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Denim sandal covers. Lace Jean Cuff, DIY. If your jeans are too long cut them and add a touch of lace in minutes.

Lace Jean Cuff, DIY

Tutorial Things you need. JeansLace about 2 to 3 inches wide and about 30 inches long.ScissorsSewing machine or you can hand sew this. #1 cut the jeans to the length you want #2 measure and cut your lace. #3 Pin the lace to the inside of your jeans sew about an a half of an inch from the bottom of the jeans. You can stop here and this is what they look like..peeking out from under your jeans.. You can cuff the jeans, Sew around the top of the lace to anchor it and have a lace cuff.

I also added a little lace to one of the pockets. I hand stitched this. Possibilities are endless. DIY Ombre Tights. It's no secret that we love adding color to anything and everything, and our clothes are no exception.

DIY Ombre Tights

We've color blocked our heels, our jeans, and ombre'd our nails, and today we're pumped to introduce DIY Ombre Tights. Best of all, this project takes under 30 minutes with just a few simple materials! Materials: - white tights (tights, not hose!) - Jacquard acid dye - rubber gloves - permanent dyeset concentrate - large pot (cannot be used for food after) - ladle (cannot be used for food after) - bucket or plastic container for cold water Fill your pot about halfway with water. Bow, T-Shirt DIY. Inspiration I saw this cute tank top on Pinterest, and thought that it might make a really cute Tee-Shirt.

Bow, T-Shirt DIY

I made mine Green for St. Patrick's Day. Turn Any Yard of Fabric into a Chic Beach Wrap. Now that you’ve picked out your perfect grill, it’s time to get yourself to the beach!

Turn Any Yard of Fabric into a Chic Beach Wrap

When we saw this wrap in the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog we knew we had to make it, and we knew we could make it rock. Head to a fabric store or grab a scarf you never wear, and get ready to wrap it up. Materials: – 1 yard of fabric – lace trim, ribbon, shoelaces – sharp fabric scissors – sewing machine or needle and thread. Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt: DIY. Inspiration Tutorial Things you need Sweatshirt ~mine is a mens medium~ScissorsPaint PensPencilPaint brush I cut around the collar about an inch down from the seam.

Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt: DIY.

DIY Gold Painted Jeans. Chloé’s Fall 2010 gold embroidered, part mariachi-part cowboy denim pants were our inspiration for this week’s DIY.

DIY Gold Painted Jeans

Such elaborate embroidering is beyond our skill set, so we figured stenciling a beautiful pattern using gold fabric paint would be a more feasible interpretation. Who knew paper doilies made the perfect stencil? Lightly spray the doilies with the adhesive and press down firmly on the jeans. Color Block Your Boyfriend Jeans. Whether the jeans are actually from your boyfriend, are secondhand from a thrift shop, are hand-me-ups from your little bro, or are a pair of Madewell’s too-perfect-to-be-true boy jeans, boyfriend jeans are a classic.

Color Block Your Boyfriend Jeans

But why stop at classic when you can go trendy? Surely you’ve seen the color-blocking trend that is sweeping the nation, so here’s a cool way to make your boyfriend jeans stand out. First, gather your supplies: boyfriend jeans, brightly colored fabric paint of your choice, paint brush, and masking tape. Then, turn the jeans inside out and tape off the jeans, as shown above.

Now, lay down a few sheets of newspaper so you don’t accidentally color block your apartment floor and paint the lower portion of the taped off section. Once dry, throw ‘em on and cuff! DIY Botanical Print Jacket. We are smitten with Stella McCartney‘s floral ensembles from her Spring 2011 collection, inspired by 18th and 19th century botanical prints.

DIY Botanical Print Jacket

The studies by notable botanists Robert John Thornton and Pierre Joseph Redouté are so incredibly lovely and vibrant that we too were inspired to add a bit of floral flair to our own clothing. Follow the instructions that accompany the iron on transfer papers, as they drastically vary depending on the brand. Search for floral images on the internet and print several large scale images. Precisely cut out the flowers, leaving some leaves and/or stems attached. Arrange and overlap the flowers on your jacket. 20 Ways to Repurpose Old Sweaters. It might not feel like it here in SF, but winter is most definitely on its way.

20 Ways to Repurpose Old Sweaters

While we love cozying up in all of our old sweaters as the air gets cooler, there are definitely a few sweaters who are on their last legs. 5 Ways to Turn Old Hoodies into Hip New Threads. You know we love us some repurposing around these parts.

