and don’t crowd each other as they hang down. Read all about the first-run version of the DIY Wall Mounted Drying rack to learn more. Fold-Away Laundry Room Drying Rack. The Pulley Rack: Indoor Clothes Drying. This project by Lucy AitkenRead appeared in issue #6 of World Sweet World Magazine.

The Pulley Rack: Indoor Clothes Drying

Photos by Kate McPherson. I dream of being able to string up a clothes line from my bedroom window to the ones on the other side; our busy city street transformed into a lazy village lane, our washing waving in the wind like bunting. Sadly, it is not to be – the windows opposite belong to a huge office block and undies flapping about outside is simply not the corporate way. We have had to come up with a less obtrusive way to dry our clothes; the Pulley Drying Rack, not so picturesque but just as old skool. Known in another gender stereotyped life as a Lazy Betty or a Pulley Maid, the Pulley Drying Rack is friend to all who dwell in abodes without gardens and friendly neighbours across the street.

Work out where you would like your indoor clothesline. Every so often make sure the anchor hooks and eyelets are all still secure and safe. Tags: clothes rack, issue #6, Magazine project, recycling.