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Sergio Jimenez's Blog - Gamification Model Canvas. Gamification can benefit the IT service desk in many ways. Nadya Direkova - "Game On: 16 Design Patterns for User Engagement " Welcome to The Serious Games Institute. Serious Games Initiative. The Science of Storytelling & Memory and Their Impact on CRO. 99inShareinShare Have you ever heard of the “significant objects” project?

The Science of Storytelling & Memory and Their Impact on CRO

As a literary & anthropological experiment, Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn wanted to see if they could resell cheap knickknacks (avg. cost $1.25) on eBay and turn a significant profit by adding personal stories to the item descriptions. The hypothesis was that emotionally charged stories would increase the perceived value of each object and therefore net a large profit on each item sold. To conduct the experiment they purchased around $129 worth of thrift-store items – like a ceramic horse bust or a cow shaped coffee creamer container – and had over 200 writers contribute rich, creative stories to attach sentimental value to what were otherwise mundane items. In the case of the horse bust, the item was purchased for .99 cents. The horse bust resold for $62.95 – A 6258.58% increase! Each item sold at a similar profit margin & overall the project brought in nearly $8,000 combined.

Build It With The User in Mind: How to Design User Flow. 86inShareinShare A major factor affecting your conversions is user flow.

Build It With The User in Mind: How to Design User Flow

It’s the path a user follows through your website interface to complete a task (make a reservation, purchase a product, subscribe to something). It’s also called user journey. REVEALED! The Internet Marketing Sales Funnel: Part 1. Having the perfect marketing sales funnel in place will build your list, generate sales, and create new affiliates for you all automatically.

REVEALED! The Internet Marketing Sales Funnel: Part 1

So how do we go about doing this? Here’s a diagram and analysis of the sales funnel I use whenever I create a lead-generation website. There are many internet marketing funnels out there however this one works extremely well when executed correctly. Creating Effective Incentives. Topic: Landing Page Optimization Tested—Creating Effective Incentives——The Science of the Art EDITOR'S NOTE: We recently released the audio recording of our clinic on this topic.

Creating Effective Incentives

You can listen to a recording of this clinic here: Creating Effective Incentives We are all familiar with the concept of using incentives, such as product discounts, free gifts, or free shipping to boost sales. However, rarely have we done the kind of research that allows us to think through the true principles and the mathematics of developing highly effective incentives——that is, ones that result in the maximum profit at the end of the day. Landing Page Optimization Tested. Topic: Landing Page Optimization Tested—Big Conversion Gains from a Little Scissors & Grease?

Landing Page Optimization Tested

Funnel Analysis – Optimizing Conversion Rate. Monitoring conversion rate for your subscription products is as important as monitoring the subscription path itself.

Funnel Analysis – Optimizing Conversion Rate

There are two key metrics to use when analyzing your subscription path: unique visitors and click-through rates. Funnel analysis will help you identify which steps of your subscription path need the most attention. The figure to the right shows an illustration of what we call “Funnel Analysis.” In this example, the major drop occurs in the first step (Landing page to Registration). Usually, landing pages are the biggest obstacle. Over jou wil ik vertellen. De toekomst van gamification in Nederland - Sprout. Leaderboards - the greatest game mechanic of them all - by leaderbo... Lumose. Story Foundations for Strategic Communications: Exec Ed Course Learn to use story for strategic research, evaluation and engagement through my new Exec Ed. course with Capilano University.


Story Foundations for Strategic Communications. Lumose. Denise Withers, MSc. In 1984, Denise graduated with a degree in television production and a thirst for whitewater. This unusual combination launched her on a career journey that has featured adventures as a documentary filmmaker, writer, facilitator, researcher, designer, speaker, educator and strategic consultant. STORY PROOF: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story - Kendall Haven. The first-ever scientific proof that “story structure” is an information delivery system powerhouse, evolutionarily hardwired into human brains.

STORY PROOF: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story - Kendall Haven

Using evidence gathered from 16 fields of science research (neural biology, developmental psychology, neural linguistics, clinical psychology, cognitive sciences, information theory, neural net modeling, education theory, knowledge management theory, anthropology, organization theory, narratology, medical science, narrative therapy, and, of course, storytelling and writing) STORY PROOF presents the overwhelming evidence that human minds naturally—automatically—perceive in specific story terms, understand and create meaning through specific story elements, and remember and recall in and through story structures. Libraries Unlimited, 2007.

Adult. 164 Pages. $25.00. Secret Millionaires Club with Warren Buffett. Vol 81, In Progress , (September, 2013) Game Theory Society. Links of interest On this page we hace collected links of interest.

Game Theory Society

Some of these are provided by the Game Theory Society, some by other websites. If you find anything missing that might be of interest for members of the Game Theory Society, please contact the society with your suggestion. Other organizations Conferences via DMANET (Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms Network) Coalition Theory Network International Society of Dynamic Games Russian Chapter of International Society of Dynamic Games. Game Theory Society. Games and Economic Behavior. Games and Economic Behavior (GEB) is a journal of game theory published by Elsevier.

Games and Economic Behavior

Founded in 1989, the journal's stated objective is to communicate game-theoretic ideas across theory and applications.[1] It is considered to be the leading journal of game theory and one of the top journals in economics, and it is one of the two official journals of the Game Theory Society.[2] Apart from game theory and economics, the research areas of the journal also include applications of game theory in political science, biology, computer science, mathematics and psychology. The current editors of GEB are E. Kalai (Editor in Chief), M.O.