5 Ways to Turn Old Hoodies into Hip New Threads

We’ve turned floppy disks into planters, colored pencils into jewelry, and even turned a white t-shirt into 10 totally different garments. Now, we’re tackling the hoodie. You’ve probably got a few worn out hoodies from concerts, college visits, and the like that you don’t ever wear but can’t bear to part with. 10 Ways to Turn a Scarf into a Vest. When we stumbled across this gorgeous DVF scarf vest on Shopbop the other day, we were intimidated by the $295 price tag but super inspired by the design.

Not only do we have a surplus of colorfully patterned scarves, but vests happen to be one of the best ways to transition summer clothes into early autumn. So, instead of creating one way to turn a scarf into a vest, we created 10! Half of these how-tos involve a sewing machine or needle and thread, and the other half are created with a few clever knots. Here we go! Turn a Pair of Printed Scarves Into a Breezy Caftan Dress (DIY Tutorial) DIY Scarf Caftan Dress. Two medium-sized silk or satin scarvesCotton thread in a coordinating colorScissorsSewing needlePinsMeasuring tapeBody form (optional) Before you begin, steam or iron your scarves. This will prevent creasing or wrinkling while you’re working on them. With the right-side up, fold the first (front) scarf in half to locate the center. Insert a pin on the edge of the fabric to serve as a reference point. A Tale of Two Scarves. Good Morning Everyone!

YAY ! It is Friday. Theses Two Scarves are made from an Old T-Shirt. This is a little longer than my normal post, so bare with me. I made this first one last night with the left over bottom half of the T-Shirt I used on Project Re-Style #8. How to Turn a Scarf into a Vest in 2 Easy Steps... Fashion. This genius idea {which I am in no way claiming to have originated but merely stumbled upon a youtube video of it a few months ago} is yet another way to make your scarves work for you.

Light scarves, as we all know, are the perfect transitional accessory from Summer to Fall. They warm us up just enough while adding a little pop to our ensemble. This is a brilliant way to add a light layer on a chilly day without spending a dime or even pulling out a needle and thread. It’s genius I tell you… anyone can do it!

10 Ways to Style a Men’s Shirt. There’s something irresistible about throwing on a men’s shirt with a pair of leggings. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. The cross-dresser in all of us? Or maybe we all just love turning an ordinary piece of men’s apparel into an extraordinary accessory for ladies. With that in mind, we ventured to Goodwill, grabbed a basic men’s shirt, and enlisted resident stylist Misty Spinney‘s fashion expertise to craft 10 killer looks. 1. This look is perfect for everyday, and gets style points from a super hot belt and pair of skinny jeans. We rolled up the sleeves to give the shirt a little more shape, and paired the look with strappy leather sandals. 2.

2 Ways to Turn a Men’s Shirt into a Chic Shirt Dress. 10 Ways to Style a Plain White Tee. Few things beat a classic white tee. Throw it on with a pair of jeans, cork wedges, a long necklace, and you’re good to go just about anywhere. Best of all, white tees are such a staple that you can find them at just about any corner store, grocery store, mall, or pharmacy. Seeing as we love style hackery oh-so-much, we decided to take on the classic tee, and came up with 10 new ways to restyle, rework, and totally transform it. Follow the Trend With Colorblocked Nails!

Fashion Fantasy - Photography, News and Models. The Forge: {she made it} jersey weave sweatshirt. 100+ Ways to Reuse Thrift Store Finds. 10 Ways to Reuse an Old T-Shirt. Project Re-Style #40 Black Tee turned into an off the shoulder, lace, collar shirt. The Easiest Skirt in the World (x2)

I’m the queen of cheap and easy sewing projects. If there’s a fun fabric around and I can make it wearable, in garment form, in an hour or less, I’m going to go for it. This weekend I found some fun printed upholstery fabrics at my local shop that suggested immediate and simple fashions with barely any effort required.

There’s no garment more simple to sew than an elastic-waisted skirt, and I’ve found that if I skip the casing and buy elastic that can serve as a waistband, unattended, I can simplify the “simple” even farther. This skirt takes only four seams to make, and requires no measuring. Materials: 3/4 yard fabric of choice 1 yard (or waist measurement length) 2 1/2″ wide elastic thread Directions: 1) zigzag the top edge of your fabric 2) cut the elastic to be just long enough to fit around your waist and sit comfortably, slightly stretched, at just the height you want to wear your skirt. 3) fold the elastic in half and mark the center with a pin. 7) Try on your skirt.